Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hey puppers and kittehs!  

You gots to see what I got in the pressie exchange!

Mille (and Walter)  sent me some PAWSOME stuffs!!

Ooooo, purty paper!!!
(Ma says ignore her baggy sweatpants and tennies!)

I got it now!

Ooooooo!  It's a Nylabone Chewie!!!

How did you guys know I LOVES these??
(I've been chewin' it since Christmas!!!)

I smell somethin' else....

OMD, it's ZUKES!!!  

Who doesn't like THEM??! 

What???  There's MORE??!


My very own MARGARITA BANDANA!!!!!  
(it's beautifuls!!!!!!!!)

How does it look???

I'm NEVER takin' it off!
(RM: it's true, she actually kept it on for hours! and didn't like it when I took it off her!)


Millie and Walter!!!

I loves all my pressies!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Dory's Pawty!

OMD, furiends, I hopes you were able to join us for 

Dory's Pawty!!!

I went with my sweeeeeeetie Murphy

Isn't he HANDSOME????  

and I got all dolled up too

and we went with Stanley and Taffy
and, boy, did they look FABulous!!!

My  head is STILL spinning (okays, MAYBE it was the 87 margaritas...)

It was such a FABulous time!!

And, it was great to see all of Blogville there!

I wanted to Thank our WONDERFUL Hostess Dory

Peace on Earth

for all her hard work, and making everyone feel welcome and included in all the festivities!

High Paw to you gurl!!!

Oh, and I wanted to Thank our resident Chef Sasha 

for all the FABulous foodables!!! 

(omd, those tube steak wreaths were to DIE for!!!)

And, I wanted to Thank all of you that allowed me to

pair you up with some dates.....


All of you were just amazin'!


Let's have some last minute MARGARITAS!!!! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!!!

This is what Murphy and I did last night! BOL

Happy Howlidays everyone!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Been Busy...

Yups, been busy with my Yente duties...



Yups, I amputated Snoopy's arm! BOL!!

(hey, it lasted since Halloween...I thinks I showed INCREDIBLE restraint!)


Card count: 

Moi:  32 snail mail, 12 ecards = 44

Ma:   1

BOL!!!!  Yuppers...ONE!!!!!  hehehehe


Oh, and I stole   borrowed this from Dory's bloggie:

Since we want to make sure efurryone gets to have a chance to go to my Birthday Pawty/Blogville Christmas Gala. We are extending the dead lion until 11:59PM PST Monday, December 22nd!!

Dress for the pawty can be ANYTHING! We have some furiends coming dressed to the nines, others will be dressed in their Christmas gear...remember anything goes here at Dory's Backyard!! 

If you need some help with an outfit, we are more than happy to get you all "suited up" (or "dressed up"). Just send us a picture of your cute face (to bethblog (at)ebchristians (dot) com )

Feel free to bring a date OR come solo!

Yups, no need to do anythings but send Dory a photo!!  

Easy peasy!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



I think that says it all.


I will miss you my furiend.

I will raise my Green Bean Margarita glass up to the Rainbow Bridge....

Til we meet again.....

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Soakin' up the sun!  

And waitin' on those liver treaties Ma is holdin'... 

Friday, December 12, 2014


OMD, puppers and kittehs...


Chewy Review!!!!

I gots to choose from a whole bunch of FABulous items, 

butts THIS...

Is what I chose!

It's the BANANA flavor...I do loves me some banana!

Oooo, do you see that?  No Wheat, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives!

Just good stuffs!

Come on....I'm droolin' here!

Smells DELISH!    Do you need some help there?


Oooooo,  YUMMERS!!

I give these  4  paws up!!

(or 2 drool towels...☺)


* Nice size

* They are only 6 calories each treatie!

* They break apart easily for smaller pups

* They are nicely priced:  $4.35 for a 10oz bag!

*  They are made in the USA

* They are DELICIOUS!!


none here!

{ sent me this bag of treaties to try, and give my honest opinion.
I was not given any green papers, or margaritas to sway me.
The opinions and drool are all my own.}

Oh, and did you hear ~ now has a 

Brand Spankin' New Warehouse in Reno!!!

What does that mean??  

That means that us puppers and kittehs 

here in the West,

Will gets our goodies so much Faster!!

One word......PAWSOME!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

No Way!

It's been rainin'  


About 2 inches an hour!

And, it's been like this on and off 


Ma had to clear the drains 5 times already!

Yeah....I'm not goin' out THERE!!

(paws crossed we don't lose power again!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wordy Wednesday


Doesn't everyone's ears to that??

* * * * 

Don't forgets about my

Matchmakin' Service!!!

All the SINGLE LADIES..(all the single ladies)
All the SINGLE LADIES...(all the single ladies)


I can't seeeeee you....

Are you a Single Lady?

Do you want some ARM CANDY 

for Dory's Pawty???

Email me, and I'll hook you UP!!

