Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Taste Testers Needed!

Hey puppers and kittehs!

I am here workin' my paws to the bone ~ 

(okays, not here, butts I WAS workin' my paws to the bone!! hehehe)

Since this is my very furst turn at makin' snackies for all of 
Blogville, I needs some taste testers to taste some of my treaties!

Mollie said she would help me out, butts I can always use some more brave souls testers!

Okays, furst we have...

These are made fresh from squirrels I have deaded in the last week (flash frozen by Ma..she says YUK!)


These delicious snacks are made from fresh possom caught by Puddles and Nora, and overnighted to MOI!!

okays, that's all I'm givin' away.....

Okays, I also need some taste testers for a drinkies!!

This is...

Ruby's Love Potion No. 87 

This is a secret potion that is non-alcoholic (I promise Ma!!!hehehe).
butts packs quite the LOVE  punch!!!

Okays, that is all I'm givin' aways today!!

Please leave your comments on taste, texture and if you don't like it....pffffft!!!
 BOL!!!!  Just kiddin'!  

So don't forgets the schedule of events:

Now all of these tasty treaties will be served at a 
Meet and Greet  right befores the FABulous dinner served by 
my SWEET PAL Sasha 

We will serve some of our FABulous Desserts at her Banquet Hall!!

For all the times of the events 



  1. No, NO, not squirrel.... that could be my Sidney there.
    Luvs Cat Flap Cavalier x ..

  2. Blueberry says, 'You had me at "squirrel"...'

    Oh my goodness - I actually laughed out loud at the squirrel heart meatloaf!!! Thankfully my door is shut so hopefully no one heard me. I'm sure Blueberry would think the possum puffs are appetizing too. Ruby, you are a most talented chef!

  3. Ooooh, we are drooling! Those tasty treats look dee-licious. Mum said she will test the drink if you put a slug of gin in it :)
    Dip and Elliot x

  4. Murf, errmp qxrt... ooofs..
    OH SORRY... I had my mouth full... such bad manners...
    What I was trying to say was..... Ruby, these squirrel ♥ meatloaves are MARVELOUS... hope you will share the recipe with my wives...
    Ernie is going WILD over the Possum Pastry Puffs.... he has one stuck in his collar fur later...
    Now will you be serving the Love Potion #87 in both.. adult strength and Virgin??? So far I have been able to keep Ernie AWAY from these... YES, I AM on my SECOND one.... butt now he is whimpering that he is Thirsty...
    WELL DONE..... BRAVO... All THREE thingys will be HUGE hits during the Meet and Greet time... You may have to FORCE folks to start moving on to other locations.. Just sayin.

  5. First I was drooling over that food- then I read what it was made out of! Yuck!

  6. Set 'em up! We'll have three of make that six. We'll test and give you a TRUE critique. Those squirrel puffs just look scrumptious.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. OMD!!! Those treats look delicious! You get such exotic meats for your cooking! High Paw!

  8. squirrel and possum puffs - totally delish (you didn't try sneaking any veggies in them did you???)

  9. I can spot a fake a mile away. Anyone with any common sense knows a squirrel doesn't have a heart.

  10. OK, here goes...........................Hummmmmm, them squirrel hearts have some awesomeness, we both loved them. Bites couldn't do the possum, and I thought is was great. Oh ruby.....I drank the love potion #87.........YO DOGGIES, THATS STOUT....Now Bites is a yelling.....quit kissin me. Well he downed some, and lets just say....see you tomorrow!!!!! Barharhar

    The Krazy Mad Loving Scots

  11. You're so silly! :D Did you really deaded a squirrel or just dreamed that you did? Even of those treats really are made from squirrel or possum, the sure do look delicious.

  12. Oh man Ruby those Squirrel Heart Meatloafs were delish!!!
    Dory. Jakey. Arty & Bilbo

  13. Diva Shasta here - thoze Squirrel Heart Meatloafz r just ta-die fer an'that Love Poshun - gotta haf more of that at the dance. May-b it will bring me a date at the dance. Just HAD tue try sum of them Possum Pasty Puffz - they wuz sooo furry much PAWSUM! Better not eat any more - won't b able tue fit intue my dress.

