Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hummingbirds and Spring

Hey puppers and kittehs, it's been brought to my attention that lots of our furends are still in the throws of winter....where the frick is the spring?????

Wells, I took some pics (well, Ma took the pics, since I don't have thumbs....)
to tide ya overs until the arrested Spring arrives.

 Now, you might be wonderin' the names of all these purty flowers ~ I don't know, I'm a doggie and I can't read! BOL hehehehe 

And, finally,  whats ya'll have been waiting for.......

                                      HUMMINGBURD TIME!!!!!

Here's one of the babies (we're pretty sure there are two in there!) waitin' for Mom to feed him

  Mom finally arrives to feed the little guy! ( I swear the little one was waitin' like 5 minutes like that til Moms showed up!!)

Ma said this is why all of Ma's plants are in 'jail'....I was just havin' a taste!
(I swear she can be such a drama queen!!!

   Don't worry puppers, all the plants are non-poisonous, so no pups was harmed in the makin' of this post!! hehehehe

To all the puppers and kittehs in the cold today, I'm sendin' you some California spring.....hope it gets to you soon!!!


  1. Ok, I am officially refusing to post any more pictures of flowers because mine are quite hideous compared to yours. Yours are SOOOO beautiful!!! (Stupid desert flowers.)

    I thought that it was good to "stop and taste the flowers"? BOL

  2. Ruby,
    What pretty flowers you have in your yard! They are almost as pretty as you. I love the hummingbird photo...too cute!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  3. You must live in a green house !!! Those are beautiful flowers and how lucky to have them all flowering right now!!!! Baby hummingbird is growing fast - hope he doesn't fall out of the nest into your waiting jaws!!!

  4. We will take all the WARM SUNNY stuffs that you can send.

    OH look at the BABY... it's BEAK is starting to get LONGER already!! We LOVE this... we have NEVER gotten to see a baby Hummer grow up. THANKS Ruby!!! Keep 'em coming.

  5. Gorgeous! You are making our friends very jealous
    Benny & Lily

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous, no wonder you wanted to taste them. Roxy prunes our plants. We love that (those) little hummingbird(s). You are incredibly lucky to have them nesting at your house.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. That is exactly what we needed, Ruby! Thank you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Ohhhhhh doggie I loved looking at all the springy stuffs you gots. But Dad says if you don't quit with the nose hes gonna get Mad. Every time Bites see that cutie thingy (thats what he calls it)he starts lickin the puter screen, Barharhar!

    Your Pals The Mad Scots

  9. Wowees, Ruby, you and your Ma grow absolutely gorgeous flowers!! :-D Isn't the weather just wonderful right now? I know, I'm just lapping it up!!! I hope that the rest of the country warms up real quickly!! I can't believe that that hummingbird made her babies wait sooooo long for breakfast, pft!!!

  10. Woof! Woof! Lots of Golden Thanks for the flower photos. Mom plans to take me to the garden center this week. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Aha - so now we know where Spring is hiding - in Ruby's yard!!! Actually you know we don't mind all this snow at all. But it is melting very quickly - doesnt last long this time of the year.

    Your flowers are just gorgeous. Mom says she may have to reinforce our jailed plants in some way that Lightning can't breach. He just jumps over the fence she has now:(

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Pretty flowers! MOM went to a park before her dentist appointment today , and all kinds of beautiful flowers were blooming.

  13. Thanks for the spring flowers and the baby hummer pictures. Winter just doesn't want to leave us so that made my mom smile.


  14. I love hummingbirds. I'm ready for Spring, too, I think. We had a big snow Sunday and Monday, my crew loved it.

  15. That little hummingbird is so cute. And who doesn't like a little "salad". MOM plants strawberries for me oh and peas too. I am still waiting for Spring, but I think it just might be around the corner. And OH how I love that last photo of you!

  16. We have house guests from Placerville with two ShiTsus. It's a riot

  17. Ruby my sweet pal, I love the flower pictures. I love the picture of you the best. The flowers made Mom really happy. The birdys are so sweet. I am sure they appreciate all the guarding you have been doing for them.

    Loveys Sasha

  18. Is the hummingbird nest right at your house? So lucky! We are just happy that last Friday's sleet went away and the sun came out.

  19. You have tuberous begonia and azalea and fuschia and others we are not sure of. Ruby you grow beautiful plants. The little hummer is getting bigger soon he will be flying around those plants.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. Ruby Spring sprung a leak here in Dixie...way too much rain.
    Girlfriend thank you for the excellent pictures of the posies and the hummer family
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  21. Ruby! Thanks for the wonderful flower pictures . . .so very beautiful. Here in West Central Minniesnowda we are expecting 40 F degrees today which will help out snows to thaw a bit. If we can keep that temp up for a few weeks we could be snowless by the middle or end of April. That will be sooo nice.


  22. Thank you for your California Spring Ruby - Dog knows we need it over here. Love the pictures of your flowers, very pretty and the baby hummingbirds are just beautiful!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  23. Ruby...I've been wondering where you live with all those gorgeous plants all the time!

    So glad to hear that you weren't hurt making the post..stay away from those poison plants!


  24. Wow, Ruby! Those flowers are just gorgeous! So vibrant! Those photos will surely chase away the winter blues for those who still have cold weather. The hummingbirds are awesome. It's so cool that you and your people can watch the babies grow up. :-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  25. Thanks fur the purty flowers, Ruby. It makes our tails wag!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  26. pretty flowers and I think Spring missed the memo!!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  27. Thanks for the weather, hope it reaches us soon. Gorgeous pictures, wish we had hummingbirds here!


  28. :D :D :D Oh dear Ruby, what an hilarious post. Babies being made to wait 5 MINUTES to get fed, the naming of plants - tee hee. Thanks for a fabulous morning giggle. This is definitely the way to wake up

  29. Oh look at all those beautiful flowers and the little baby Hummingbird, we have never seen anything like that.. Have a wonderful day Ruby and hurry up with sending us some Spring :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  30. Those were some ittle bitty babies....I am not allowed around ittle babies. The flowers are beautiful...I am so jealous. Looks like you are surrounded by fun things to do!

  31. What beautiful photos! Spring is on her way, she's just taking her sweet time. Happy Easter Ruby.

  32. Usually we have tons of flowers and flowering trees by now, but this year....nothing. Today is warmish and rainy so maybe soon we'll have pretty colorful flowers, too.

    Mom said Fudge didn't have to wear bunny ears this year, but she didn't say that nobody had to, so we're all waiting to see who she decides to torture.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  33. Ruby, My previous rott used to love to mess with my potted plants. I started placing some of her "droppings" in the pots...not pleasant but... it broke her of the habit in no time!!!

  34. Hey Ruby!
    Wow, your hummer nest is so incredibly cool! I love getting to see these little birdies. They definitely count as exotic and their are right in your territory. I'm entering you in Shelldon and Beachnut's crabby Amazing Exotics!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP
    Shelldon & Beachnut

  35. Oh Wow!!! I asked to see photos of hummingbird babies in my last comment, then just saw this post! Very cool!

    your pal,


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