Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloweenie!

Oh puppers and kittehs, it's happened again!

Despite my protests, Ma has gone and put thingies on my heads...

Furst there was this:

(HELP ME!! )
Then there was this:
Maybe if I shake my heads fast enough, it'll come off!
TOO TIGHT!!  What, was this made for a Scottie??!
Treatie??!   You better hand that over NOW!
Butts, Ma thought this last one was appropriate
(considering my latest behaviors....)
Yeah, what's  your point.....
Oh, and guess who is takin' me to the Halloweenie Ball??
It's the most Handsome ManCat.....
Don't we look FABulous??!
And, just in case we need to be a little more formal.....
Archie is very handsome indeed!! BOL
And, after all the festivities, we ran into a little troubles.....
A band of ZOMBIES & VAMPIRES  attacked us!!!!
Oh dear....that's gonna make lickin' myself a little difficult...
Be safe and eats lots of treaties!!
(oh, and if anyone is headin' over to PetSmart today all their Halloween Costumes are 50 CENTS!!! Ma almost fell over!! Run don't walk!! Buy for next years!!)

Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm BACK!!

Hey puppers and kittehs, Ma thinks our intermutt problems are fixed!!!
Okays, so here's the run down....
I guess all of Ma's HBO words did the trick ....
okays, not really, butts we will let her thinks that for now..
What really happened is that the intermutt peeps came overs and fixed a cable ~ butts that's not the FUN part!!! 
Guess what I did??!  Go ahead...guess!
Okays, let me tell ya.....
There I was chewin' a chewie, enjoyin' life, when the doorbell rang
Well, I jumped up and barked my little ass off!!
(that's just the way I roll....)
Well, Ma said to 'shhhh', so of course I kept barkin' my ass off  stopped barkin'.
Ma let the intermutt peep in.
I was just abouts to jump on him, when Ma caught me and said
Okays.  I didn't jump on HIM.
Instead, I jumped on Ma! hehehehe
Well, she was not too pleased.
Not for the obvious reasons.
See, Ma was wearing sweatpants.
When I jumped up on her, my tiny little talons  nails gots caught in the waistband and......
wait for it.....
BOL!!!!  BOL!!!!
Right in front of the techo-peep!!!!
OMD!!  Puppers, it was just the funniest thingie
Okays, after Moi, AND the techo-peep stopped laughin' our asses off
Ma kicked me outside!!!!
I say, if she would have had on big gurl pants , this would have never happened!!
SO not my fault!
Anyhu, I will try and catch ups with everyone this weekends!!!
* * * * *
On a very, very sad note....
I noticed when I gots on today that our buddie
Crossed the Bridge yesterday. 

No words can describe the sadness in my heart.

Benny taught us all how to never, ever give up.
To stay in the fight.
To...Fight Like A Frenchie!!!
Benny fought the good fight, butts his body just couldn't hold his mighty spirit anymores....
He is now over the Bridge, and I'm sure he is holdin' court with his incredible charm and pawsonality!
My thoughts and prayers are with Lily and her Moms and all her family.
Our hearts are breaking for you.
I hope you can feel all the love from Blogville coming your way....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Intermutt problems....

Oh puppers and kittehs, things around here have been gettin' LOUD!
Ma has been usin' all her HBO words and some I never heard befores!
(I thinks a sailor has possessed her!! BOL)
Ahyhu,  til Ma figures it out what is wrong with my internets, I might be hidin' under the kitchen table coverin' my delicate ears!!
I hopes I can visit all of you soon!!!  I miss ya'll!!!
Oh, butts here is a purty pic of me, just so you don't forgets how cutes I am!!
( I thinks Ma needs a margarita......)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bubble Machine...Goodbye to a Furiend

Come on Ma!!!! Turn on my Bubble Machine!!!!
The bubble juice is right there!!! 
* * * * * * * *
It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our Sweet Pal Pip.
Pip crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge today.
We all know that Pip has been sick for a while now, so we all know that he is now runnin' and startin' a huge pawty today at the Bridge.
I'm sure there will be tons of cheesburgers and beers and lots of runnin' and playin'.
If you haven't already, go on overs to Pip's Bloggie  and give his family some loves.
We will miss you Pip.....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hey puppers and kittehs, Gpa came overs yesterday and did some re-seedin' of the front lawn......
So, I just knew I had to snoopervise!
Here I am checkin' out the weird neighbors makin' sure everythin' is done right!
Hey Grandpa!  You missed a spot!!
(this is hard work puppers!)
I hear you Ma!!!
(how come the peeps don't thinks we know everthings that's goin' on??!)
See, Ma is takin' this pics from the other side of the screen door...she thinks she's sooooo sneaky...
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
So Ma finally gots the video from Taco Day downloaded ~
please excuse the furst few's all jumpy! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Taco Day!!!

Lookie puppers and kittehs!!  Ma made me some chicken tacos for Jazzi's National Taco Day celebration!
(a little light on the chicken there Ma!!!)
Then she tortured me  made me sit for a picture...
Oooooo, smells DELISH !!!
Now you might thinks that I won't eat the green stuffs.....
Butts I loves the green stuffs!! It's cilantro!  I loves cilantro!!!
I left the tortillas ~ I prefer the corn ones
 Hopes your Taco Day was as FABulous as mine!!!
(Drool???  What drool......)
[now Ma had a video, butts the video program is actin' like an ass!  So, hopefully it will be more cooperative tomorrows, and I'll post it. Grrrrr!]

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