Sunday, August 18, 2019

Ruby's Home!

That's right ~ I'm home!

I'm gonna go sleeps now.....can you tells everyone my horrible ordeal?

Yes ma'am!

Ruby ate a little last night, so she was cleared to come home.

When I went to pick her up and got ALL the instructions (TWO pages! yikes!)
I wasn't quite ready for the incision I saw ~


oh boy.

They had to take out her whole left mammary duct 'system', plus the uterus.

She has a fentanyl patch for the pain, which seems to be working well without totally knocking her out.

She is eating her freeze dried chicken, but not much else at this point, but that is okay. She is drinking plenty of water too.

She is resting comfortably with an inflatable collar on.
She doesn't seem to have much interest in the incision right now, but I also have  a soft e-collar if I need to switch it out.

Keep the POTP coming!

It's going to be a long road,  but I count my blessings that she is one tough AireGirl!

Please forgive us if we don't comment for a while ~ I have a feeling Ruby's going to keep me quite busy for the next week or two!

I will keep you updated on her progress.

Thank you all so much! I hears Jimmy Hendrix's Purple Haze??

Friday, August 16, 2019

POTP needed ~ Ruby in surgery

Ruby's Mom here:

I want to ask you all for some POTP for Ruby.  She is in surgery right now for removal of some tumors.

She also is going to have to have a full hysterectomy.

Because she is older, 11 yrs next month, it is touchy.

She was fixed, but only her tubes tied, and this can cause a problem.

Please send all your prayers and healing thoughts her way.

Thanks bunches.

I will update when I hear any news....


Just talked to the surgeon, and Ruby handled the surgery well.

Both tumors removed, clean lines on one, iffy lines on other, but both small.

Lymph nodes are a little enlarged, but will keep an eye on them.

Uterus was filled with fluid, but not infected because it was caught in time.

She will stay the night at the ER vets, and will get an update in the morning.

Just a note: 

 ALWAYS go with your gut!!
 I thought that I was over reacting to her not really wanting to eat.  Her stools were still soft, and she was just not acting like herself.
I was contemplating waiting until Monday to get her checked, to see if she improved.
That would have been bad.

I called our regular vet, but they were all booked up ~ I chose not to wait and take her to the ER vet just to make sure......

Always follow your gut.

Thank you all for the POTP!

Please keep sending it!!!  I know she is getting it

Thank you all so much!


Went to go see Ruby today, she is doing well ~ vitals are good, temp good, but she is still not eating, so she is staying one more night, just to be on the safe side.

I brought freeze-dried chicken, so they can try and get her to eat that, fingers crossed!

She looked so sad in the crate, it broke my heart!

But,  I hope she will be feeling better tomorrow, and will eat something.

Please keep the POTP coming, and send all the healing vibes and prayers her way!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Selfie

HEEEEEY!  What up?!

I was feelin' well enough today to play with my bubbles!

Ma decided to start me on something called FortiFlora,
and I gots to admit ~

I'm feelin' lots better!  

My leggie is improving, and I even went out today, down a couple of houses, on a short walkie!

Ma says I gots to take it slow, butts I got lots of peemail to catch up on!

Anyhu,  I should gets around to all your bloggies very soon!

Thanks for all the continued POTP!


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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wordy Wednesday

This is my pal Leonard.  Leonard is a Coastal Range Fence Lizard.
Leonard is very fast.  And has LOTS of friends. 

I likes Leonard.

(pees: sorry abouts the crappy pic ~  Ma's fault. She's not as good a photographer as I am.....)

See!  I am a pawfect photographer! ☺
(taken before my leggie mishap)


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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Selfie


Hey Blogville!  

Sorry I haven't been around this weekend,
butts Ma says taking care of a 60lb terrier with a bum hind leggie
is LOTS of work!


I have to say, I could get used to the Princess treatment!

Ma got a sling to help lift me up, butts I've been gettin' better, so I don't needs it much anymores.

I've been gettin' chicken rice (rice made with chicken broth) and LOTS of freeze dried chicken!
My poopies are better too ~ this makes Ma happy 
cause a doggie with a bum hind leggie AND runny poopies was NO funs for some reason. ☺

Thanks again for all the POTP!
It really did help tons.

I will catch up with all your bloggies real soon!
I hopes I haven't missed much!


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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Need some POTP

Hey Blogville,  here I am at the Emergency vetties this morning.

Yesterday I had the runny poopies, butts was still kinda eating and drinking.
Last night I wouldn't even eats my freeze dried chicken!  I KNOWS!


This morning, I couldn't put any weight on my rear left leggie.
That's why I am sitting like that ☺

So, Ma said we shouldn't wait for the vettie to open, we needed to go now.

So, vettie examined my leggie, no issues he could feel with the tendons or bones.
Offered x-rays,  and since Ma wanted to make sure there wasn't something weird goin' on with my tummy too, she opted for the xrays, so I'm still at the ER vetties.

Any POTP and healin' vibes would be pawsome, cause you knows the Moms worry SO much!

Will update when Ma knows more.


Ma just picked me up from the vetties and the news is GOOD!

The x-rays didn't show anything goin' on with my tummy or colon.

And nothing freaky with my leggie either!

The vettie gave Ma two pain meds to give me, butts I STILL won't eat yet.

Butts Ma's not too worried, nows that she knows my x-rays were clear.

AND, my bloodwork was good too!

Ma says I'm  a DRAMA QUEEN!

Wells, she didn't needs that new Fridge anyways........☺


for all the POTP and well wishes ~ 

I just knows that's why the news was good!!

Ma????  When can I have margaritas???

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Selfie

Ma said if I pose REAL NICE, I would gets me some cheesyburger.....and margaritas.....
I'm droolin' already......


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