Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

♥ From Sunny California

Hey puppers and kittehs ~ 

I thoughts I would bring some California ♥  to you all stuck in the Arctic Blast

This is comin' your way soon!!
(paws crossed!)

Since it's gonna be rainin' the next five days, I'm enjoyin' some

BUBBLE time!!! 
(and some margaritas!!! hehehe)

Stay warm and safe everyone!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Surprise!

Okays, I guess technically it was a FRIDAY surprise, butts that just didn't have the same
RING  to it!! 

Ma had ordered some treatie stuffs from Entirely Pets cause they were havin' like a really good sale
(and Ma can't resist a good sale!) 

So when my Box of Wonder  arrived Ma kept sayin'...

"OMG!  What is this? I didn't order this...OMG!  It's a FREEBIE!!!!" 

Now,you have to understand, Ma loves freebies and she rarely gets em', so when this arrived she was


I didn't care abouts that!!!   I just wanted my STUFFS!!!

Oh this smells DELISH! 

Butts, what is this?? 

THIS is what you were all excited abouts???

Well, I guess that is pretty cool, butts it's not like it's a ball or something!

Oh, it makes my pills easy and TASTY to take!! 

Oh, it's like a jar full of  PILL POCKETS !!!

FABulous!!   And  I was all crazy abouts the smell!!  Yummers!

(RM;  It's just like Greenies Pill Pockets, except you can use as little or as much as you need.  I like that because sometimes you have pills that REALLY taste bad, so you can really hide them in this.   It's about the same price as Pill Pockets $7 a jar.  Cheese is cheaper, but Ruby finds pills in anything but this or Pill Pockets...she very


Anyhu, lookie what else I gots!

Ooooooo, Tendons and 
MY FAVORITE......Freeze Dried Chickens!!!!!

Now, this is not cheap, so Ma says it's only for special occasions

Butts LOOKIE!!  It has an AIREDALE  on the front of the package, so I knows it's good!! BOL

And lookie what was on the box!

It's Jimmy !!!
From A Tail of Two Cardis !

Catch it Jimmy!!!

Can I have some Chickens now???

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sweet Daisy

Daisy....3/8/2003 - 2/21/2014

Oh puppers and kittehs, this is such sad news....

Our pal Daisy has lost her valiant fight with the Evil 'C'.

If you haven't already, please go to Madi's Bloggie and read her interview for her and her sister's Cabinet Positions in Mayor Madi's Cabinet.  It is a fun read, just like Daisy was a fun gurl! Well, MY kind of gurl!! bol

Please Click Here to go to their Bloggie and leave some loves to Bella, Roxy and Miss Tobi.

Til we meet again..... 

I will miss your sweet smile.

And,  Scottiness!

* * * * * * * * *

Oh, and I gots a message from our

Sweet Pal Sasha

and her Family has the sickies again, so she might not be posting or commenting for a bit til
Sasha nurses them back to health.

Nows, you know what a FABulous Nurse she is...

I'm sure they'll be betters in NO TIME!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Come On Over! Drinkies and Snack Bar!

Hey there puppers, kittehs, bunnies, piggies, and crabbies!!

Come on in ~   have a drinkie and some snacks!!

Order you snacks and drinkies here....

We have a huge selection, sure to please even the most distinctive palate 

Furst, the snacks:


Rockin' Wills Sweet Tarts!

As you can see,  Your Hosts have their own Snacks!
I have tasted each and every one of them and they are all

Now, I do have a wide variety of
DRINKIES , too!!

Now, I promised  Ma that there would be no drinkies with
alcohol ...... 
butts we don't have to tell her that I spiked some stuffs...... 
So, of course, I did exactly as she asked!!!!  hehehehe

This is for everyone whos been soooo cold!

Now Asta didn't tell me WHAT the surprise was

I had like 87 of these..delish!

Drink with caution!!!!  BOL

Favorite with Agent 87...

Shhhhh.....don't tell Ma!  These are 'SPIKED'!! hehehe

Drink ONLY with someone you love...

Now that we all have some foodables and drinkies

Follow Me to the VERANDA ....

Sit, mingle, meet and greet, or do some zoomies!!

(As you can see ~ there is NO CHANDELIER ~ per Puddles' Moms....)

Now, don't fill up TOO  much !

We still have a FABulous Banquet Dinner being created by

Our Most Talented Chef Sasha !!!! 

( I hear she's created some most FABulous new recipes!!! )
ooops, sorry abouts the drools.........

I hopes you all have a most FABulous time!!!

If there is anything you need (including deadin' any intruders)
I am your gal!

Click on the image to go to the circus