Sunday, January 25, 2015

Letter to Ruby....

Okay, how do I start this...

 (okay, so I'm a day late!  What else is new?? ☺)

Dear Ruby,

You are the most difficult, bossy, loud, sweet dog I have ever had.  

You give me so much ~

(LOTS of drool....)


floor puddles 
(from your beard)

(of stuffies and balls)

Kibble rugs
(cause you will not eat out of your bowl)


bloody nose


head butts

but, most of all

you give me laughter and love.

And I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world!
(okay, maybe ALL the money....LOL  jk ☺)

Being owned by an Airedale is a very special experience.

And, I am glad you are my Baby Girl.
(oh, sorry, I wasn't suppose to tell anyone your nickname...)

I love you more than you could ever know.

Now, how about one of your margaritas??

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Squirrel Appreciation Day!

OMD, puppers and kittehs, today IS the DAY!



And HOW do I  'appreciate' those Evil little Tree Rats???

Come on down, and let me SHOW you......

Just lookie at this little oinker!

That's up my furry tail friend...

all the MORE to 'enjoy' when I catch you!!! 

I already sent the stash I had in my freezer to our Pal

Lookie what she made with them!!


Oh, doggies!!!!  It is FABulous!!!!

Just pawfect with a margarita....☺

Thanks my Sweet Pal!!!  

Keep em' coming!!

Oh, and did you hear?????

My fella Murphy asked me to the DANCE!!!!

YES!!!!  A 87 thousand times YES!!! 

Isn't he dreamy????  

And if you need my Yente Services just let me know!

I am a professional, ya know...☺

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spellbind Sunday

You will give me a will give me a will give me a treatie....

I'm hungry puppers!! I'm hoping I can hypnotize Ma into giving me more treaties...

Experiment on going...

In other news.....

Click Here for info on the Mayorz Marathon

Click Here for info on the Valentine's Day Dance

Now, don't forgets that if you need a 


Just email me at  judi1040(at)gmail(dot)com

and I will work my Yente Magic!!

Butts, no worries if you wanna go SOLO 

There are gonna be lots of single pals ready to pawty!

(oh, if anyone has some extra kibbles...send em' my way!! )

Friday, January 16, 2015

Chewy!! Cinna-Bones!

Guess what I chose to sample for my 

Chewy  Review??

Yuppers ~  CINNA-BONES!  

Mmmmmm, they look tasty!

Oh, they smell tasty too!! 
Hey, are you ever gonna let me TASTE them????

About time!!!


They get Ruby's 'Drool of Approval' !!!!

Here are all the details...nothin' but good stuff in em'!
(you can click on the pic to bigify it)

They are all natural, Holistic, with no chemical preservatives!
And, who doesn't like Cinnamon!!!!  It's so good for you!

And, they have 36 calories a treatie

Ma thinks that is too much for me, so she breaks them up....


(I suggest you don't lets your peeps see that last part!)

I give these treaties 4 paws up!!!  

They are tasty, and light and Airey!

Thanks Chewy!!

Disclaimer:   I was sent a bag of these to taste.  I was asked to give my honest opinion.
No green papers changed hands for my review,
and all of the opinions and drool are my own!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vettie Wednesday

Here I am at the vettie...waiting

What do you mean I'm not suppose to sit up here?

Well, I'm not sitting down THERE....

What????  NAIL TRIM?????

I'm OUTTA here!!  Open, open open!!!! 

Maybe I can escape through this window.....

Well, the vettie aspirated my ear hematoma with a syringe
(he showed Ma..ewwwwwww !! , butts he said that would be the best)

Then, they PROBED me!!!!  


Ya know, vetties shouldn't puts stuffs in my arse if they don't wanna be farted on.....
just sayin'....

Then they took me to the back room.....

nothing good EVER happens in the back room...

I gots shots and a nail trim!

I was SO glads to get outta there puppers and kittehs!!!!!


everything is lookin' good.  I'm gonna be on the prednisone for abouts another 3 weeks.

No problemo.

