Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NYE Bash!!! Bar Is Open!!

Well, it's finally here puppers and kittehs!!
And Madi, Puddles, Sasha, and I have been drinkin' and samplin' all the fine refreshments workin' our paws to the bone!!
Furst they had me haul out all the kegs...I guess I'm the only one that is has a huge hinnie big enough to haul the kegs
And the 87 thousand boxes of liquor!!

Wells, I'm sure glad that's done!!  
Now, on to the good stuffs!!!
 I've been workin' my tail to the bone makin' some FABulous drinkies for your drinkin' pleasure...

This is my secret concoction ....  I've been slavin' over a cold toilet bowl for hours to get it just right!

I'm sure every doggie will find this DELISH!! 
(I'm not tellin' what's in it...it's a secret!! BOL)

I thinks you'll find this has just the right balance of vermouth to duck....

Oh, this is a MUST TRY if I do say so myself!!
Good work Puddles on deadin' all those  Possoms!!
And Sasha ~ WOWS!  Nice umbrella and cherry work gurl!!!

Oh puppers, this is the most DELECTABLE  drinkie you will try tonight!!!
(those tree rats were squirrely this mornin', butts I thinks I deaded enough of them for our pawty!)

Lookie what Madi and Puddles put me in!!!!!
They said the bar needed a Bar Maid and sent me out to serve drinkies in this get up!!

Okay puppers and kittehs ~

Step right up and order what ever suits your fancy!!!

and MOI are here to take your order and fulfill your every wish (no Frankie, we can't do THAT!! BOL)

Oh, and apparently.....
There is NO POOPIN' in the park....
(just an FYI from Frankie...)

Let's get this pawty STARTED!!! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Final Christmas Card Tally...

Oh puppers and kittehs,  this is totally embarrassing.....
FOR MA!!!!    BOL!!!

The final count.....

 86 87 (thanks Kyla!!)


BOL!!!  Oh dear...well, I did give her the one card from her Doctor....
( I HAD to guys, she started whining and poutin'...I just couldn't take it anymore!!)

I want to  Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the 

I am keepin' them in a safe place, where Ma can't 'accidentally' throw them away while cleaning!

I hopes you find your card, and know I just LOVE it, and will cherish them all furevers!

 * * * * *


I pilfered this from Sarge's bloggie  I borrowed this info from Sarge's blog
Please join us..it's gonna be INSANE   a blast!!!

NYE Bash Reminders

Hey Everyone!
Wow, the holidays are right around the corner and I'm so excited about our big New Year's Eve Bash!    I have some super furiends helping to make all areas of the party something special for us.   Please don't forget to pawticipate by contacting the hosts listed below...I could use more dancers!   I'm sure we could use more comedy acts! 


Dance:   That's my gig!   Send your pix to me by midnight 12-25-13 to pawticipate.   Open to singles, couples, groups, any species.  Any dress style welcome, fancy, casual, glam, wild, whatever!   Send pix to     lfurman1987ATyahooDOTCOM

Music:   Sweet William (AKA ROCKIN' WILLS) will be providing music including his DJ skills and he has some fabulous surprises for us.      My crabby girls' group Surf Jammers will be performing on my blog and Bad Dawg Agency will be performing on their blogs too.

Drinks:   Puddles will be working with Madi and Ruby to provide a huge variety of drinks for all types of tastes and preferences.

FoodWyatt is providing the foodables for the whole event.

Party Hats / Noisemakers Idaho Pugs will be supplying the festive hats and noisemakers for the party.

Open Mic Comedy HourBaggy and Nin are accepting your jokes (ornery is okay, but not dirty or offensive), funny stories, comedy routines.

Transportation:    Sam is supplying his red wagon for safe transit to and from the party.

Resolutions Booth:    Ranger will be coordinating the New Year's Resolutions.

Dance Lessons:   Lily is supplying pre-party dance lessons for anyone wanting to brush up on their moves before the big dance.

Fireworks:    Mollie and Alfie will be arranging for celebration fireworks to light up our big night.

OH, THIS IS GONNA BE A BLAST!    Don't forget to check out each host to see what they have planned and you can pawticipate too!

Grr and a Festive Woof,
Sarge, Party Hound


Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Pressies from Susie and Sidebite!

Oh puppers and kittehs, this package came like 87 months ago, butts Ma didn't let me open it til Christmas Eve!

See!!  It says FRAGILE  so you know it has to be good!!

Oooooo, somethin' is callin' my name.....

I'll take that!!

