Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Epic Pet Health

Product Review:  Epic Pet Health
Most of you already know the FABulous Oz the Terrier , well he furst told me abouts this amazin' stuffs from Epic Pet Health.  It's a whole line of natural pet supplements made from diluted vitamins and minerals in water with electrolytes.
They are odorless and tasteless
Easy to use from either a sprayer or dropper.
They are chemical, dye, and preservative free, and made from human grade ingredients!
They have 25 different supplements to choose from:
Now Oz had some amazin' results with their Skin and Repair formulas, you can read all about his review here Oz Epic Pet Health Review 
Amy Swartz DC,  owner of Epic Pet Health contacted me to see if I would like to try a few of her supplements, I said...YES!
I am all for natural solutions to anythings!
Now, it is safe to say Ma was skeptical. I mean how can something that looks and smells like water work???
It's just impossible, right?!
Now I told Amy all abouts all my different health 'issues' and she was so fabulous, and sent me lots to try:
Calm, Repair,  Clear, Digest, and Clean Teeth.
I decided to try Calm, Digest and Clean Teeth  first.
(now you can take them all together, butts Ma wanted to concentrated on just a few symptoms at a time)
Okay, furst the Calm:
Now, I am a hyper-butt...that's what Ma calls me anyhu. And I HATES having my talons (nails) trimmed. So Ma was REALLY hoping this would do the trick.
Unfortunately, it didn't really do anything.
Butts, let me say that even the prescription sedatives sometimes do nothing to me, so take this into account.
The Idaho Pug Ranch   had much better results with the Calm, click on the linky and read how it helped them.
The second one I tried was Digest:
Now this one is for dogs and cats with gas pain (yes, yes, I gets the farts!!! BOL) and, it also reduces bad breath (I don't have this particular problem) and promotes normal, healthy digestion.
Butts, what excited Ma was it also Decreases offensive body odors!!!
Okay, okay, so I stink!  So Ma says.  I say, it's just my 'essence'.
She says my 'essence' can be offensive! What?? Pfffft!
Anyhu, did it help?  YES!!!   Ma was really shocked puppers, shocked!
She put it in my water just once a day ( you can use it up to 3 times a day!), and it took away almost all my 'stink'!
And, this was when I was REALLY due for a bath, too.
A couple of days she forgot to put it in my water, and she really noticed the difference.
The third one I tried was Clean Teeth:
This is a new one that Amy is trying, and I gotta's a winner!
Now, I have pretty good toothers, butts Ma had noticed some slight yellowing of my canines.
She also put this in my water just once a day, and guess what?? 
It worked!  Yups, the yellowing is gone! Yea!!
Ma was really  happy about this cause doggie dental care is very important, and tooth problems are not funs at all!!
So, I give Epic Pet Health natural supplements  four paws up!!
I am really happy with the supplements, and most especially with the ease in which they can be administered. (I never noticed a thing, and Ma was sure I was gonna know something was in my water!)
Amy was just a joy to deal with, and she was just amazin' at answering any questions Ma had.
Thanks Amy!
Each of the 25 different supplements can be purchased on Amazon 
You can also check out their website Epic Pet Health
They have all the good info there, and you can ask any questions you might have.
Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own.


  1. Thank you for being a guinea pig and trying all those bottles of stuff. Mom likes to try things to make us cleaner and neater and smelling sweeter but we think we're fine just as we are.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  2. WOW..... these sound super..... Our mom has a thingy about our TEEFS ... she is always brushing them with Chicken Paste (our Favorite Flavor) or Army Hammer paste... NOT so good tasting... and she has special stuffs that she puts in our mouths.... butt this would be much EASIER. Keep us posted on your teefs and if they KEEP getting Whiter and whiter we may have to give this a try.
    Wonder if these thingys work on Peeps???

  3. Ruby a natural beauty such as you...deserves the best!!!
    MOL at you comment on our blog.
    Hugs Madi your bFFF

  4. Well, if the calm one didn't help you - I bet it won't help Blueberry either. But I'm glad the others helped!

    Ruby - I am glad your odor no longer offends your Ma's smeller. But I bet you smelled just fine before - at least to other doggies! :)

  5. SO interesting, Ruby. What if you have 3 dogs drinkin outta the same bowl though?? I guess we could all be calm, sweet smellin and have the purly whites togedder!

