Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Selfie ~ Remember Me??!!



Miss Me???!!

Of COURSE you did! BOL!!!

So, what have I been up to?


Ma gots her new Washing Machine

It's the white one ~ they don't make red anymores apparently, 
butts Ma likes the red and white vibe!

She didn't needs a new dryer, so miss match is okay with her

She LOVES the new washer, and says all the work was totally worth it.

She cleaned out the garage, and two rooms in the house.

She got a dumpster to throw everything out in, butts she had extra room, so invited her neighbors to join in! BOL!

Unwanted crap is gone (um...MOST unwanted crap 🤣), and Ma says she is exhausted.

She wasn't too exhausted to gives me the water torture AGAIN.


So, this is what I've been doing....

Yuppers!  Barkin' at the tree rats!

Yes, I do looks fluffy!

Ma says she will fix that this week....



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Thanks for hosting guys!

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