Ooooooo!  It's an AireBall!!! 
(and it's still alive!! bol)

 Oh, I knows what this is!!

YEA!!!!   Bubbles for my Bubble Machine!!!  WoooooHoooo!!
(you can NEVER have enough bubble juice!!)

Ooops...got a little too excited....

And, what can this be.....

Oh, YEAH!!   This is the good stuff puppers!!  
Can you say "NYE PAWTY'???? 

OMD!!!  Lookie what this is...... 

 It's my very own TREE RAT!!!! 
(this is good, cause those other ones must be hopped up on coffee lately.....)

  Thank you BUNCHES Susie and Sidebite !!! 
 I loves my pressies!!! 

I'm off now to have some margaritas and play with my bubbles.....
(not necessarily in that order....)

* * * * * * *

We got some very sad news today....

Bridge from  Dip-Dip and The Bridge
has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.....


She passed in her Mom's arms, and crossed gently over the bridge, she will be truly missed.
Please stop by and give her Moms Lynne some loves....

Blogville will miss your smile gurl!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well, I guess I should start out with an Airedale Christmas Story..... 

There I was, mindin' my own business, when I heard a 

woman screeching like a banshee!!! 



Oh crap!

 What????  I don't see nothin'...... 

 Apparently, openin' Ma's presents when she's in the other room

is frowned upon in this house!!


*  * * * * * * *

Oh, and just wait til you see what I gots from
Susie and Sidebite !!! 

Oh, it's pawfect!!!!  bol

I hope everyone in Blogville has the bestest most FABulous Christmas and Holidays

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ignore it, Ignore it...

Oh puppers and kittehs,  what is with Ma and her makin' me pose with 
Super Wierd Thingies??! 

Do you see that Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas Tree behind me?!
I keep tellin' myself.....
'Ignore it...ignore it...ignore it....' 

Is it gone yet??
* * * * * * * * * * 

Okays ~  here is the card count:
(snail mail and Ecards)

BOL!!!!   Oh, man.....oh, and AGAIN she tried to sneek one in from 
HER DOCTOR!!!  Oh, boys....maybe I should give her that one......

(sorry I haven't been commenting lately everyone, Ma has been like crazy busy, and then she gots like 3 my-grains this week that just knocked her OUT!  I will try to gets her on her toes, butts it's possible it's gonna be just hit and miss til after Christmas.  If I don't drop by, I hopes everyone has a FABulous Christmas and Holidays!!!!   Kisses, Ruby ♥)


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Don't Think So....


Lookie what Ma wanted me to pose with....
It's a crazy-ass owl!!
Yeah, it even smells funny!!
Yeah, I don't think so Ma....
* * * * * * * * * * *
Card Count......
(snail mail and Ecards)
That's right.....FOUR!!!!
BOL!!! BOL!!!
OMD, and again, she tried to sneak in a card from the cable peeps!!! 
sad, puppers and kittehs....sad.....

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mom Thinks She's Funny....

This is a plaque  Ma got loooong ago.

Look what I found this mornin'.....
Very funny Ma!!
I don't know WHY she would say such a thing.....
(BTW, I thinks she WAY over using this pic!!!)
* * * * * * * * * *
Okay puppers and kittehs ~  time for the

MOI:   51

43  snail mail cards
8 email cards 


That's right!!!  THREE!!!  OMD!!  
And guess what?!  Go ahead,  guess......

Ma tried to sneak one in from her DENTIST!!!!  BOL!!!

I had to put my paw down and say NO!!!!!  
Fair is fair!! 
I mean, I haven't counted the one from the vettie......


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


* * * * * * * *
Okays pupper and kittehs, card count.......
(34 snail mail, 6 email)
That's right!!!  Ma only gots ONE CARD!!! BOL!!!
(I thinks I got this in the bag!! hehehe)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Squirrel Snots

Oh Puppers and Kittehs, there were some FABulous Squirrel Snots in the leaves this mornin'!!
I thinks I sniffed for like 87 THOUSAND minutes!

 I worked up quite the slobbers!!!  BOL

(Ma wanted to let everyone knows that she will get to everyone's bloggies as soon as she can...she SAYS she's been all busy gettin' my Christmas Cards addressed and mailed, butts I saw her snackin' on some poppycorn and watchin' TV,  so I thinks she's just bein' lazy....I'll nip her in the hinnie and gets her ass in gear!!  No worries! )


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black and White Sunday

Yes, you see right Puppers and Kittehs....
Rudolph's nose IS lit !!!
(and I thought the 'Elf hat' was bad.......)
send help!

Click on the image to go to the circus