    --Ruby, the other black and tan

  6. Very fascinating Ruby. I can't imagine you stinking.... I'm sure your Mom just has a bad smeller! Maybe you should try the drops on her nose??? Bwahahahaha!

  7. Very impressed with your results Ruby...I'm a slacker about brushing Gizmo's teeth so maybe I need to give Dental a try Happy Friday!

  8. We tried some for Reilly's allergies but sadly if just made him throw up every time he tried it - he has a very sensitive tummy

  9. Everything sounds great, Ruby! Thank you for sharing .

    Have a great weekend!

    Momo and Pinot

  10. Great review! The Calm didn't help any of us, either.

  11. There have been 4 times in my life when a vet treated me for life threatening things. The first was with the original vet who made everything worse. It wasn't life threatening when I went in but it was after he got hold of me. Numbers 2 (to overcome what the first vet did and start to cure me), 3, and 4 were for for recognizing what was wrong with me. Now, my peeps just spent over 3,000 since March on me and I came out fine after being near death. I take shots for Addison's Disease which cost over two bucks a day.

    I checked out this Epic stuff but it's pretty pricey. Does it come with a money back guarantee? They like natural supplements for Themselves but the supplements aren't that pricey. What to do?

  12. Great review Ruby, too bad the calm did not work for you. the tooth stuff sounds promising! Us pugs are prone to bad teeth and we do not like brushing. Might be worth a try. Glad the digest made you less stinky HA HA
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  13. Great review. Mom doesn't like to try stuff on us cause of my 87 allergies
    Lily (& Benny)

  14. We need to check this out and we can see your sparkling white toofers, Ruby! Thank you for a great review!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Great review Ruby! Mum says we totally need the calm one as ther are some deranged lunatics who can't behave for a second - wait a minute, that's US she is talking about!

  16. Wow that was an interesting review - I think my mom will buy a bucket of "calm" for me :o)

  17. Wow, this looks pretty neat. We are going to we've to check them out. I think Charley would need to drink the calm right from the bottle in order to decompress! BOL! I like your results with the teeth cleaning too. Thanks Ruby!

  18. Oh no, Ruby, are you saying that your mom took away your Essence of Wonderfulness? People just don't appreciate a good smell. I'm not sure I want my mom to know about that tooth stuff. If she tries it on me, will she stop giving me those yummy chewies that are supposed to help clean my teeth?
    yr friend,

  19. I is eagerly awaiting my call from Amy to try them out myself, BOL! I gots some pretty gnarly tooths in the back that I protect fiercely with my powerful jaws, since they is mostly the only tooths I has left. I wonder if it would work on thems?


  20. We need the calm, will go check it out Ruby. What a great review:) Have a wonderful weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. Awww, Ruby, we know you turned off the comments, but we had to let you know how much we appreciate your special tribute for our dear brother. We all miss him so very much but we are smiling a lot today with all the special tributes to him. Thanks for being our good friend.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, Lightning, and Mom

  22. Sounds interesting, Ruby! We can't imagine that such a gorgeous creature as yourself could possibly stink, though. Are you sure there isn't something wrong with your mom's sniffer? The stuff for teeth sounds interesting. We'll try to remember to check back on the Epic site to see if they add it to their product line.

    Susan and Wrigs

  23. They sound epic Ruby, but we don't think you need the calming one! We love visiting the blog and seeing your hyper-looking bubble picture! I positively woof with joy each time!
    Pippa :)

  24. Ruby,
    You're hyper?!? *feigns surprise* I would never have guessed! BOL

    Hmmm, sometimes the Calm works with the Repair, I think. Isn't that what the Pug Ranch kids did, both together?!? I don't know. So glad the Clean Teeth is working for you. I have some too but Ma keeps forgetting to put it in my water dish. Between her forgetting and dad buying booby prizes all the time, I don't know how I make it through a day around here. BOL

    Great review!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  25. Oh Ruby I tried Epic also, they made me a happy little guy. I was in pain from my small stress fracture and they helped me. Strange thing Lee noticed my furs got courser.
    We like natural products here.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week.
    Sweet William The Scot


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