Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

(I'll show you tomorrows who gave me this FABulous bandanna!!)
(ooops, I guess it's not 'Wordless' anymores....shoot!! )

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Auction Wins!

Hey there puppers and kittehs, I wanted to show  you my Auction wins from the Auction to help the Animal Shelters in Moore Okalahoma after that nasty tornado....
I won TWO of the items I bid on!!
Furst was this FABulous fabric Scottie Tote!
Isn't it beautifuls???!!
It was donated by my Pal Gizmo !

And, lookie ~ He sent a signed card and everythings!!!!
And, he and his Moms sent a little somethin' - somethin' for MOI !!!
Wows!  Tissue paper!!!!  You shouldn't have Gizmo!!!
How did you know???? 
What??   That wasn't the gift??!
Well, what is it then??
Ooooooo, that's even BETTER!!!
Oh, YEAH!  That is better!!!
Thanks Gizmo!!!!  The treaties and rope toy were FABulous!!!
My second Auction win was all the way from South Africa!!
It was donated by Sammie and Wallace , Oh they are some sweet dudes!
Anyhu, lookie what came for me this week...

Ma was all excited abouts the tote thingie, butts lookie....
MORE treaties!!!!!
And, they sent a really sweet note alongs with it that Ma was all goo-goo overs
Yups, that is super sweet!!!
Let's get down to business Ma!!!!!
Open, open, open!!!

Ooooooo, I wish ya'll had 'smell-o-vision'.....these smell
Enough with the torture Ma!!!!
Oh YEAH!!!  That is mighty tasty!!!!


Wows, thanks to Gizmo and Sammie and Wallace for donatin' these pawsome items, and Ma says to tell your Moms Thanks for the sweet notes!
And, thanks to all that participated in the Moore, Okalahoma Auction to helps all the 4 leggers affected my the nasty tornado.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In Action....

Okay puppers and kittehs, here is what went down the other day when Ma tried to take MY TOWEL  away from me....
Yeah, I'm way faster than she is!! BOL

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Black and White Sunday

Yeah, Ma caught me with the towel outside again......

I tried hidin' in my tunnel, butts...........

Monday, July 15, 2013

What Did She Expect?

Okay puppers and kittehs, as most of you know, I LOVES my tunnel.
I bring all my treasures in there (bugs, toys, leaves, sticks, assorted deaded thingies...)
So, when Ma gots somethin' in the mail, she left somethin' out within my reach  that is just
Nothin' to see here.....
What did you expect Ma????
Ooooh, I do LOVES  tissue paper!!!!
Oh, this is just too much fun!!

Are you still here???
I'm gonna take a nap with my new treasure.....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thunder our Furiend

Today we are remembering our Furiend Thunder
Everyone in Blogville is missing this sweet face.
He made us laugh and cry and jump for joy.
Til we met again my furiend.....
April 28, 2006 - July 1, 2013
No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. -
Louis Sabin
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Epic Pet Health

