Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doing Better

I wanted to Thank everyone and everypup for all their get-well vibes and POTP over the weekend.  It really did the trick!  Ma says she thinks I've 'turned a corner' and that I should be okay.

I guess I had Ma really worried, because I was worse than when I usually have one of my 'episodes'.  But, today I ate some chicken and biscuts (yes, Ma even let me have all the treaties I wanted ~ which really wasn't much, but still!).   I've even been letting Ma put my pills down my throat with her finger ~ I keep spittin' them out of whatever foodable she trys to sneak them in, so she gave up and just stuck them down my throat.  Don't worry, no drama.  I let her, can you believe it???  She gives me freeze dried chicken after ~ so worth it!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE and EVERYPUP!!     I have really felt the  POTP!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Black and White Sunday

Power Of The Paw!  Thanks to everyone who has left good thoughts and POTP get well wishes.  I am feelin' a little better today.  I'm still not eatin' much, but I had some chicken and some bread.  I even barked at a squirrel!  I hope I keep gettin' better because I really don't want to go to (gulp) the vetties!

Thank you everyone!  Keep em' comin'....just so Ma doesn't keep worrying.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Under the Weather

Yup, this is how I've felt the last couple of days.  Ma thinks it's a 'stomach thing' (since I was a pup, I've had stomach issues).  Ma hopes so.  She knows how to deal with the stomach stuff.  It just usally doesn't last this long. 

Plus, my ears have been botherin' me, too. 

Well, tomorrow's gotta be better ~ right?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??

                                          I AM!

Friday, August 17, 2012

We Have A Winner....

And, the winner to my "Guess my Weight Contest" is.........
          Nora !!  Congrats Nora you were the closest to guess my  weight!

My weight is 56.4 lbs, which isn't bad,  considering the last time I went to the vettie I was 64.4 lbs!  Ma almost had a coronary when she saw 64 lbs?! 

Ma says I still have 5 more pounds to loose, but she is much happier knowin' I'm at least able to loose my 'chub'. 

Soon, I'll have my girlish figure back!!  And, that Lab on the corner can stop sayin' I have a fat hinnie! (I mean, the NERVE!  No manners, that one!)

So, Congrats Nora!  Email me your addy at:  judi1040 (at)gmail (dot) com, and I will send ya your fab prize!!

Can I have that Ben and Jerry's now Ma?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Okay, listen up pups......I have to go to the vetties tomorrow to get my talons nails cut.  Ya'll know how much I hate it done, but Ma said that my talons nails are startin' to looks like Beth's  on Dog the Bounty Hunter!  Time for a trim!
                            Anyhu, I decided to steal Jazzi's idea,
                                    and have a CONTEST!!

Okay pups, are you listenin'?  All you have to do is guess my weight.  Yup, that's it!  Okay, okay, it might not be as easy as it sounds.  You see puppers, I've been on a diet.  Yup.  Mean Ma said the last time we went to the vetties I was humongous a little over weight.  WHAT??   Yea, I know!  ME? 
   (  I guess the midnight snackers of Ben and Jerry's hasn't gone unnoticed!)

What does the winner get, you ask?  Oh, it is good pups, it is GOOD!

Just look at this HAUL!!  I have given Ma permission to award these amazin' goodies to the pup that can guess my weight.  You get:

A Chilly Bone (great for this hot weather!)

A squeeky ball (sure to drive your peeps crazy!!)

A Red Barn bully ring (my favorite!)

Texas Taffy (dehydrated beef strip, made in the USA)

Twizzler treat (dehydrated beef strip, made in the USA)

That's it pups!  Good luck to you all.  I will announce the big winner Friday, so every pup has plenty of time to guess.   GOOD LUCK!

(geez, I hope I lost weight, I'm cravin' some Ben and Jerry's.......you think Ma would notice..........)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Black and White Sunday

(I can't find the linky code for the blog hop, so head on over to Nola's to join the hop!)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Lookie, I GOT A PACKAGE!!  ( I don't remember orderin' anythin' since Ma took away my plastic after a shoppin' binge at Mr. Chewy's)

It doesn't smell like foodables........

OMD!!  Is that what I THINK it is?!

I think it IS!!!



I have to get it open....

Here is a video of my handy-work  (this is Ma very first video, and it was shot on her point-and-shoot camera, so don't expect too much!)

If I can just undo this strap.........


It's so nice and clean in here....Ma said my other tunnel was gettin' "gamey".  Well, I've had it since I was a pup!  I say it held up quite well. But, it was time for a new one.

Thanks Ma, it tastes good.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Ma was workin' hard waterin' the plants, so I decided to sneak up behind her, and give her a gift

It's really hard to see here, but Ma thought it was a rock....

I just love playin' with rocks!

So Ma reached down to touch it, and....................

This is the face Ma made.....accompanied by, well, what can best be described as an ear-bleeding shriek.

It felt, well,  squishy......so Ma thought it came from, well, a litter box.  (Now, in my defense, I have only brought her 'poo' a couple of times....there was really no need for the hoopla!

So when I finally calmed her down, she realized what it was, and where it came from........

Yup, it was just an ear I tore off my ball toy.    Well, at least Ma didn't have to break out the disinfectant.  I mean, it's like she's never gotten poo on her hands before!  DRAMA QUEEN!

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