Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wordy Wednesday Walkies

Oh it is SO good to gets back to my walkies!


gotta catch up on the peemail!

Saw some purple flowers

Some daffi's

even the mustard weed looked good! BOL!

These peeps had some red and white flowers ~ I'm thinkin' for Valentine's Day!

even found some roses! and some bright blue sky!

our Little Library had some new reads!  

Thanks for joining me!


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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Selfie(s)

There I was, takin' a nap on my doggie bed ~

I got up to gets a drinkie and maybe con a treatie outta Ma.

I went to the garage door where she was folding laundry

and whined  asked politely for a treatie.

I'm hungry, can I have a cookie?  Why are you laughing??

what do you mean I gots something on my donut?

Oh, that's Billy Beaver....he was keepin' me company while I napped.

You just gonna stand there and laugh, or you gonna gets Billy off my donut??



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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wordy Wednesday

Here I am waitin' at the vettie to gets my stitches out

I tried to talk to the puppers in the waiting room on the other side of the door

Hmmm, what's this??  

Oh, this is nice an cushy!  What's it for?  Naps?? I don't wants to be here THAT long!

Huh?  They're gonna lay me on my side to take out my stitches,
and this will make it nice and comfortable.

Okays, let's do this!

I got my stitches out, and the dogtor said I looked very good!

He also explained what he thinks happened ~

It WASN'T a Seroma ~

what happened was, my initial surgery, I had internal stitches which were suppose to dissolve.

One of them didn't.  And it got infected, and luckily found a way out, instead of festering inside.

It is very unusual for it to take over 4 months to happen, butts then

I am a very unusual puppers! BOL!

So, since there were no internal stitches this time, it won't happen again.

I still have to wear my inflatable donut for a couple more days, just so I don't bother my incision.

Still, I am very happy that I gots the all clear!

Thanks for all the POTP, prayers, and well wishes!

They really helped more than you knows!



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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Selfie

Okays, so it's not REALLY a 'selfie', butts I wanted you to see how BIG this donut is!
(still....betters than that friggin' 'cone-o-shame' the vettie put me in!)

And yes, I gots to be on a leash at ALL TIMES when I go out.
(somethings about NOT chasing tree rats....whatevers.)

Still doin' okays.  I go to gets my incision checked on Wednesday.

Hopefully I can gets the stitches out, and gets back to walkies and squirrel chasin'!

Paws crossed.


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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wordy Wednesday ~ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Edition


So I guess I should explain....


The vettie called Ma and left a message (she didn't have her phone on her)
and said the mass WASN'T CANCER!


Wells, what the eff WAS IT??

It was hard to understand, cause the cell connection was terribles
butts what she could understand, it was something like a 

Seroma A pocket of fluid under my incision scar that got infected and burst.



I licked my incision.  

Just ONCEMa caught me. then this happened.....

An EXTRA BIG inflatable donut!

Luckily, Ma had ordered a back-up donut, just in case.

anyhu, I did irritate my incision, and Ma wasn't happy AT ALL!

She emailed pictures of my incision to the vettie and they said it was okay.


It is lookin' better today, so Ma isn't worried as much as she was.


Okays, before I show you a pic of my incision,

All those with weak stomachs might not want to look.....

Yuppers, I'm gonna have one helluva scar! BOL!!


That's what's been goin' on here.  I'm gonna gets to all your bloggies real soon!


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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Selfie ~ Recovery Edition


What up??!

I'm resting, and recovering really well!

I'm eating and drinking like normal,
and my incision is healing very well

(Ma takes a selfie of it twice a day, just to make sure....maybe I'll lets her post a couple! BOL!)

And I am sporting the latest in post-surgicals neck wear!

It's super comfy, and I gots a pillow where evers I go!

Naptime has never been easier! 

Butts I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO Bored! You thinks there are any treaties in here??


for all the POTP!!!

Keeps it coming, it's working!!

And, while I gots you sendin' the healin' vibes,

could you send some to our pals

they needs some too.....


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Thursday, February 6, 2020



Yuppers, out of that Hospital, and home in my own bed!

I am feelin' fine,  and doin' good,....

butts I didn't gets any good drugs!  sigh.

Oh well, I guess the margaritas will have to do!

(I do hears that they  have very healing properties...hehehee)


I am goin' to go take a nap, and will keep you updated on my progress!

Keeps the POTP comin'!!!!

It's working!!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

UPDATE! Out of Surgery

Ruby is out of surgery and is doing good!

The Vet said that there were no problems, that all her x-rays, blood work, and ultrasound
were good, and if she does good tonight she might be able to come home tomorrow!


for all the prayers, POTP, good vibes, paw crossings and AireZens!

Keep them coming ~ she will need all the healing vibes for her recovery!


for this most BEAUTIFUL Badge!
Truly touched!

I will update tomorrow when I hear from the vet!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

POTP Needed!

I sent Ms. Cecilia (aka: Angel Madi's Moms) and email this morning cause I needed
some POTP!

Here I am at the ER vetties....

What you don't see is the bloody ooze that was all overs my tummy and furs



So, apparently, I got another mass where I had a mass removed in August.  The vettie thinks this one burst or something (I didn't lets them get close enough to gets a good look ☺)

So, tomorrow morning I go in for some X-Rays and Ultrasound, and if everything is clear,
I will have the surgicals to remove it.

Wells, I could use all the POTP and healin' vibes you can send!

Til then I am sporting the latest in pre-surgicals fashion!

I knows....I look hawt! 

Thanks Blogville!

I will update when I gots some news.....

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