Friday, April 24, 2015

Sully's Barkday & Return of Furiends!

OMD, it's our Furiend Sully's 4th Barkday today!!!

He is one handsome Scottie!
(don't worry are still my Stud Muffin!)

Anyhu, hop on overs to his Barkday Pawty for some fun times!
(I hears our Sweet Pal Sasha is gonna bring her Pizza Truck!!!)

Butts, I have brought my


yes siree Bob!!!

And you knows what that means.....

(yes, there will be drunken zoomies later...butts that's not what I mean....)


(yeah, that was a tough one to figure out.....☺)

Butts, more than that ~

I found a VERY SPECIAL DRINKIE for our 

Barkday Pal.....


It's DINGO BEERS!!!!  

and I gots to taste nothin' like Dingoes...

Oh, and there's MORE!

It's true!!

They're back!

and I gots some special drinkies just for them....

This is for our pal Susie...
Sweet, just like her...BOL!!!!
(no, really, it's delish!!)

This is for our pal Sidebite....don't wanna go to the hoosegow!!
We better share...

I gots LOTS of beers for Mickey!!!
(I'm sure he'll share if you just ask! BOL)

Last, butts certainly not least, our pal Shadow!

That's some scary lookin' beer....I'll take two!

Okays, now don't forgets to head on overs to

And our Sweet Pal Sasha is havin' some PIZZAS!!

And Susie and Sidebites are havin' a celebration too!



Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mayorz Marathon Margarita Truck

I can't believes I finished!!!


I guess all that squirrel chasin' really paid off!!!

Nows that everyone is here......

(no.....NOT the ambulance..the MARGARITA TRUCK!)

pees:  I requested the ambulance stick around incase Madi pulls something TWERKING!!

You remember, at the Heart 2 Heart dance...

It was KRAZY!!!


Officer Abby has been stationed at the Margarita Truck all during the race

to keep the likes of HIM out!

(Don't gets any ideas dude!!! )

Good Job Abby!!

Nows, lets REFUEL!

Furst, I gots some DELISH SMOOTHIES!

I've tried every one of these....

okays, okays, so I MIGHT have spiked them furst....☺

Easy has found the BREWSKI'S!!!
(nice polish dude...BOL)

Don't worry, there's enough for everyone!

Then, for the electrolyte replenishment....

(okay, okay..yes, MAYBE I spiked a few of these... just to try them out! ☺)

Ooooo, these are DELISH puppers and kittehs!!!

(hey, if you want some of my 'special GRAPE JUICE' added, just say the word!)

And these are for my Sweet Pal Sashy!

(if you haven't headed over to her PIZZA TRUCK...RUN don't walk! Click Here)

I knows how she LOVES her WallyMelon!!!

Okays,  now for the BIG FINISH.......

All kinds puppers and kittehs!

I gots frozen, stirred,  and every kind you can think of......

Butts, you know I always have....


You can't have a PAWTY without these my furiends!

I wanted to give a


to our

MAYORZ  Murphy (Stud Muffin) and Stanley (Monkey Buns)

Their hard work and dedication

made all of this possible!!!


You guys are the BESTEST!


who needs a drink??

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bee Battle...

So, you guys all know that I am 

The Bee Whisperer, right?

Click here to see my moves


Those bees are Carpenter Bees, and they almost never sting

Wells, yesterday, I gots my bees mixed up!

I tried to wrangle one of these


Note to self....


How do I know???


Right in my mouth!!!

Good news....I now knows I'm NOT allergic!!

This is what happened.....

I, Ruby, the Bee Whisperer,

actually CAUGHT a real live BEE

in my mouth!!


Apparently,  they don't like that.



I started running around like, well, I got stung by a bee!

Then into my tunnel for good measure...

Then I had to go try and find the FRICKEN bee again...

Butts, Ma beat me to it....

(sorry, no picture..Ma was too freaked out that I was gonna have a reaction, so she smooshed it before I could gets it again....RIP little guy....:(  )

Ma ran inside and gave me two more Benadryl's

just to bee (☺) sure

and watched me for HOURS...

No reaction.


Be careful what you eat puppers!

Let's stick to flies and moths....safer that way!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Ma gave me an AireCut today...

(yes, my ears DID survive!! ☺)

Butts, she tried to take my picture 


treaties in her pocket...

This is my....'You're kidding me, right?' look.....

Remember puppers and kittehs...

my Motto....

"No cookie, No lookie"

nuff said...

Click on the image to go to the circus