I gots some 


Dudes, wanting a date!!!

Don't ya wanna have some FUN?!

Email me at


by December 15th!!!

(I'll even throw in a margarita!!)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Yente Services Now Open!

Hey Blogville!   Do you ever see an upcoming event and wish...

"Hey, I would like a date for that!"

Well, wish NO MORE! 

Are you single?

In need of a date?

Is that Special Blogville Occasion coming up and you need some ARM CANDY?

Well.....Look no further!!!

(No, not MOI....I'm taken! ☺)

At your service ~  Blogville's Own YENTE is here!!

All you have to do is e-mail me the following information:

*  Your  Name

*  Your  Gender

*  Your  Age

*  Are you a Doggie, Kitteh, Bunnie, etc.

*  Your Bloggie Address

*  Your Email address 

Also,   Please let me know if you are okay with the following:

*  Group Dates

*  Inter-Species Dates
(ie: if you're a Doggie, are you okay Dating a Kitteh, and visa-versa)

If you have any other Preferences,   please include them in the e-mail!

E-mail me at the following address:


Now, we in Blogville, are here to have FUN!

If a Love Connection is made....FABulous!

Butts, remember, there is NEVER any pressure 

to make a long term relationship.

Now, for all you KITTEHS out there,


has agreed to help me match you up!

(Since I don't know all of the kittehs yet, Miss Madi will help me make the bestest matches!)

Thanks Madi!! 

Okays,  Dory's PJ Pawty is comin' up FAST!

It's  December 26th,  so if you need a date,

contact me by DECEMBER 15th!!  

Now all this information will be on my Yente Services Page

Friday, December 5, 2014

Flashback Friday

FlashBack Friday 

Is that the face of innocence, or what? 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Frankie and Ernie......HELP!!!!!!

(pees:  It has been stormin' for 4 days now, and our power and internet is sketchy ~ I will try and gets to everyones bloggie soon! and yeah, this pic was taken over the weekend..sun..I miss you!)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks Blogville!

Nov. 27th is "Thanks Blogville" Day!

Yups, today is

Thanks Blogville Day! 

We are suppose to tell why we are Thankful for Blogville. 

Well.......Holy Turkey Leg!  Where do I start???!!

I guess Ma wanted to say a few words.....

RM here:

Thanks Ruby, I will only be a minute (R: you betters ~ I gots lots to say!)

I started reading dog blogs when my Mom got sick with cancer.  I had to have a 'Happy Place' to go, and dogs have always been my 'happy place'.
I first started reading Bogart's blog and fell in love with him!

Then it snowballed from there!  I found the 'Thuglets' (they don't blog anymore, but they had 8 (that's right EIGHT Airedales! phew! I can't imagine!), they made me smile when I thought I couldn't.
Then came Wyatt and Stanzie, and Mitch and Molly, and then I found Non-Airedale blogs like the BeagleBratz and Frankie and Ernie and,  well....all of BLOGVILLE!

When my Mom lost her battle with cancer, I knew I had to start keeping my mind busy, and I decided to start Blogging about Ruby.  She always cracked me up, and I thought chronicling her antics would keep me sane (even if she didn't!)

I honestly never thought I would keep it up as long as I have.   I had no idea anyone would be interested, or even read it. So I thought, maybe I would do it for a couple of months and stop.
Well, it's over two years later, and I'm still blogging about the little terrorist!!
Um, I mean terrier...☺

I want to thank all of Blogville for all your support and friendship and love.

I truly do not think I would have made it out of that dark hole without you! ♥

Okay, here is Ruby....

Geesh!  That woman can TALK!   Sorry guys, give her an inch......

Okays, now let's see,

Why am I Thankful for Blogville....

 I am Thankful to all the furiends I have met!  Wows, you guys are just pawsome!!

I have shown you my good side,

my bad side,

and my HINNIE

and you still loves me!

What more can  you ask of  furiends?

I loves you all, and Thank You SO MUCH

for being here for me!

It might not be a  traditional Thanksgiving Day drinkie,


I've never been 'traditional'....

I raise my MARGARITA glass to all of


Thank you all from the bottom of my furry little heart!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Sully inspired me to do a selfie......

I thinks it looks like I had too many margaritas last night....☺

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Sendin' some California Sunshine to all of you in the

Polar Vortex from Hell!

(okays, this was really it's rainin'...☺) 

Sunday, November 16, 2014


You knows that my Ma LOVES puttin' thingies on my head.

Lookie at what happened when she tried puttin' 


on my head for Halloween....

Um...whatcha gonna do with  THAT?!

Yeah, it's TASTE good...

REALLY good...

That ain't gonna happen!!!


YUP!!!    That's exactly where that belongs!!! 

See puppers and kittehs ~

Sometimes you gotta put your


(ya know, I saw a Santa Hat and Reindeer Antlers!!!!  HELP!!!!)

Click on the image to go to the circus