  14. I really like the squirrel meatloaf but not sure if their hearts are that big, Possum were pawesome, and Love Potion #87 needs vodka.

    Aroo to you,

  15. Shiloh here - LOVE the Love Poshun - just hope it duzn't attract anyone at the dance - my heart b-longz tue Miss Tasha at the DWM. Speakin'of heart - thoze Squirrel Heart Meatloafz were sooooooooo furry much scrumdishush!

  16. I tasted everyting and it be just GREAT! (Me's still standin') :) Just watch out fur Puddles Kool Aid!

  17. my poodle MAX hates squirrels.... but he has never eaten one....

  18. We have never taste squirrel or possum - can't seem to catch the darn critters. But your concoctions were delish!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. I had 87 love potions and forgot to eat any snacks butt I am sure they are excellent. Got any asprin?

  20. OMD Ruby, you really outdid yourself!!! I can't wait to try all of your wonderful and yummy looking goodies. I am so excited for the dance. Will you please dance with me when we have a break??

    Loveys Sasha

  21. Ruby...we are in LOVE...with your FOOD!!!! I (Wally) actually had to remind Sam that these were just samples and that he needed to leave some for the others - he can be such a greedy guts! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the squirrel hearts, a real delicacy for us (we don't have squirrels here in SA) and the possum die for!! I (Wally) sampled the drink too, lip smacking refreshing. Sam is convinced the drink will make him fall in love and he is determined to stay a bachelor *BOL*
    Wally & Sammy

  22. Snarf... chomp.... snarf.... dis is delishous, Ruby.... two paws up on all da yummies!! Snarf, chomp, chew....

  23. Hi Ruby
    They look to be the most pawesome treat ever and they tasted amazing we give them four out of four paws for yumminess :) Milo & Jet

  24. Ruby we haz never had a squirrel...we haz no squirrels here butt we thinkz it tastez a little like shicken waz tasty wiff a nice stringy afterz taste....BOL BOL Paw Pats Forrest :) xxxx

  25. We excel at the taste-testing thing, Ruby! We've tasted everything and we can't stop licking our lips. The meatloaf and pastry puffs are done to perfection!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Ruby, I would like those love potion # 87. Can I have a bucket full of this stuff?

  27. OMD is all so tasty! I have never had squirrel OR possum before, and now that I've had I can't wait to have more! ESPECIALLY if it's these foods! And that Love Potion #87?!?! WOOFIE! So yummy! I will be having LOTS of that stuffs tomorrow!

  28. The squirrel meatloaf is top-notch, Ruby! I am not big on possums so I will leave that to some other tester. *burp* You are a mighty-fine cook!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  29. hehe I bet there are plenty of takers Ruby,xx Speedy

  30. Looks like you had some great nom-noms!

  31. Nom, nom, nom!
    Wow, the Squirrel Heart Meatloaf is delish Ruby. We would try the possum but we have a cute little baby possum that's been coming to our patio and we just can't bring ourselves to taste it.
    The Love Potion No. 87 is to die for. Could we have some of those for the road please.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew
    PS, see you tomorrow.

  32. Hmmm, my crew has never had squirrel... : )

  33. NO Ruby, we don't need anymore tasters.. I can do the job all by myself Bawahwhahhhaha I'm a PRO at it . See you at the dance xxxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  34. Love potion 87.... And possum a most wonderful meal. Bravo hugs
    Madi your BFFF

  35. Squirrel Meat Love how delicious! Many thanks to you and Sasha, Ruby! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  36. Tuiren loves loves loves the SQUIRREL HEART MEATLOAF. We thinks Fenris wiped out the POSSOM PASTRY PUFFS , hope you have more those were delicious. And the punch well it packs quiet a punch.

  37. Those treats look good enough for ME to eat!


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