Tuesday, February 4, 2020

POTP Needed!

I sent Ms. Cecilia (aka: Angel Madi's Moms) and email this morning cause I needed
some POTP!

Here I am at the ER vetties....

What you don't see is the bloody ooze that was all overs my tummy and furs



So, apparently, I got another mass where I had a mass removed in August.  The vettie thinks this one burst or something (I didn't lets them get close enough to gets a good look ☺)

So, tomorrow morning I go in for some X-Rays and Ultrasound, and if everything is clear,
I will have the surgicals to remove it.

Wells, I could use all the POTP and healin' vibes you can send!

Til then I am sporting the latest in pre-surgicals fashion!

I knows....I look hawt! 

Thanks Blogville!

I will update when I gots some news.....


  1. Oh dear, POTP, purrs and prayers from all of us. Hang is there and fight the yuckies away.

  2. We have our paws crossed tight for you Ruby and hope everything goes well tomorrow.

  3. Hari OM
    OMD - Rubes, the lengths you go for haute couture... really, gal-dog, no more nasties, eh??!!! Hugs and wags, and heaps of POTP. YAM-aunty xxx

  4. You have tons of prayers coming your way. I've also got my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Big healing hugs, Miss Ruby. ♥♥♥

  5. Dear Sweet Ruby and Ma aka Judi
    I send you both all my love and prayers for the visit tomorrow. You are always such a fashionista...
    Ruby get back on track very soon.

    Here is a little ditty using your name
    Rare gem
    Uare the bestest friend EVER
    Your smile brightens the night sky!!

    Lots of love and hugs to you two Gals!

  6. Hey GURL..... Max here. My sis used to call me "Da Udder Weenie". I be sendin you lots and lots of POTP and lots and lots of PawHugs too. My sister taught me that. BOL Anywho....do what the doc says to do and you's gonna be feelin' all perky again real soon.

  7. We are sending tons and tons of POTP your way!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. Oh no!! You know we all have our paws crossed and even the peeps have theirs crossed too. Be sure and keep us updated.
    Lola, Norma Jean, Sydney and Mackey

  9. Sending you love and prayers and POTP for you Ruby and pug hugs for your momma
    Mabel & Hilda

  10. Oh Ruby we send lots of POTP and we criss our paws... please come back with good news....

  11. Healing Pawkisses are on the way, sweet girl and purrayers that you feel better soon💗💗💗

  12. Paws and fingers remain crossed for you, Ruby, and we send MAJOR AireZen and positive thoughts!

  13. Sending another ton of POTP Ruby.

  14. you do look Hawt in that bandage and I am praying for you to not be scared and to be a good girl with the vet and for the surgery to be easy and good and get rid of that mass quickly.. hugs to you and your mama, I know how hard it is on peoples when our pups go to surgery.. love you sweet Ruby

  15. Kali and I are so sad to hear of your latest problem. Kisses from both of us along with POTP.
    Get well soon.

  16. Ruby, sweetie! You be a good doggie, and let those vet peoples help you out!
    Sending hugs and purrs.

  17. We are anxiously awaiting today's update and hoping our powerful prayers are working. We know how worried Mama's get and send big hugs her way too.

  18. OMD, how skeery!!! We will cross our paws that everything goes well for you in surgicals.

  19. We have our paws together, lifted upward ... for Ruby and for you. For successful surgery, healing and
    full recovery. With gentle and caring hugs.

  20. You KNOW there's POTP coming from us...that's 4 lots, 'cause we're countin' HER, too! Now, Rubes, you need to let them look at you! We'll be thinkin' of you and Ma!

  21. RUBY!!!!! First of all - you look FABulous! Really. And most importantly, PLEASE know that you are in our prayers! Keep a good thought!
    Cam and Mags

  22. Ruby we are sending you so many purrayers and POTP. Love-the kitties

  23. OMD!! I just saw this in my mailbox as I try to recover from the flu. We are sending our very best POTP to y’all. Please let us know how you’re doing ASAP. We love you bunches.

  24. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! That must have been so scary for mom! ((hugs))

  25. Oh, Ruby, we are right there with you in spirit. By now you are probably there at the vetties again. If you are going to have surgery if everything is ok, what happens if everything is not ok? It sure doesn't seem ok right now, or you wouldn't be having surgery. We are confused and worried. But we asked Mom to help us pray for you and send healing thoughts. XOXOXOX Lucy and Xena

  26. Oh Ruby...we have our paws crossed for you. Sending love and 'pawsitive' POTP healing energy your way. 🥰


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