Friday, September 23, 2016



So, yesterday wasn't as good as Ma had hoped.

the new medication did NOTHING to calm me.

In fact,

I was back to the Tasmanian-Airedale!



The vettie (NOT my FABulous Dr. K.....)

said that all we can do at this point is up my dose of Ace.

Ma isn't happy with this because it's very unpredictable.

Sometimes 1/2 dose works, sometimes it takes twice the dose.

And it's sedating.

She is going to have to do it for my  next appt (it's all we have left)

butts, she is hoping Dr. K has something else up his sleeve.

Good news, is that I didn't assault the vettie tech!

I assaulted Ma. hehehe

Oh, it's nothin'!  She shook it off....just a little bruise on her chin when she was


Holding my harness so the vettie tech could get  my ear meds in my ears!

sorry Ma....


I thought I would share some pawsome pics of some

BEAUTIFUL blooms...




bonus HINNIE shot!

your welcome.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Hey puppers, kittehs, burdies, and stalkers!

Tomorrows I go in for my next round of ear meds.

The vettie has prescribed a new med to try and 'CALM' me, so they can do it 

without the vettie tech getting bruised and bloody.

(wells,  I DID apologize...☺)

All the other meds have been makin' me HYPER lately.
(think of a 60lb terrier on a POT of coffee! )

So, Ma's got her fingers crossed that this new med will do the trick....

It's suppose to calm me, not sedate me, so that's good!

Will report on the result.....
(hopefully, the vettie techs won't need medical attention this time....)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Treaties for Lexi


Nows, it's been a couple of weeks since our  Lexi went to the Bridge,

and my pal Noodle, aka: Mr. Lexi,  decided to dedicate this day 

And, Lexi LOVED her treats!

(omd, do you see what she is eatin' in that pic???!!!!  OMD!)

I TRIED to talk Ma into givin' MOI a cheesyburger and fries, 

butts she said NO, you are on a diet!



What I CAN eats is my most FAVorite foodable topper....

That's right....I LOVES Stella and Chewy's freeze dried Chicken Patties!

Oh, it's so hard to 'WAIT.....'

Oh!  COME ON Ma!!!!!

FINALLY!!!   nom, nom, nom.....


In honor of Lexi, I have asked for SECONDS!



Tree rats! She said 'No'!  the nerves!

Wells,  Thank you for joinin' Noodle and all of Blogville in 

Honoring Lexi!

Join the Blog Hop!

Thursday, September 15, 2016



I gots another ear infection.

And it was going SO well too!


Today when I went into gets my  talons trimmed,

Ma asked them to pluck the hair outta my ears
(cause she's a wimp, and won't do it herself...somethings about a little growl I gave her one time...☺)


The vettie tech couldn't do my FUNKY EAR
cause I wouldn't lets him!

Ma thought that was strange.

I only act that way when my ear is bothering me.

So, she took a look
(nows, understand, she's been checking it EVERYDAY, and it's been good!)

and it was red and swollen!


Just yesterday it was FINE! 


the Dogtor wasn't there, so she had to make ANOTHER appointment
(luckily, they were able to squeeze me in three hours later)

I didn't gets to see my FABulous vettie Dr. K, 

butts, there was a very nice vettie who took a look and said we should do another round of the
weeklong ear meds.

I have to go back next week, and the week after that to make sure it worked.


Oh, and the vettie called me fat.

yes she DID!


on second thought....I don't thinks she was very nice at all!


Don't worry, I gots a PLAN....


gets those eggs and beans ready for next week.....

I'm gonna gives her some pharts she will never forgets!!!


too much?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wordy Wednesday ~ DeFluffed


Ms. Sissorhands managed to gives me my furcut without

SLICING my ears off!

(oh, and I still gots my TAIL too, just a FYI..)

Butts, I won't look at Ma,

cause I knows she doesn't have any treaties.....

"No cookie, No lookie!"

Tomorrows I go to the vettie for my TALON trim....

wish me luck! 


should I say, 

wish the vettie tech luck! BOL

Monday, September 12, 2016


Ma says I'm WAY too 'Fluffy'.

My collars are disappearing....

My tail is gonna needs it's own zip code soon....


I just chase my bubbles and ignore her.....

I won't even mention how 'Fluffy' HER arse is getting! BOL!!!

shhhh...don't tells her I said that....she knows where all the treaties are hidden!

I gots a bath today,  so a furcut is happenin' this week!

It'll be nice to get a Summer furcut for Fall! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11

May this date be remembered for all those who perished.

Hate might have taken you from this world, 

but love keeps your memories alive.

Click on the image to go to the circus