Monday, October 5, 2015

Some POTP please!

Hey puppers and kittehs...

Right nows I'm gettin' some x-rays done to try and figure out what's wrong with me.

I can't seem to lay down.

I just sit.  I sat half the night.

No vomiting, no diarrhea, I am alert and stuffs.

Ma can't figure it out.

Hopefully the Dogtor can figure it out.

He wants to rule out bloat (Ma doesn't think so, butts she wants to make sure)

It could be that I hurt my right front leggie.  The Dogtor said he felt something.

Ma is all kinds of worried, so I stocked the margarita truck before I left....☺

Should be back this afternoon.

Hopefully I'll have some news...

here is a pic, so you remember my FABulous mug! ☺


Hey puppers and kittehs!

I spent ALL DAY at the vetties


(he didn't even buy me a Milkbone...)

They did X-Rays and looked at  EVERYTHINGS!

(and I do mean EVERYTHINGS!  I thinks I'm married to my vettie now....)


No bloat!   YEA!!!

He did find something wrong with my leggie though.


It's all very complicated and boring, butts I guess it's like I have a crack in my cartridge.

He doesn't thinks I have a piece broken off in the joint, which would require surgicals.


So, I'm FINALLY lying down  (Thanks Dog!!)

So, Ma hopes I will have a better night tonight, and won't sit there STARING at her half the night! BOL!


Blogville ROCKS!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Our pal Angel Jazzi loved to celebrate the bestest Holiday EVERS....



I do loves my chicken TACOS!!

Oh, I can almost taste them....

These are mighty tasty!!

That's better!!!  Can't have tacos without a MARGARITA!! 

Thanks Angel Jazzi!!

This is my most FAVORITE holiday of the year!!

Update on my Barkday drawing....

I have selected TWO WINNERS to receive a 


I will post the this week!

So grab a margarita, and stay tuned!! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sadie Hawkins Dance!

WoooHoooo!!!  Yuppers, Today is the DAY!

I have invited my STUD MUFFIN' MURPHY to the dance...
just lookie at how HOT we are...☺

I hopes we are gonna be doin' a lot of dancin' and eatin' and drinkin'!

Oh, speakin' of drinkin'...

I brought my MARGARITA TRUCK!!!

I've loaded it up with all kinds of tasty margaritas and drinkies for everyone!

No pushin'!  

No shovin'!

Plenty for everyone!!

(wells, maybe...I did have to do some 'samplin' last night...*burp*)

Butts, I digress!

Oh, how did THAT pic get in there????  hehehehehe
oh so handsome.....Oh, anyhu....

Oh YEAH!   You knows I gots lots of these on hand!

Butts, I also have ANY FLAVOR of margarita you want!  

Just ask, and you shall receive!
(nows, how do I gets Ma to do that??? BOL)

We gots Crantinis....sparklin' waters....fruit drinkies!

and LOTS of brewskis!!!

I'll see you at  DORY'S for the Dance!

nows...where did I put those thigh-high boots.....

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tasty Chewy Review!

Yuppers!  It's that time again puppers and kittehs!

And boy do I have a tasty STINKY  treatie for you!

It's  EVANGER'S Beef Tripe!

Nows, I've never had TRIPE befores, butts I heard it was DELISH!

So I told Ma that is what I want to review..

Lookie ~ nothin' butts BEEF TRIPE!

Can I see??!

What do you mean 'stinky'???  Smells DELISH to ME!!!

Ooooooo, those look amazin'!
(why are you holding your nose Ma???)

They are a nice size for a pup like me...
butts, they easily break up for smaller puppers or kittehs!

you can 'rehydrate' these with warm water and add them to your dinners!
(why are you gagging Ma???)

I don't knows what Ma's problem is..these smell pawsome!

(RM:  okay, everyone knows that I am smell sensitive.  Butts..WOWSA!  These treats really stink!
I had to wash my hands 8 times to get the smell off!  But Ruby LOVED them! that's the price we pay for our pups, huh? )

Thanks Bunches Chewy!


these Evanger's Beef Tripe Treaties!

I gives them....4 PAWS UP!

Click Here to find them on!

Disclaimer:   I was given a package of these treaties to try.  All opinions and drool are my own.  No green papers or trips to the Bahamas were given in exchange for my opinion. ☺

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Barkday to ME!!

That's right puppers and kittehs!

♪♫ Today is MY Barkday! ♪♫

I am the BIG SEVEN!!
(Ma just gasped...☺)

So, what am I gonna do for my Barkday you ask?

Glads you did!

Okays, enough...let's get onto the fun stuffs!

Tree Rat chasin'!
Tunnel Rollin'!
Bubble Chasin'!

Stuffie Pullin'!
Truck Rides!

Flower eating sniffin'!
Treatie snackin'!

and my FAVORITE.....

Okay, THIS is no surprise...


For everyone!!!!

Okays, nows here is the most special part of all !

For every comment I gets

wishin' MOI a Happy Barkday

Ma is gonna donate ONE DOLLAR to our local shelter!!!



Everyone who leaves a comment 


a very special


Nows, I won't tell you what's in it,

because it will be 


for the winner!


whatcha waitin' for??!!!

Oh, a margarita!!!.....

Step right up!!!

Nows...where's the CAKE???

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Make Up Your Own Wacky Holiday!

Our Resident Holiday Expert Ranger    has declared today

Make Up Your Wacky Holiday!

Sooooo.....what will mine be....

Roll Around In A Tunnel Day!!! 


Always more fun with a tenny ball!

What?   You didn't thinks I would forgets the MARGARITA did you???

Thanks Ranger!

This was a super duper fun time!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

If You Want Something Done Right....

Hey Puppers and Kittehs!

I knows you've missed me bunches, huh?

Yups, I knows....SO not my fault!

It's Ma's again...yeah, BIG surprise!

Her my-grains have been kickin' her arse again, and she FINALLY went to the

new-raw-gist, and upped her preventive medication.

If that doesn't help, then it's on to BOTOX! 


I guess she's gonna have the youngest lookin' brain in the hood!


enough abouts HER!

It's all abouts MOI!! 

What have I been doin'???

Tryin' to SNOOPERVISE Ma...she's puttin' together this planter for the front side yardie.

Did you even read this thing??

I'm tellin' you Ma...that doesn't go there... says it RIGHT here....

She's still not listening to me....this calls for desperate measures...

Do you hear me NOW??

Yup,  knocked Ma on her ARSE!!!  

Ta DA!

What would these peeps do without us???


Click on the image to go to the circus