Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

What do you do when your Moms wants to


after a good DRINKIE??

(well, furst you shake your head so she gets a BEARD SHOWER! BOL)

Then you run outta the house with the BEARD TOWEL

Don't forgets to keep an eye out for tree rats....

This could go on all day....☺

Monday, June 27, 2016

Nappin' for Bailey

Nap For Bailey Badge

Hey puppers, kittehs, and burdies!

Last week, our pal Bailey crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Since Bailey and his Sis were suppose to host a napping event at the
PAWLYMPICS, we are honoring him today by takin' naps!

Nows, Ma doesn't really catch me in my naps, cause she is 
SO HAPPY when I sleep, she doesn't want anythings to wake me....☺

So, Angel Bailey, this is 

my bestest NAPPIN' pose

we'll just PRETEND that I'm nappin'..bol

Angel Bailey, you will be sorely missed by all.

Run free my sweet furiend......

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Black and White Sunday

This is how I ROLL.......

Hopes you all have an Easy Sunday too!

Thanks Nola and Sugar for Hosting!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

30 Day Food Challenge ~ #ChewyInfluencer

So, I'm just finishing my second week on 


(pssssst.....they're on SALE right nows!!!  stock up!  just sayin'.....)

can you say


Wells, I CAN!

here's what I usually eat (NO, Ma gives me more than that! BOL)
can you say...BORING!

These are the PATTIES softening up in some warm waters

The patties soften faster if you break them up FIRST!
(nice goin' Ma....geesh!)
Now we're talkin'!

OMD, it's SOOOO hard to wait for the 'okay'  !!!!!
This is TORTURE!  Maybe if I just take a little snifffffff....

Luckily, Ma has a fast shutter-finger!  This was gone in no time!

So, how am I doing so far?


Nows, there were some small issues at first, but nothing that is unusual when you're transitioning to a new food.

Thanks Ms. Sydney and 

for letting me test out this food!

(click here to see my furst postie on this food)

If you're interested in gettin' some of this 

most DELISH food, you can't go wrong with 

They deliver SUPER DUPER FAST!  All around the country!
Orders arrive in ONE or TWO days!  

I will do my conclusion on 


next week!

Disclaimer:  I was given this food to try out at no cost to me.  All opinions and drool are my own.  No green papers, or blinged-out collars were given for my opinions. Though... Ma says a nice condo in Cabo would be nice.....☺

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

I heard there were gonna be cookies.

and cheese.

I don't see either.

I'm gonna sit here

and STARE at you

til you gets me some......

oh, and I might throw in a little WHINE......

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Image result for happy fathers day images

This is my POPS  'BEEZER'!!
(his offical AKC name is: CH. JOLEE AIRE HEYOKA RIVER of EAGLES)
phew!  that's a mouthful!!

And this is my Pops too!


Wells....that's what Ma said!  





are there gonna be cookies???
I likes cookies....

Friday, June 17, 2016

Flower and Butte Pillar Friday

Hey Puppers, kittehs, and burdies!

Today I am joinin' our Fashion Forward Furiend


I finally got Ma to gets the pics off her camera

and into the puter

so I could share the




in my yardie!

you remember this BUTTE PILLAR?

I knows our furiend  Princess Leah LOVES her Butte Pillars!!

(you can read all the interesting stuffs about these beauties by clicking above)

And, you can click each pic to BIGGIFY it to gets a better lookie!


Ma had a hard time getting a clear pic on her POS camera!

Do you see that FLOWER?
That's a PASSION FLOWER, is their 'host'!

They lay their eggs, and live in and around, the Passion Flower vines!

These are the ones in my yardie!

THIS is what I was doin' while she was snappin' her photos......

'are you DONE YET??......this ball ain't gonna throw itself!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Remember puppers,  when  you're relaxin' .....

Never lets the TREE RATS sneak up on you!

frickin' furry tails......

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Yes puppers, kittehs, and fellow inmates....

This is me after EASY'S pawty!

Man that was funs!

Shhhhh, remembers, 

What happens at Easy's...

STAYS at Easy's.

or the Blogville hoosegow....

Oh, and lookie what's been hangin' around my yardie


Just for Princess Leah!

Ma took tons of pics, so more to come....

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Shhhhhhhh.....don't tell, butts EASY is plannin' a PAWTY.....

CLICK HERE to learn all abouts it.....

then it will self-destruct in 10 seconds...

or,  by the time I eat my treatie.....

same diff.....

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Selfie

I  did NOT STEAL your COOKIE off the counter.....

it just looked lonely up there all alone.....

your welcome.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

30 Day Food Challenge ~ #ChewyInfluencer

Okays, so here's the deal puppers, and the WONDERFUL Miss Sydney,

have invited me to take part in a Dog Food product by

So, for the month of June, I will be trying out this

Chicken Dinner Patties

OMD, it's FREEZE DRIED!  I loves me freeze dried stuffs!

Made with Pure Ingredients
as Nature Intended.

Made safely in the USA.

Sounds good to me!

What's THIS?  Three bags!  Oh, this should gets me through!

They even have a window so you can see the deliciousness!

On the back, it shows how much to feed your pup a day. Since I'm over 40 lbs (60 lbs), 
the recommend using as a mixer or topper.

As some of you know, I have been on a Prescription Dog Food from my vet.  I contacted my vet before accepting this challenge to make sure it was okay.  He said, YES!  

It's always a good idea, if your doggie as any food allergies or stomach issues, 
to check with your vet furst!

Now, even though it says to use this as a topper, Ma is going to try and go all the way, and use this exclusively!  I can't wait!  

CLICK HERE to read all abouts the details and feeding guide, and how to transition from your old food to the Chicken Patties.

So, for the next month, I will be posting my progress trying this new food.

I can't wait to try this RAW FOOD DIET!

Thanks Ms. Sydney and!

Disclaimer:  I was given this food to try at no cost. No green papers or trips to the Hawaiian Islands have been given for my opinions.  Though a pony would be cool.

Click on the image to go to the circus