(let's not tell her I'm sneakin' margaritas....☺)

I hopes your Wednesday was more fun than mine!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Blogville Positions

Our most Handsome Mayors Murphy ♥ and Stanley have asked us

Cabinet Members, 

to tell ya what the hellcat we do!


I am 

Blogville's Official Rodent Patrol Officer

(this is in case those little bastards try to 'Nut-Bomb' me from above!)

I caught this one last year....can you say 'shaky-shaky'?? ☺

I do have an Official Badge


And a GUN and holster, with all kinds of fun stuffs!!!

Oh.  I guess it's just a pellet gun....SOMEONE doesn't trust me with a real firearm! pffft!

Nows, my Snoopervisor is Ranger , so that's pretty cool!!!

(he likes the donuts,  and lets me, um, 'dunk them' in my 'coffee'...BOL!!

Nows, that is not my only job...

No Siree BOB!!!

I am also in the

Blogville Choir!!!! 


Yuppers!  I even gets to wear this FABulous  hat!!

Director Susie  says I have 

real 'promise'...?

Nows,  I am also 

Blogville's Unofficial Bartender


Who let HIM in??!!!


Thanks.  No need to panic folks.....Ranger gave him the shaky-shaky...

As I was sayin'....

I got the bestest margaritas on the planet!!!

I even gots my own Margarita Truck!!!! WooooHooooo!!!

I can go to any event anywhere's in Blogville at a drop of a hat!!

Just let me know, and I'll be there!!

Butts,  WAIT!!!



I am also...



You need a date for a Blogville Event????

Lookie no further!

Just click on my 'Yente Page' at the top of my bloggie for all the info!

Thanks bunches our most distinguished Mayors!!


I will serve you all the snacks you want Murphy!

Um, I mean...

I will Serve Blogville with Honor!

(most of the time....☺)


I thinks I need a nap....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mayoress Madi's Box Bash!

OMD, it's PAWTY DAY!!!

Our Pawlice Comish  Sarge is hosting


Her FurHighness Madi, has been one PAWSOME Mayoress, 

so you KNOWS we gotta THANK her!

Ooops, I thinks Her FurHighness started sampling the NIPTINI'S already! bol

So, head on overs to Sarge's 
(he'll be posting updates all day!!  So be sure to check back often!)


Stop by our pal Chef Sasha

OMD, has she outdone herself  this time!!!!!
(shhhh, don't tell her I ate all the possom pizza...☺)


Waddle overs to Frankie and Ernie's

WooooHoooo!!!  OMD, there are games there I don't  thinks should be LEGAL!!! BOL




I gots some drinkies that will take the  FURS off your chest!!! 

In HONOR of our former Mayoress Madi
(kittehs, be careful with these...Madi gave me some of her own STASH of nip to make these!)

I can't tell you what is in these....Frankie swore me to secrecy...

Hey, this is the only 'pawlice cooler' you want to see!  
(trust me...the Blogville Jail is no fun at all!!!  don't ask......)

These are sweet and strong...
Just like Murphy ♥

UM, I MEAN....

These are DISTINGUISHED , just like our new Mayors!!

These are SWEET and TASTY
in honor of our pawsome Chef Sasha!!

Last, but NOT least.....

OH YEAH!!!!!!

You didn't thinks I would forget these...

Ooooo, my mouth is waterin' already!!

What?  No.  I haven't 'sampled' any yet.....☺

Now, don't worry, for the YOUNGIN'S, I have made some without the hard stuffs!!
(I fun in THAT! BOL)


Then, don't forgets to walk, don't zoomie, over to Sarge's to check out the fun!


You were expecting some OTHER box???

Thank You Madi for your Service to Blogville!!!

Now you can take up Yoga!


HEY EVERYBUDDY.......   Sarge now has TWO Posts up.... butt for SOME reason Blogger is being a Butt Head and HIDING the Second one....    

SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo    here is all you need to do...   Once you get to Sarge's Blog... if you only see his FIRST BOX DAY POST....     Go to the VERY BOTTOM and Click on NEWER POST...  and the next one SHOULD pop up..

darn blogger....

Click on the image to go to the circus