Thursday, May 28, 2015

FABulous Friday Chewy Time!

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It's that time again puppers and kittehs!


I'm DYING down here!  Let me see!!!

What is this???

OMD!  Dehydrated LAMB BITES!!

Just lookie at what's in it....JUST LAMB LUNG!  

Nothing else!

Okays, here's the basics:

Made from 100% New Zealand dehydrated Lamb lung

High protein

Grain Free and Gluten Free

and only 7 calories a treatie!!

Yeah, yeah,  can I TASTE them already???!!!

Ooooooh, smells DELISH!.....TASTY too!

Yups!  Gets my 'Drooly Seal of Approval'!!!

Thanks Bunches Chewy!   

Without you, I wouldn't ever gets any treaties! ☺

Click Here  to check out the Natural Balance Lamb Lung Bites!

Disclaimer:   I was given a bag of these treaties to try in return for my honest opinion.
No green papers, or trips to the Bahamas have changed hands.
All opinions and drool are my own. ☺

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we honor those who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom....

Both 2 legged ~ and 4 legged.

We also want to Thank those current military personnel, and veterans,  for their service to our country....

Thank you from my furry little heart.....♥

(Dover, NH War Dog Memorial) 

Friday, May 22, 2015

#FuelTheCure Loving Life!

Join Oz and Sugar to Fuel The Cure for The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund with Zuke's

I am joining Oz and Sugar in #FuelTheCure!

What is Fuel the Cure?

Glads you asked!

The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund is the charity of choice for Zuke's.  The DCCFund provides financial assistance to pet parents who cannot afford treatment for their beloved dog or cat.  Throughout the year, Zuke's donates a portion of every treat sold to The DCCFund and once a year, we all get to participate in a unique fundraiser.

Wells, I don't know abouts you, butts that sounds PAWSOME!!

Okays,  So we are suppose to post showing MOI in action and lovin' life...

(does makin' margaritas count???? just askin'....)

Just lookie at my FORM!!

This is me lovin' life!

(pees: my lovely lawn doesn't look like this anymores...the drought made it go all brown..:(  )

Thanks for Hosting this Zuke's, Oz, and Sugar!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Post Soccer Game Pawty!

OMD, puppers and kittehs!

Our furst game is finished against our most hated RIVALS


You remembers their FUGLY arses!

Wells, you gots to go overs to

Murphy (Stud Muffin) and Stanley's (Monkey Buns) 

To see how we did in the furst half


Head on overs to Coach Easy's Bloggie

To see how we did in the second half

Hey, if you don't have a ticket...NO WORRIES!

Just head on overs to Susie and Sidebite's Bloggie

they are gonna be Broadcasting the WHOLE GAME on



After the game, it's over to Dory's for a ....wait for it....

a  BBQ!!!!!!!!   WoooHoooo!!!!

And you KNOWS  Sashy  and I are gonna have our TRUCKS at the game

servin' Foodables and Rubyritas!!!!

(Ahhhhh...just thinkin' abouts Sashy's possom pizzas sends me to my 'happy place'...☺ )

Anyhu,  Oz has a whole linky thingie set up just so you don't miss a thingie!!

Okays, now on to the IMPAWTENT STUFFS...

That's right puppers and kittehs, step right up pushin' or shovin'!

Lots for everyone!

I have it fully stocked with something for everyone!!

Furst, for the return of our Felonious Pal Puddles.....


Can you say YUMMIE??

Nows, no drivin' my Margarita Truck Puddles......☺

I gots some  non-spiked drinkies for the youngins!!

Some Iced Tea
(okays, okays, so it has 'something' special in it...not for the amateurs!)

We gots LOTS of beers...this one is for my Stud Muffin Murphy..☺



(you forgot ME!!!! )

Monday, May 18, 2015

Soccer Time!!!!

OMD, puppers and kitteh's...

the time is here.

Grab your poppycorn and your margaritas....


(Football Time, for all you outside the US ☺)

Have you seen our team???

We look FABulous!!!

Butts, we got a tough opponent....


Lookie at these dudes...

They are FUGLY!!!!  

Butts, I have no doubt with Coach Easy's help 


our Cheerleaders

we will 

Kick their ARSE'S!!!!!

I gots to figure out how to put my arms down, so I can make some margaritas!




Coach Easy says I have to wait til AFTER the game......


Pawty at my Margarita Truck!!!

Be there ~ or be square!

you REALLY don't wanna be THIS guy...

nuff said....

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Squeaky Sunday

Nows Ma knows WHY this was in the Clearance bin!!

 ( I hopes none of you were at your worky place when you played this! ☺ )

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

(I thinks I can break outta here.....just give me five minutes and a margarita....)

Monday, May 11, 2015


This is how I will always remember our most amazin' pal Goose

Rescuing sticks and enjoying the Great Outdoors.

Michelle, I am so sorry.  I know your house, and heart, feels so empty without your boy.

Know that Goose lives within us all.

We learned kindness. strength, joy, laughter, compassion, friendship, love

and how to See Beautiful.

I will miss you my furiend.

I raise my BEER in your honor.
(okays, I did have a margarita chaser...☺)

Til we  meet again..........♥

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Moms Day & Sunday Selfie!

Hey puppers and kittehs ~

I hopes you and your Moms are havin' a most FABulous Day!

Nows, you knows MY BLOGGIE is all abouts MOI, right?

Okays, this is the 

ONE AND ONLY day I will allows Ma to be seen on 


Don't look to long!!!!  It could BURN your eyes out!!!!!!
(you've been warned !!)

I can't even look!!!!

Okays, to save your eyes, here is a purty picture 

of MOI

Phew!  That's betters!!

Happy Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out theres

with Furry Kids or Non-Furry Kids or Both!

Nows....where's the margaritas???

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fricken' Intermutts!

Hey puppers and kittehs....

You might have noticed that I missed


yesterday....(my FAV holiday, BTW...☺)

Wells, the


Went out!!!  

Okays, they went  in and and and out.

the last straw was when Ma was tryin' to download my JibJab video and POOF!

Yuppers...out again.

Ma did her best to fix it by yellin' all her best HBO wordies at it, butts....


Wells, she spent all day drinkin' margaritas  fixin' it, and...


Yuppers, it's workin'!

Okays, so I gots to catch up with all of you, and I will tomorrows!

I wanted to leave you with a purty picture of MOI

just so you don't forgets my FABulous face!


That's betters!


Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Got Mail!!

Hey puppers and kittehs!!!

Guess what???

Go aheads...guess???

Okays, don't strain yourselves, I'll tell ya!!! BOL!!!!



I was as SHOCKED as you!!


Lookie what I got!

All kinds of FABulous stuffs!

And, do you see...can koozies for my margarita glasses!!!

or beers...or both!

(I can 'double fist paw it!! )

Lookie at this FABulous bandana!!

I'm lookin' goooood!

Ma tried to steal my stuffie!!!!!

Don't worries...I gots it back!
(nice smellin' butts, btw...)

Butts, it's this tenny ball that is sendin' me to my 'happy place'!

nice texture...

Nice flavor!

Thanks Bunches Sarge!!!

I loves my pressie pack!

(and I haven't even killed my tenny ball yets!!)

Click on the image to go to the circus