Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Here I am staring up at my bubble machine....

wondering WHY Ma won't put down the flashy beast, and turn it on!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Sendin' all my furiends in the bitter cold, some California Sunshine!
(and a little drool....☺)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chewy Tasty Tuesday!

Image result for

OMD, guess what Chewy sent???

If Ma would put the box down, I would know too!

That's more like it!! 

Oooooo, I thinks it's something good!!


It's something FABulous for my toothers!!

I almost got it open.....

Got it!! my tunnel for inspection......

Yuppers!  It's ready to chew now!

Oh yeah!  Keepin' those toothers PEARLY WHITE

Thanks Chewy!!!  

I LOVES my Nylabone Dino Chew!!


can you ask Ma to leave me alone???  I gots lots of chewin' to do!

disclaimer:  I was given this to try, and give my honest opinion.  I wasn't given any green papers, or special trips to the Bahamas, for my review.  All the slobber and opinions are my own!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


OMD, furiends ~

Guess what I gots????

A Valentine's Pressie from my

Most Handsome Fella 

(ahhhhh, he's so pawsome.....♥)


Lookie what he sent me!

OMD, it was a HUGE box full of FABulous stuffs!


I laid on my new fluffy, cozy throw he sent and just snuggled with my 
Cherry Bomb!!
(it even SMELLED like Murphy!  I knows he licked it before he sent it!!)

There were treaties, and cookies, and a Frog Stuffie, and a 

REALLY romantic don't gets to see that...☺

He even sent my MA some chocolates!!!!
(I thinks she was droolin' too!!! )

Thank you Murphy....I loves you bunches and I am gonna be lookin' up at the stars tonight....

Then I'll be snugglin' with my Cherry Bomb and a margarita....☺

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining me at the 


for my most special drinkies yesterday!

I hopes everyone knows I loves you all!

As Sweet William says so eloquently says....

Thank You for Being a Furiend...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Dance Bar is OPEN!

Valentine's Day Dance

OMD, it's finally here Furiends!!!

I know you all have had your photos taken by the 


had your most DELISH dinner at the 

Why not stop by the 


and have a drinkie or two...

I gots LOTS to choose from.....

and of course....

My Specials.....


Grab a drinkie

and a



Nows, don't forgets to grab some foodables at Sasha's...

Okays, MAYBE I've already been there and loaded up on

those Squirrel Burgers!!!! BOL!

I'll be with my most HANDSOME DATE!!

*wink, wink*   Hey Murphy!!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Black and White Sunday

It's been windy and rainy today,

so I've been doin' lots of this......

Thanks to Nola and Sugar for Hosting the Blog Hop!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Donut PAWTY!

Okay Pawlice Recruits ~

It's been a tough week of training...

Officer Sully


Officer Ranger


Top Cop Sidebites

have put you through your paces...and all of you have come out

Official Blogville  Junior Officers!



it's time to PAWTY!!!!!!

Our very own Chef Sasha has graciously agreed to help me with todays pawty

with her brand new.....


OMD, isn't it FABulous???!!!

(ALMOST as nice as my margarita truck!!! ☺)

Step right up....

and pick your sugar high!!!

We have

'The Baconator'

'The Pawlice Star'

Well, just lookie at this spread!!!

Now listen up JO's...your Pawlice Academy Teachers 
will show you how it's done!
Good job Bentley, Sully, Zaphod, Ranger, Sidebites, Hailey, and
Pawlice Commissioner Sarge!!

Wows!   Arty, Charlie, Abby, and Leah...are you sure you can finish all those???
(okay...silly question!!! bol)

OMD, Finley has taken the lead!  Yummers, that looks good gurl!
Wallace and Dui, I thinks you need to catch up!

Oooooooo!!  Good choice Freya Rose and Speedy!!!

Bacon is ALWAYS a winner!!!!

Oh yeah!  Pierre and Easy,  Nice choice guys!!!
Sprinkles and Football...go togethers like margaritas and....everythings! BOL!!
(sorry...drifted off there....☺)


How did HE get in???

Don't worry...I'm a PROFESSIONAL...


That's right....DON'T MOVE!

Got him!

Off to BLOGVILLE LOCKUP for you dude!

(that'll teach him to touch OUR donuts!!!)

That's right Riley ~  this is your reward when you gets the COLLAR!!


hehehehehehe .....

Riley:  Great idea puttin' JELLY DONUT HOLES
in the poopie pellet gun!!

Dui:  Stick with me kid...I gots LOTS of good ideas!!!


Margaritas in my Water Gun??

Yesiree BOB!!  

(hey, I'm off duty!)

Who wants to join me??!!

I would like to THANK


Deputy Top Cop RANGER

Officer SULLY

Pawlice Commissioner  SARGE

FABulous Job!!!

We raise our JELLY DONUTS to you fine Officers!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Barkday Doodz!!

Did you hears????

Today is my Sweetheart Murphy ♥ and his Brudder Stanely's


They are THREE years old!!!

(OMD, I'm a cougar!!!! BOL!)

Lookie at them when they were wee lads:



Now lookie at them

All grown up and HANDSOME!!!!!!!

I hopes you guys have the BESTEST and most amazin' Barkday EVERS!!!

You Doodz are the BEST!

(special message to Murphy:  I am snuggling up with my throw and CHERRY BOMB,
and thinking of you..♥♥)

Click on the image to go to the circus