Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Snickers!

It's margarita Saturday!

I thought we could use some 


(just like Sarge!)

Funny image with captions lizard hitting up person pet store

Funny photo captions dogs driving cop act natural
(I SWEAR, this never happened to me.....)

Image result for dog funnies

Image result for dog funnies
(SO me...☺)

Image result for dog funnies


Friday, February 5, 2016

Flower Friday

Hey puppers, kittehs, and bunnies!

I knows what you're thinkin'.....

"Ruby, have you gone and lost your last marble???!  It's February...there ain't no flowers in Feb.!!"
(HEY!  I heard some of you sayin' I marinated my LAST MARBLE ages ago!!!  Not funny!)

Wells, that's what you thinks!

And, I gots proof!

Kerazy right?!

Wells, it's gonna be in the mid 70's all week too!

Pawfect weather for the


That's right, the Super Bowl is HERE in our Silicon Valley this year!

I could hop the Light Rail to Levi's Stadium, butts alas, they don't allow doggies on! 


With the weather so FABulous, I don't thinks anyone is gonna wanna leave! 

Wells, I could always rent out my TUNNEL on AireBnB! hehehehe

AireScent, no extra charge......

pees:   for all of you who tried to view my most FABulous video yesterday,
Ma gots it straightened out...apparently the music on the JibJab video is copyright protected, so it can't be used publicly.  The poopheads at Sony said 'NO, NO'  to me posting it. pfffft!
So...Ma deleted the music and added some freebie music instead.
Not as cool, butts my furs are still HAWT! 

to watch it

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Burthday Doods!

Can you believes it's our Mayorz' Burthday todays??!

 FOUR years old

(wows, just youngins....)

Yes!  They are most handsome!!!
(especially STUD MUFFIN! ☺)


I wanted you all to see Murphy and I tearin' up the dance floor...

if you can't view

(okays, this should be working now...apparently the music from JibJab was Copyrighted, and Sony is being a poophead and won't play it with the original music.  So Ma replaced the music, so it might not look quite right, butts you can see our HAWT moves! ☺)

Wows, he gots some MOVES

(and my furs look pretty HAWT!  hehehe)


Sunday, January 31, 2016



Hey puppers and kittehs and stalkerazzi's!!!

Today we are challenged to do an


selfie, in honor of our pal Stuart

that crossed the Bridge in December.

Stu was an inspirational ArtTeest!


See!  Very cool!

Nows, I don't have the talent of our pal Stuart


It's MOI !!! 

Thanks for Hosting this Blog Hop Ranger!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Hey puppers, kittehs, and tree rats!
(yes, I KNOW there are some tree rats trollin' my bloggie....☺)

This is what I've been doin'....scamming new toys outta Ma! ☺

Where have I been???  

Glads you asked! 

Wells, Ma hurt her thumb.

No...not sucking it!   BOL!!!

The bad thingie is that it's her RIGHT thumb.  This is bad cause she's right handed.

This is a problem.

She has had a big problem opening my treatie bags and stuffs.


she's not suppose to use it AT ALL, not even to do my bloggie!!! 



She can't even gets to the 'specialist' until after the furst of the month when her new (and crappier)
insurance starts!    


I've been makin' her feel guilty and scamming all kinds of toys from the 


I knows she has in the garage, on the top shelf, behind the suitcase!

I wanted you to knows I've been tryin' to keep up with all your bloggies, and trying to comment, butts Ma's thumb turns to FIRE pretty quick, 

I will do my bestest keepin' it

lubed up with doggie slobbers...

That fixes EVERYTHINGS, right?!


so this was SO NOT 'wordless'....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chewy Tuesday!

Oh puppers kittehs and stalkerazzi's,

it's that time again....

What, you ask, did I pick to review this month....

Let's see....

Here's what they look like...they look like some clover I likes to graze on! 
(♪♫ I'm lookin' over a four-leaf clover♪♫....oh gawd...don't let Ma sing!!!!  My tender ears!!)
-Oh, and yes, TECHNICALLY they are a three-leaf clover...☺

Let's taste these puppies!

Yeah, yeah, they already knows what they look like....can you just give it to me??!

(ode to our pal Easy ☺)

New trick..pick the hand the treatie is in...I WIN! hehehe

Nows,  here are some Pros and Cons on these treaties...


ONE CALORIE per treatie!
(omd, that means we can have like 87, right??!! ☺)

All natural ingredients 

Made in a USDA inspected plant in my birth-place Wisconsin!


They are super crunchy.  This might be a problem for smaller dogs, or dogs with tender mouths.

Although I liked these, I'm not a big fan of baked diet treaties. These reminded me of the Charlie Bear low cal treats that I wouldn't eat after a few days.  We'll's a treatie after all, right?!

So, if you wants to try a low-cal treatie, 

(that'll have your peeps singing Irish Drinking songs..okays, maybe that was just Ma's family..BOL)

grab your peeps plastic card and head on overs to 

and pick you up a few bags!

Disclaimer:   I was given a bag of these treaties in exchange for my review.  No green papers or trips to Fuji were exchanged.   All opinions and drool puddles are my own.

Click on the image to go to the circus