Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Burthday Ma!

Puppers and kittehs, today is
Ma's Burthday!!
and once road a dinosaur 
Well, she says she's not tellin', butts she's older than 18, butts younger than 100 !!
Big slobbery kisses to you Ma!!
Happy Burthday!!
Now, where are the Margaritas??!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kinda Wordless Wednesday

Ma says this is SO ME!
I say.... she might find a 'present' in her shoes tomorrow mornin'......

Friday, November 22, 2013

False Confession ~ The Big Reveal

Okays puppers and kittehs, I guess you guys know me TOO WELL!!
Yups!  Confession #1  was the TRUE one!!
It was all kinds of hilarious!! 
Oh man puppers, that was a FABulous prank I pulled on Ma!
She even had those workers 'cat calling' at her in her jammies!!!
(okays, maybe that was all in her head.....BOL)
And, Sasha was right.....
I only dreamt that I ate all those bulk treaties!!!
I mean really! They puts them there for us to snack, right??!
Just sayin'......
Thanks Ranger for hostin' such a FABulous BlogHop!!!
(we gots to do this AGAIN!!)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

False Confession Day

Okays, this postie is Not for Santa Paw's Eyes!!!!
(okays, maybe it's not for Ma's eyes either.....)
So I am joinin' Ranger for
False Confession Day
Okays, here's the deal....I'm gonna give you two 'confessions' ~ one is true, and one is false, and you have to choose which is which!
Confession #1:
Ma went out into the garage to get a roll of paper towels one mornin', our inside garage door is spring loaded, so it closes after you.  Ma had put a door stop in front of the door to leave it open, butts I thought it would be funny to knock it out of the way!
Guess what??
Go ahead...guess what I did....
YUPS!  I locked her out!! BOL
She had to open the big garage door, walk past the workmen workin' in the neighbors yard, get the spare key and go through the front door.
Now, I have to tell you this:
Ma was in her jammies AND had bedhead!!! 
BOL!!!   Oh, good times...
Confession #2
Ma took me to the Pet Store a few months ago, and you know how they  have those FABulous treaties in BULK?!
Oh, those are just amazin' to sniffs!!!
Anyhu, Ma was busy talkin' her ass off with the peep that worked there, so she wasn't payin' attention to MOI.
So guess what I did??
Go ahead....guess!!!
Yups!  I ate THREE DOLLARS worth of treaties before Ma OR the store peep knew what I was doin'!!!!
Okays ~  Now it is your job to figure outs which one I REALLY did, and which one I WISH I did!
Before you choose ~ Just lookie at this innocent face!!
Enough said....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Got the Position!

Puppers and kittehs, this is most EXCITIN' NEWS!!
I am now......
Blogville's Rodent Patrol Officer 

My official Pawtrait!!
As you can see, I do not fight critters without essentials!!
I always bring a cheeseburger (in our Pal Angel Pip's honor) and margarita and a beer!!!
Hey, a gurl just has to have funs while chasin' those evil tree rats!!
(don't worry, I won't be drivin' the Offical Blogville Pawlice vehicles while drinkin' my refreshments.....
Puddles has offered to drive me for any offical business!!!! BOL)

Now I still have to attend the Blogville Police Academy to learn some stuffs, butts I am confident I will not bite any peeps in the hinnie til then.....

This is my offical Pawlice Badge!!
Thank you for the honor to serve the citizens of
Blogville !!
(I will try not to slime anyone.....)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy National Slobber Day!

Okay puppers and kittehs, your probably wonderin'
"Why the heck is an Airedale celebratin' National Slobber Day????"
Well, it's very simple....
Yups, it's true!! 
See, you might think that I just got a drink of water, right??
Puppers, that is pure 100%  SLOBBER!!
Ma said if she wanted a 'slobber dog' she would have gotten a
Newfie like Sherman and Leroy
Lookie what Ma got....
Ahhhhh,  the famous 'Airedale foam'!!!
I just take it to a whole new level!!!
Happy National Slobber Day!!!
(bring a towel.......)
Go on over to Sherman and Leroy's  to check out some FABulous slobber pics!!!
(even better than MOI)!! hehehe

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Oh puppers and kittehs, you'll never guess what I gots in the mail over the weekends....

Yups, it's a BOX!!
hehehehe, okays, it's more than that!
See, it's from Wyatt and Stanzie from their Haunted House  over Halloween!
Oh,  COME ON MA!!!  MORE pictures??? 
(I'm givin' her the stink-eye!!)
(maybe if I paw at it.....)
Ooooh!!   It smells like....AIREDALES!!!
I grabbed Frankenstein and tried to make my escape....
OH CRAP!!  She caught me!!
Butts I still got it!!!  hehehe
I ran like an...well, an Airedale!!

Then, like any good terrier, I gots distracted by...
An evil TREE RAT!!

I tried to make my escape into my tunnel, butts Ma caught me....
After Ma STOLE my stuffie, she to a pic so you could see just how FABulous he is!!
And, that's not all... lookie what else was in the box....
Oooooh, lookie at that!!!! 
Ma says he's for later....
Just in case I kill Frankenstein
I would NEVER!!
Thanks Wyatt and Stanzie !!!!
I will love em' til I kill em'!!!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Want Some Funs?

Want some fun?
Want a chance to gets some cool stuffs in the mail?
Want to embarrass your Peeps by gettin' more stuffs than them?
Then puppers and kittehs.....this is for YOU!!!
It's time to sign up for the
Blogville Christmas Card Exchange
Come one, come all!!!
Just lookie at all the cards I gots last years

Oh, it is SO FUNS!!!

Now, listen, you don't have to send snail mail cards if you don't wants ~

e-mail cards are just as FABulous!!

So what are you waitin' for??!! 


Okays!  Drinks are on me for everyone who signs up!!!

(okays, not really, I'll just drink them for you!! hehehe)

Okays, here is the info:

Head on over here:

Jazzi's Christmas Card Exchange



* * * * * *

We have a pal that needs all our POTP


Is back in the hospital with a really bad infection ~

She needs all our healin' vibes and Blogville Loves!!!

Please stop by her bloggie and gives her and her Moms some support!

And if you can, she is racking up some large medical bills.
I knows times are tough, butts every little bit helps, if you can find a couple of green papers to help with her Moms, it would be MUCH appreciated!

Sendin' healin' bubbles your way Tweedles!

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