Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

I wish everybody a most FABulous Easter!

Ma put these on my head again....

Then there were the PINK with WHITE ears....

Then the WHITE with PINK ears.....

WTD???  yeah, I don't thinks these are right....

Okays...... I kinda likes them!  

I hopes you and your family have a very


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wordy Wednesday Walkies

Come with me ~ let's see what's up in the hood today!

Yes,  I likes peein' like a boy on my walkies....hehehee

Oh, I likes this yardie!  Lots of purty flowers!

Ma says, "don't pee on the flowers!" I am nothing, if not obedient!
BOL!! (okays, that's not true....☺)

I thought this tree was very beautifuls!

I chased this tree rat up the tree!! 
I would have got him, if it weren't for my walking string! 

Purty blooms!

If these Iris's don't make you thinks of Spring, I don't knows what will!

MOUSIE!!!!!  I knows you're in there......

More purty flowers

These are one of Ma's favorite!

Thanks for comin' with me on my walkie!


for more FABulous photos!

Thanks bunches for hosting guys!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Selfie

Some Sunday Funnies....

Q: Why are dogs like phones?
A: Because they have collar IDs!

Q: Why do dogs run in circles?
A: Because it's hard to run in squares!

Q: What do you get when you cross a sheepdog with a rose?
A: A collie-flower!

Q: What do you get when you cross a racing dog with a bumblebee?
A: A greyhound buzz!

Q: Why did the snowman name his dog "Frost"?
A: Because "Frost" bites!



for more FABulous selfies!

* * * * * 

Sophia's Hazelnut Starbaby CD RA CGC
11/07/04 - 04/11/19 

Left for the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago.

I will miss you my pal, and I hopes you know that you brought lots of smiles and laughter to the world and Blogville.  We are better puppers for knowing you.
I am sendin' lots of {{{hugs}}} and slobbery kisses to your family for you ☺.

Til we meet again.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wordy Wednesday Walkie

Let's see what's happenin' in the hood today!

gotta get caught up with the peemail!
(Lexi got a new jacket, and Bronco got the 'snip-snip'....sorry pal ☺)

I SO agree! (bigify if you can't see the sticker)

You knows I loves burdies, butts not so much crows....nasty attitude!

their flag just looked FABulous blowin' in the wind!

Remembers to pick up the poopies!
(Ma said that she would appreciate it if I didn't give her a half-pounder to carry home)
My 'waving' cactus is blooming!

While it's not exactly the 'Poppy-Apocalypse', we do have lots around the hood!

What do you mean I can't chase the bicyclists???

SO not fair.....

Thanks for coming with me on my walkie!

I hopes you all have good walkies and sunshine!


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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Selfie

Hurry up Ma!!!     

I gots tree rats to chase!



for some adorable furry selfies!

Thanks for hosting guys!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wordy Wednesday Walkies!

Come with me! WoooHooo! no rain today!

I got caught up with the peemail

Found a super weird 'monument' that said the PoPo would come after me if I peed on it...
(I did anyways....shhhhhh...don't tell.....)

Pretty cactus!  See that trailer? That is a Chihuahua's DOG HOUSE! Can you believes it???
It has a small gate at the back where it can come and go to the back yardie!
I wants one! (oh and it barks it's ARSE off at me....the nerves....)

Purty rose!

And a cool Burdie House! (they make their own ~ they have like 87 in their yardie!)

More pee mail......

I thinks there's a mousie in there!  Ma wouldn't let me get it....sigh.

Finally, a beautiful white rose!

Thanks for comin' with me on my walkie!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Chewy Review ~ True Acre Baked Dog Biscuits!

Heeeeeey!   Guess what?  

That's right ~ it's time for my 

CHEWY review!

Let's see what I got to try ......

smells good...
Wowsa!  That's a HUGE box!  This should last me a few weeks...hehehee

okays...let me open this bad boy.....

Holy Cow Patties!  That's a ton of biscuits! 
These say 'SMALL', butts they are a good 2 inches!

They are 22 calories a biscuit, which is more than my usual treatie, 
so Ma breaks them in half.....what????  sigh.

Let's try them!

Oh yeah!  These are quite tasty!
Butts...note to tender mouths ~ these are hard and crunchy, if you prefer your treaties soft, maybe these aren't for you. 

My thoughts ~


LOTS of biscuits ~ good value!

very tasty, lots of flavors!

Come in a variety of sizes from MINI to LARGE

Made right here in California!


Not grain free

Hard, not good for tender mouths

High calorie content
(yeah, in Ma's opinion...pffft!)

Is she lookin'???   no?  good!

GOIN' IN!!!!   SCORE!  the motherload!

So, if you would like to try some of these FABulous biscuits for your own good self

and see all the sizes and flavors!

I gives these Three Paws up! 

I would like to take this moment to THANK the wonderful Influencer staff at CHEWY.
Sadly, they have decided to end the Influencer program.  I loved working with Miss Sydney, Miss Natalie, and Miss Kristin, they are wonderful peeps, who really worked hard for every one of us 'Influencers'.    I had lots of fun trying new treaties, foodables and toys.  I will never forget the wonderful opportunity this was, and will always be a loyal Chewy customer.  After all, I got lots of Auto-ship stuffs comin' every week!  Gotta love Chewy's fast shipping and great prices!
I say this sincerely,  Chewy is a pawsome company, and if you aren't already a customer, check them out ~ you won't be sorry!

Disclaimer:  I was given a box of these tasty treaties to try, in exchange for my honest review. No green papers or trips to Antigua were given in exchange for my review.  All opinions and slobbers are my own.  

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