Wednesday, December 30, 2015

NYE! Anyone for MARGARITAS??!

OMD, puppers and kittehs and crabbies,

it's FABulous to be back!!!

You missed me, right??!

Hello?    Hello???

um...anyhu ~

What a night it's gonna be!!!!

I've pulled out all the stoppers outta the champagne bottles
(and the sparkling cider for you youngins out there! )


I've stocked up the MARGARITA TRUCK!


Nows, I've been workin' my 


makin' some new drinkies for this most special night...

okay, I MIGHT have *burp* SAMPLED a few......

JUST to make sure they were safe  tasty as all get-out!


'cuse me....☺


They are TASTY!!!

Lets me tell you what I gots....

Nows, I won't tell you what's in this exactly...butts the 'PUNCH' should give ya a clue!
I would stick to maybe only 87 of these...

See those little 'floaty' thingies....that's the 'surprise'! hehehehe

Yeah,  these might look all gurly and stuffs, butts they will kick your furry arse! 
So maybe only drink one at a time....Madi....☺

Nows, these were YUMMERS!!!
(and NO...Ziggy, these aren't THOSE kinda 'balls'...hehehehehe)

Wells, you can't have a PAWTY without the BREEEEEEEWSKI'S!!!!! 

And for you traditionalist out is our very own BLOGVILLE CHAMPAGNE!
(thanks Easy, it's is DELISH!!!!)

Well....what else would I be servin' from a Margarita Truck??

CRAP!  Who let him in?????    


Okay, I hears that Ziggy has fired up the Food Truck and WOWSA!
I don't knows what to eat I thinks I'll have another margarita, then decide...BOL!

Now, don't forgets to stop by my most HANDSOME Fiance's bloggie
(and his brudder! ☺)


for all the latest in Blogville HiJinks

Thanks Dory and the Boyz and Murphy and Stanley,  for doin' a most FABulous job!!!
We loves you!!!

Oh, did you all see what my Stud Muffin gave me????

Isn't it BEAUTIFULS???
It's almost as big as my snooter!!!

Okays, time to head overs to gets some foodables....

'cuse me...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

I hopes everyone has 


(and lots of margaritas....lots and LOTS of margaritas....☺)

pees:   Ma still doesn't have her new puter, butts she did receive some green papers for one, so she'll be shoppin' the after Christmas sales!  paws crossed puppers and kittehs...this has been a 

This is for Maddie the Pug....

Just a preview....postie coming...I LOVES my snowballs!!!! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

You Missed My Furry Arse, Right???!

OMD, puppers and kittehs, it's been KERAZY around heres!

Ma still doesn't have a new puter, butts she hopes to change that next week (paws crossed!)

So, she's been working her twisted fingers to the bone, trying to gets her old laptop updated
and far, so good....shhhhh!  don't wanna jinx it! 

What have I been doin'????

Well, lets me tell you!

I deaded FIVE stuffies!

Been chasin' a POSSUM who likes to visit my yardie at night.
I call him Phil.   Okays, maybe CHASE might be the wrong word...more like bark my arse off at Phil! ☺    He just stares at me frozen.  It looks like he ate some bad bacon or somethings!
( there such a thingie as 'bad bacon'???)
Ma usually pulls me inside by my collar, cause she says she doesn't want me to knock it off the fence
and have a 'bloodbath'.

I almost deaded Ma a few times.
She said that all  my squeaky balls are like landmines that she trips over.
I SAY, she should watch where she's going!

I deaded my bed.
Destuffed the darn thing.
It was a hint to Ma that I wanted a new one for Christmas.
I thinks she got the hint.
(no worries, I have 3 other beds!  I like to move around at night ☺)

I ate some cat poop.
enough said.

I FINALLY gots Ma to puts some stamps on my cardies so I can mail them!
Yeah, I know.
This is what I gots to live with puppers and kittehs!

Oh, BTW,  cardie count...

52 snail mail
15 e-cardies
total: 67

2 snail mail
(does the dentist and paper dude count???)
2 e-cardies
total:  4

(hey, she's doin' betters than LAST year! BOL!!)

Thank you everyone for the most AMAZIN', WONDERFUL, FABulous
(postie to come on that ☺)

I betters go before Ma's laptop blows up!

Don't forgets me!!!

I'll give you margaritas and cookies....

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Frickin' Frackin'.....

Okays, the 'Frickin' and Frackin' are MY wordies.

Ma's are just too 'R' rated for my bloggie.

She keeps yellin' them at her computer, and sayin' stuffs she doesn't even say 

when I rub my hinnie on her pillow!

Not only that, butts our intermutts have been a little 'funky' too, 

so that's not makin' the sun shine any brighter around here!

Okays, while Ma tries to gets the puter workin',

I will leave you with a pic of MOI 

so you don't for gets my FABulous snooter! ☺

I have asked SantaPaws for a new puter for Ma....I hopes he comes through...

I don't know how much of this language my TENDER ears can take! ☺

pees:   I will gets to all your bloggies ASAP!!!  I promise!!!!

and THANK YOU ALL for all the cardies!!  I will properly thank you when Ma kicks the puter some more!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Answer.....

OMD,  in case any of you missed it yesterday,  my boyfuriend

  Murphy the Stud Muffin

asked me a very EXCITING question last night....

OMD!!!   I wanted to bark back...YES!  Butts, I had to ask my Ma furst...

(shhhh, this is the pic Ma gave to me...if she wants to say this is her, who am I to argue??? 
She's the only one who can reach the treatie jar! )

OMD!!!!  Ma said I can Marry my STUD MUFFIN!!!

I gots to tell him...oh, I will wait till tonight...

I don't want him to thinks I'm EASY or anythings!

HEY!  Why do I hear SNICKERING??!!

I will be dreamin' of my STUD MUFFIN tonight....

and margaritas...

and cookies....

(butts mostly my Stud Muffin!)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Yes puppers and kittehs...

the torture continues.....

(Ma wanted to let you know that we are havin' puter problems, and she is using all her bestest HBO and sailor words to try and fix far it's in and out...shocking that yellin' at it isn't working! ☺
anyhu, I will try and get to all your bloggies ASAP!!!  as long as the puter is up! grrrrrrr! )

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday


No.  No, I am NOT putting those antlers on my head......

Click on the image to go to the circus