Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's GO!

Sometimes peeps can be SOOOOOO SLOOOOW!!! 

LET'S GO!!!! 

(and YES, I did tear up the back of the truck!!! hehehe......
and, YES, there are ALOT of barriers keepin' MOI from the front of the truck.
Something about me hitting Ma in the head while she was drivin'....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Thinks I Smell...

Oh puppers and kittehs, I gots to be EVER vigilant .....

I thinks I smell a tree RAT !!!!!! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I've Been Doin'...

Hey there puppers and kittehs!!!
It seems like FOREVERS since my last postie,
SO, here is what I've been doin' while Ma has been 
screamin', hollorin', swearin', kickin',   fixin' our intermutts......

(what am I doin' here????......Waitin', that's what!)

(turn it on! turn it on! turn it on!!!!!!)


Ma has been keepin' me outta her hair  busy playin' with my bubble machine...

Fine with me!!  

* * * * 

Now for some important news...

There is still time to pawticipate in the Queen of Hearts Dance!!!! 

Click Here  to find out all the deadlines and how to pawticipate in this
FABulous event!!!


There is gonna be all kinds of shenanigans and drunken brawls!!!  

Okays, not really!!  ( you hear that Puddles?!)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Tiny Bubbles........hehehe

* * * * * *

On another note,  Ma's havin' intermutt troubles and has been usin' all kinds of HBO, SHOWTIME, and well some words I don't think exist yet.

It WAS fixed, then it went out again,  it's on right now so Ma is posting very quickly til it goes again....

Oh, and congratulations to the Seahawks and their fans......

Ma is cryin' in her pillow, and will be for abouts a week......
We are very proud of you San Francisco 49ers!!!!!!
Til next year.......

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time Warp!

I'm joinin' Mollie and Alfie and Easy 


Here I am in my VERY FURST TUNNEL!!! 
(I deaded it soon after this pic was taken......)

And here I am in my Big Gurl Tunnel!!
(I haven't been able to dead this one......yet!)

Thanks Bunches Mollie, Alfie, and Easy for hostin' such a FABulous Blog Hop!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Tough Week, Butts Better!

Hey puppers and kittehs!   I'm still here!   Thanks bunches for all the POTP
it's really doin' the trick

It's been a poopie week  up and down this week, butts today was a very good day, and I ate just fine, and I am even up to no good again!!  
(I deaded a stuffie and a towel....hehehe)

And, I even made Ma turn on my Bubble Machine!!! 
(here I am waitttttting forevers!!)


And, you know I just CAN'T let those evil Tree Rats  touch one scrawny feetie in MY yardie!!

Thanks again for all the POTP, and if you could send some of your wonderful healin' vibes to our pals 

They have the sickies too, and could use all your POTP!

(I will try and catch up with all your bloggies ASAP!!  I've missed so much!! Be patient, and I will spread my slobber on each and every one of yous!! BOL)

(and here's to some firm poopies!!)

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Bout of the Sickies

Yes puppers and kittehs, it seems I might have had one too many of those DELISH Toilet Bowl Punches at the NYE Bash, cause I gots a case of the sickies.

Yups, it seems I gots some colitis goin' on.  

I knows most of you know this very well, and I had it alot when I was a wee lass 
butts, I mostly grew out of it, and haven't had too much problems with a special food from the vetties.
Wells, last time I was at the vetties, they switched my food, and Ma thinks that is what is the cause, and has now switched it back to the good stuffs.

I am now on a course of  metronidazole , and paws crossed, it'll clear it up!

Butts, since I'm not eatin' much (not even the doggie crack pill pockets) 
Ma has to put the pills down my throat with her finger.....
I've only bit her ONCE! 
(I thinks that's pretty good, frankly! BOL)
So, anyhu, this is why I haven't been around much to comment on your bloggies;
I hopes to be betters tomorrow ~ 

And, NOT poop on promises....

I also wanted to send my warm thoughts and California sunshine to all of you in the frigid cold right nows!!  Holy Cow Patties!!!  Stay safe everyone!!!

So, here's a pic of me sendin' you the warm thoughts and sunshine.....

Click on the image to go to the circus