Friday, September 28, 2012


I ask you kitteh's and this any way for my Ma to treat me on

Oh, the humiliation.   The evil Ma tied me up and I'm being tortured!!
She has the clippers and scissors, and won't stop cutting my furs off!!

I'm not lookin' at you til' you let me go.
Nope. Not looking.
Oh, come on Ma!!!
Free at last!!!  
My Ma has a twisted idea of how to celebrate
OH YEAH!!   That's more like it!!
Look how loooong it is!!  And, a squeaky in each section!
I make Ma chase me!!
(she can't take pictures AND run at the same time!!)bol
Another spin around the fountains.....
Okay, time to get serious.......
I know there is a way to kill it.......
Just a little more........
Ooops!  Well, it lasted a whole 5 minutes!
Is there gonna be ice cream??!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodbye My Friend.....

This is my favorite picture of Mango .  He always made me and my Ma laugh.
It is with a very heavy heart that I say 'Goodbye My Friend'.  Laugh. Sing. Dance. Play. 

   The Rainbow Bridge is a brighter, more colorful place tonight.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Great Beetle Huntress

Hey puppers and kittehs,  you'll never guess what I found doin' my mornin' inspection of the yardie.......

Can you see it??

Oh, SCORE!!!  Ma said it was a beetle, but I just think it's FUN!

I told Ma I deaded it for her.....

I even did my 'I deaded somethin'' dance......

I even added a few new  moves.....

Then Ma said she was gonna 'get rid of it'  (somethin' about her not wantin' me to eat it!!  WHAT??  What's the fun in that?  I deaded it ~ I should be able to eat it if I wants!!)    
                              So Ma got a paper towel (chicken liver Ma didn't want to touch the scary, scary beetle with her bare hands!!)  That's when I heard the all familiar *screech*!!

Yup, this is the face she made.....again!  Why? Well, apparently I didn't deaded it after all!! 

WHAT???  It's not deaded?????  Oooops.....

Heeeheeeheee.....Sorry Ma!

Ruby, The Great, Good, Adequate, Meager Beetle Huntress.

(I gotta work on my deaded skills.....)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black and White Sunday

[ Hope I didn't scare anyone! BOL]

Frankenweenie your pet here: Frankenweenie 

Thanks to Prudence and Cokie the Cat for the heads up on the cool site!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Please take a moment of silence to remember those who have fallen, and those who have lost.

If you haven't already, also remember the 4 legged heroes of 9/11

Dog Heroes of 9/11


I'm also gettin' ready for the first day of school!  And Sarge made me an amazin' backpack

Isn't it pawsome!!!

See ya in class!!

Monday, September 10, 2012



Ma wanted to apologize for the delay in posting this, but these last few days (well, weeks, really) have been a little tough on my Ma.  She has this problem called My-grains that apparently make her heads feel like it's gonna explode right off her shoulders.  She also has been in the 'porcelin room' where she says she get re-acquainted with her foodables.  Let's just say, she hasn't been her bestest. 
Anyhu.....on with the post!


Hey there pups and kitteh's!  I have some very exciting news.......

I won a contest  AND  I  received a bloggie award!!!!

I couldn't believe I won The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit!!!  The amazin' peeps at Airedale Garden Party 2012 had a contest back in August.  If you make a small donation, you can be entered to win pressies!!  And I won!! YEA!

See, Ma let me get the first sniff.....

Oh, yeah, somethin' good in there....

Can you see what the shippin' label said, "Life is Merrier with an Airedale Terrier"    Well, who could disagree with that????

This is what was inside....

And, look, it has an Airedale on the cover!!!  But, that's not it.....

It also came with 'cookie cutters' in the shape of a bone, fire hydrant, and (my favorite!) squirrel!!! in the world am I gonna get Ma off her hinnie to make me some treaties????

Ma will post about the bloggie award I got from the amazin' Mollie very, very soon!   I thank you from the bottom of my furry little heart Mollie!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Been Busy

Hey puppers and kittehs!   I've been feelin' LOTS better......

See....(made Ma post this one again, because it cracks Me Ma up!)

But, I've been drivin' Ma crazy  up to other things, too.......

What's wrong with a little murder spree, anyhu?!   

I'll be a little devil, fiend, ruffian, stinker   angel from now on, Ma....
I promise!

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