Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Wordy Wednesday


Sorry I've been MIA lately, butts Ma's washing machine broke, and is trying to gets a new one.


I don't knows what the big deal is ~ I don't mind stanky dog beds

and peep clothes!

Butts, Ma disagrees.  


Since the only reputable independent appliance store closed last year,

she is forced to go to the Home Depot place.


She has her paws crossed she will be able to gets a good one.

Anyhu, since they have to gets out the old washer, she  decided that the garage needs a clean out.

Oh boy.

Wells, it's a big job, and she has been buzy.

too buzy to do my bloggie apparently.


and SUPER BORING!!!!!!

I just hopes she doesn't throw away that extra stash of doggie treaties I knows she has out there...


for more pawsome pics!

Thanks for hosting Sandee!!


  1. Hari OM
    Crikey Rubes, you gotta understand just how very impawtant this is to your mama - and how much in need of a margarite or three she will be once it's all sorted!!! Don't worry, you'll get full attention then, I'm sure. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. My mom got her washer and dryer at Home Depot. She loves it and it's still going strong! Cleaning the garage is not fun but it does need to be done every so often. Maybe if you help her, she'll treat you to cookies, Ruby!

  3. I hope she doesn't get rid of all your treats by accident and I'm sorry that she's not playing with you and writing your blog we have been missing in action a lot too because both daddy is getting surgery on Monday unless something happens. So we are pretty much offline I missed your pretty face and I hope mom gets her a washer

  4. It's good to hear from you. Too bad about all that work replacing a washer has caused. We hope your mom can find a new one without too much trouble.

  5. I knows the feeling. Momma is busy and hardly ever updates my blog anymore. SIIIIIIIGH!

  6. I hate it when the washer or dryer quit working. We have a wonderful place here to shop for new appliances. I hope you find what you need and it works well for many years.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a woof woof day, Miss Ruby. My best to your mom. ♥

  7. Things like that have a way of copping out just when you need them.

  8. Hope the new washing machine does good work for the food it gets of water, clothes and detergent!
    And did you sniff out the cast offs when you went for a walk? Or at least got a treat or two from the said treat bag?
    Busy?? Yes, we know all about that excuse, too...

  9. Look on the bright side, Ruby...maybe there is some hidden treasure in the garage that she will unearth and give to you to play with!
    Thank you for the love sent for The PO'M...we miss his greatly, and his round furry self with his little squeaks left a hole in our lives.

  10. I don't get this "too busy to do your bloggie" business. Ruby, you need to tell your Mama to get her priorities straight. What could be more important than making sure you have the opportunity to communicate with your blog friends?
    Toodle pip!

  11. Sounds like your Mama has been extra busy doing all that boring peep stuff! We think she needs to take more Ruby-breaks!!
    Sunny and the Gang

  12. Our Mom had to get a new washer and dryer last month too. She had Bosch machines that she loved. But she got LG this time, and so far she is very, very happy with them. We hope her shopping trip is successful, and maybe she can make a stop at TJ's on the way back and bring home some new treats.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Your mom should go to Hollywood. Apparently no one showers there.

  14. Hidey Ho Ruby
    OH no not the washing machine...maybe Ma will find a tub and a washboard in the garage to use for the time being. Fingers crossed she won't have to dip into the Treat and Margarita jar to supplement appliance funds.
    Hugs cecilia

  15. Those details of human life can get a mom pretty bogged down. Be patient with her. In my experience, you will be the center of attention soon.

    Love and licks,

  16. Ugh...broken appliances always seem to lead to other things that invariably don't include the fur-kids. Hopefully things will get sorted out soon, the new machine will hummingly provide clean things for your mum and you'll get loads of treats. Win, win win! Stay well and keep smiling!

  17. Lulu: "Humans have such skewed priorities sometimes!"

  18. Give Margarita to your Ma and mine. Everything will be alright! :) :)

  19. I hate when you lose an appliance. We are praying you get the one of your dreams.

  20. Hi friend, Ojo here! I am sorry to hear about the new washing machine, things are so much better when they're stinky! I think you can help with the garage clean out by eating any treats or anything else awesome and gross that's in there!

  21. I am just hoping & praying that everything is ok with you Ruby and your mistress?
    Haven't heard a peep from you all since August 11th...Just concerned.
    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)


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