Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

I wants to wish all the MOTHERS out there


It is very impawtent to show your Moms just how special they are!

So, in the Spirit of Mother's Day, 

I'll tells you what I did for Ma today....

* I woke her up at 3am to take a poop tell her I loves her

* Gave her a nice slobbery  kiss, and a wet nose poke

* Let her have her time in the Porcelain Room without barking, whining, or 
busting in and asking what the hell is taking so long nudging her along.

*Gave her a beard shower

*Showed her my stuffie had  THREE squeakers and fluffy innards.

* Saved  her lots and lots of calories by taking eating her peanut butter cookie when she got up
to gets a drink.

* Took her on a walkie so she could work some of that junk in her trunk off could stay fit

* Gave her lots of snuggles even though I hates snuggles , cause it's Mother's Day,
and I can't reach the treaties without her.

WHAT??  She said this was her....
(Did I mention I can't reach the treaties without her??)


Don't forgets to gives your Moms




Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wordy Wednesday

A terrier without crap in their beard, isn't a real terrier.


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cinco de Mayo!

OMD,  I thoughts this day would never come!

As you can see....I'm READY TO PAWTY!

I gots the MARGARITA TRUCK all stocked up with all the essentials!!


I gots some foodables too!
Image result for cinco de mayo food
I gots some GUAC
Related image
Image result for cinco de mayo food
(don't tells my Ma, fishies make her gag.....☺)
Related image

Image result for cinco de mayo finger  food

( I knows these aren't as good as Abby's foodables, butts maybe she'll join us laters...)


I KNOWS you all can't resist....

Of course, we can't forgets WHY we are celebrating and drinkin' these most
FABulous margaritas....

On this day in 1862, the Mexican Army had a most unlikely Victory over  French Forces (sorry Phenny...☺) at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.

Image result for cinco de mayo cards

Yuppers!  I say this after all my walkies!!! BOL!

Stay safe ~ don't hunt tree rats and drink margaritas at the same time!

This is a clear violation of BLOGVILLE CODE 87870.....
ask me how I know.....

And you might gets picked up by the Blogville PoPo!
(not me....I'm too fast! heheheee)


Monday, April 30, 2018

April Review ~ #ChewyInfluencer


Yuppers, it's that time again (almost missed it! ☺)

So, what did I pick to review this month....

I gots the BEEF flavor, butts they gots lots of other flavors too!

They are GRAIN FREE, and full of vitamins, and no nasty bi-products!

Just natural beefy goodness!


just 11 CALORIES a treatie!
(and these are good size treaties too!)

Before we open these babies, we gots to get the 'money shot'! ☺
Oh, those are BIG!  waits....Ma thinks this counts as TWO treaties....
Oh, she's givin' me BOTH pieces!  SCORE!!!!
gotta open WIDE....
what do you MEAN, I don't gets another.....*sniff*.....
(works every time!)  What do you mean 'leave'.....
I HATE 'leave'....maybe if I just take a sniff......

Puppers, I gives these WELLNESS CORE treaties FOUR PAWS UP!

They were awfully delish, and Ma couldn't break them into teeny weeny pieces!
(they did crumble easily for those pups out there with tender mouths ~ kind of a tender not crunchy treatie)

If you would likes some of these PAWSOME treaties 

for your own good self

Thanks Chewy and Miss Natalie for lettin' me try these pawsome goodies!

Disclaimer:  I was given a bag of these treaties to try and give my review. No green papers or fancy dresses were given in exchange for my review.  All opinions and slobbers are my own. Butts, I will share my slobbers if you wants.....

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