Product Review:  Epic Pet Health
Most of you already know the FABulous Oz the Terrier , well he furst told me abouts this amazin' stuffs from Epic Pet Health.  It's a whole line of natural pet supplements made from diluted vitamins and minerals in water with electrolytes.
They are odorless and tasteless
Easy to use from either a sprayer or dropper.
They are chemical, dye, and preservative free, and made from human grade ingredients!
They have 25 different supplements to choose from:
Now Oz had some amazin' results with their Skin and Repair formulas, you can read all about his review here Oz Epic Pet Health Review 
Amy Swartz DC,  owner of Epic Pet Health contacted me to see if I would like to try a few of her supplements, I said...YES!
I am all for natural solutions to anythings!
Now, it is safe to say Ma was skeptical. I mean how can something that looks and smells like water work???
It's just impossible, right?!
Now I told Amy all abouts all my different health 'issues' and she was so fabulous, and sent me lots to try:
Calm, Repair,  Clear, Digest, and Clean Teeth.
I decided to try Calm, Digest and Clean Teeth  first.
(now you can take them all together, butts Ma wanted to concentrated on just a few symptoms at a time)
Okay, furst the Calm:
Now, I am a hyper-butt...that's what Ma calls me anyhu. And I HATES having my talons (nails) trimmed. So Ma was REALLY hoping this would do the trick.
Unfortunately, it didn't really do anything.
Butts, let me say that even the prescription sedatives sometimes do nothing to me, so take this into account.
The Idaho Pug Ranch   had much better results with the Calm, click on the linky and read how it helped them.
The second one I tried was Digest:
Now this one is for dogs and cats with gas pain (yes, yes, I gets the farts!!! BOL) and, it also reduces bad breath (I don't have this particular problem) and promotes normal, healthy digestion.
Butts, what excited Ma was it also Decreases offensive body odors!!!
Okay, okay, so I stink!  So Ma says.  I say, it's just my 'essence'.
She says my 'essence' can be offensive! What?? Pfffft!
Anyhu, did it help?  YES!!!   Ma was really shocked puppers, shocked!
She put it in my water just once a day ( you can use it up to 3 times a day!), and it took away almost all my 'stink'!
And, this was when I was REALLY due for a bath, too.
A couple of days she forgot to put it in my water, and she really noticed the difference.
The third one I tried was Clean Teeth:
This is a new one that Amy is trying, and I gotta's a winner!
Now, I have pretty good toothers, butts Ma had noticed some slight yellowing of my canines.
She also put this in my water just once a day, and guess what?? 
It worked!  Yups, the yellowing is gone! Yea!!
Ma was really  happy about this cause doggie dental care is very important, and tooth problems are not funs at all!!
So, I give Epic Pet Health natural supplements  four paws up!!
I am really happy with the supplements, and most especially with the ease in which they can be administered. (I never noticed a thing, and Ma was sure I was gonna know something was in my water!)
Amy was just a joy to deal with, and she was just amazin' at answering any questions Ma had.
Thanks Amy!
Each of the 25 different supplements can be purchased on Amazon 
You can also check out their website Epic Pet Health
They have all the good info there, and you can ask any questions you might have.
Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Gots Mail!

Oh puppers and kittehs, you won't believes the FABulous stuffs I gots this last week!
Furst I gots a prize from Reilly and Denny from Cowspotdog (okays, really I thinks it came like two weeks ago, butts Ma didn't let me have it til now...)
See, here she's tryin' to torture me!
(I'm givin' her the 'sad puppy eyes'...)
Finally!  She let me at it!
Oh, I can smell somethin' FABulous!!
Ooooo!  Lookie!  They're Kong Treaties!!!
OMD!  There are two packages!!!
I tried to open them myself, butts the meanies at Kong ruined my funs....
I had to wait for Ma!  And lookie, she made me sit for pics!!
Oh, stop torturing  me Ma!!!
FINALLY!!!  Ooooo, yummers!!

These were the Meaty Flavor Bites
There were also some very delish Sweet Potato Chewie Bites
Oooooo, these were very tasty too!!!
Thanks Bunches Reilly and Denny !  I really loved them!
Butts that wasn't all the postal peep delivered this week....
My furend Oz the Terrier  sent me a very special pressie!!
 BOL!!!  'Booby Prize'!!! 
(Ma was half hopin' there were real booby's in there for her!! BOL)
Anyhu, what happened is the Great and Powerful Oz had a contest to try some Primal Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food , well I wasn't the lucky winner,
Cause Oz's Pops doesn't read packages (my Pal Oz has the allergies to poultry, and this has the "gobble, gobble' in it!  Oh, and guess what?? Oz's Moms trusted the Pops and gave Oz the foods without readin' the label!...uh's okay thoughs, Oz is just fines!)
Butts they couldn't return the opened foods to the store, so Oz asked Moi if I would like to give it a try.....Hell YEAH!!!
Oh, this also has fishies in it!!! Oh, yummers!
And lookie at the cool card!! (Ma said she's keepin' it furever!!)
And, Oz sent all kinds of info on the Primal Raw Diet , and what to expect when you switch your pups from regular dog foods to the Raw.
(this was good info, cause Ma had all kinds of questions, and this answered it all!)  If you have questions click Here , and it will tell you all abouts doin' the switch, and what to expect.
THANKS OZ!!   I LOVES my Booby Prize!!!
(Ma's still a little disappointed thou....hehehe)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Ma said this pic made me look like I had flag 'horns'....
Better....butts now I'm blurry!! 
(nice camera work Ma....)
Wishes for your Fourth of July....
May your beers be cold and
your burgers be hot
May your water be cool and
your furends be warm
May your weinnies be long and
your boom-booms be short!
Have a safe and happy holiday!!

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