Friday, March 29, 2013


Oh puppers and kittehs, it's happened again!  There I was, mindin' my own business, when all of a sudden ~ THIS appeared on my heads....

Nopes, I am not lookin' at you.............

Nopes, you can't make me.....

Is that freeze dried livers I smell????

How's this??

How about this???
Oh puppers, I'll even puts this stupid arse bunny ears on do anythings for freeze dried livers!
I hopes everyones has a FABulous Easter!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hummingbirds and Spring

Hey puppers and kittehs, it's been brought to my attention that lots of our furends are still in the throws of winter....where the frick is the spring?????

Wells, I took some pics (well, Ma took the pics, since I don't have thumbs....)
to tide ya overs until the arrested Spring arrives.

 Now, you might be wonderin' the names of all these purty flowers ~ I don't know, I'm a doggie and I can't read! BOL hehehehe 

And, finally,  whats ya'll have been waiting for.......

                                      HUMMINGBURD TIME!!!!!

Here's one of the babies (we're pretty sure there are two in there!) waitin' for Mom to feed him

  Mom finally arrives to feed the little guy! ( I swear the little one was waitin' like 5 minutes like that til Moms showed up!!)

Ma said this is why all of Ma's plants are in 'jail'....I was just havin' a taste!
(I swear she can be such a drama queen!!!

   Don't worry puppers, all the plants are non-poisonous, so no pups was harmed in the makin' of this post!! hehehehe

To all the puppers and kittehs in the cold today, I'm sendin' you some California spring.....hope it gets to you soon!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

                       I'm joining the Five Sibes in Flashback Friday!

                                This is MOI at 5 months old. 
 See the pink football?  Ma used to call it the Devil Ball, because it had the most ear piercing squeaky in it!

           Well, I killed the squeaky for hers.  I'm thoughtful like that.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

                                       HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!


   Here's a little video of our early St. Paddy's day celebrations....
   Things gots a little outta hand....hehehehe
        (pees: no moose were harmed in the makin' of this video!)


                             POWER OF THE PAW NEEDED!!!

  Lily Belle is havin' troubles fightin' off a most serious UTI. Please pop over to her bloggie and give her Moms some good thoughts and prayers and some support!

Kyla  is fightin' real hard to kick some pancreatitis in the arse! She really needs some POTP everyone!!! Please head on over to her bloggie and give her sissy Kaci and her peeps some support!


  OKAY! LET'S DRINK SOME BEER!!!   Puddles??? Puddles???? Did Puddles drink all the beer???!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pip & Puddles Appreciation Day!


 Mr. Pip will now and forever, be known as "Blogville King of Cheesburgers

            Oh, yeah, Pip sure does make that Crown look goooood!!

  See ~ he really loves his cheeseburgers!!! (yeah, yeah, I know they're plastic, butts look how appetizin' Pip makes em' look!!

Ms. Puddles will now and forever, be known as:
Blogville Queen of Merriment & Mayhem
Ms. Puddles is such a goddess, her 'mini me' even has a crown!
Now, if this doesn't say Merriment, I don't know what does!!
Look at Puddles rockin' that whip!!! BOL
Okays, now for a little entertainment....
This was from the Beijing Olympics....
(I hear the judges were bribed by the kittehs, cause Pip and Puddles only gots a silver medal!!  BTW: Madi gots the GOLD!! )
Pip and Puddles stopped by on their Bucket List Tour to do some
Now, you all know that Mayoress Madi gots Pip and Puddles out of all thier felonious troubles Pip and Puddles have a way of escapin' the PoPo,  and they musta used their Houdini skills to escape those zombies!!!
Pip and Puddles,
We, of Blogville, SALUTE YOU!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

                            Aw, come ON Ma.....KICK it already!!!    

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

They Hatched!

 Oh puppers and kittehs, you'll never guess what.....go ahead, guess! 


 Ya'll remember the hummingburds we have nestin' under the patio cover?
      (this is Mama hummingburd....)

Well, lookie what I saw yesterday.............

 It's kinda hard to see the little guy/gal peakin' it's little head outs of the nest, so Ma waited and waited ......

 OMD!!  Look at the little guy!!! It's eyes aren't even open yets!!!  And it's beak is soooo small yet!  Ma was all kinds of excited that he poked his head out enough to gets a good picture!! 

Gotta keep my  eye on em' to make sure they stay safe....I'll keep ya'll updated....

(Ma, could you bring me a chewey...this might take a while.....)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Little Tale

 Puppers and kittehs,  grab a chewie and a bowl of water, and get ready for a little tale.....

Now, it happened on our morning walkie. Ma doesn't bring her camera because she says she needs four hands  because she forgots.  So,  I drew some purty pictures to show you whats happened.....

 Here we are on our walkie....everything is goin' just peachy...

Then I did my quarter pound poopies....

When Ma went to pick up my poops, I saw an evil tree rat that needs some deadin'  somethin'.   (Now, Ma should know better. She's been walkin' reactive doggies all her life, and she knows better than to try and pick up poopies without stepping on the leash first!....just sayin'..)

 Well, a evil tree rat squirrel ran across the street, and I lunged after it ~

This is where this goes sideways....Ma was bendin' over ready to pick up my quarter pound business I pulled her DOWN!   

And her hand went SPLAT right in my poopies!!!!  BOL BOL BOL

Now, this wasn't the furst times Ma's had poopies on her hands, so I don't know what all the Hoopla was abouts!! 

She was yellin' at me to stop! Stay! and LOTS of HBO words I've never heards befores.... 

She was gaggin' and carrying on like you wouldn't believes! Wuss.

Luckily, Ma carries some wet wipes with hers so she was able to gets most of the poopie off her hand....most.  We have never walked so fast in my life back to the house!!

BOL!!   The moral of this little tale is:

If you walk a reactive doggie, don't pick up the poopie without steppin' on the leash FIRST!!!

                                              THE END

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It Came!

    A few weeks ago, Kyla  showed us her FABulous doormat see it here. 
  So, Ma just had to get me one!!  And, it finally came!!

  Had to check it out first....

 Smells good....

See!!  Isn't it amazin'??!

I liked it so much that I started attackin' it! BOL  See the claw marks? hehehe

 I thinks there is a definitely resemblance....

I just have more expressive ears!!

Click on the image to go to the circus