Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best Bully Sticks Review

Hey puppers and kittehs!    Linsey from Best Bully Sticks contacted me,

and asked if I would like to review some of their products....


Well ~ heck yeah!!!!! 

Here's the goodies....I'm NOT LOOKIN'...... 
So, here's what I got....oh boy, these smell DELISH!!! 
This was an Airedale size Bully chew.....um...can I have that now????
These are Chicken Nugget Treats....Oh, they smell amazin'!
And these are some Braided Bully Sticks...Oh, man!  The aroma!!!!
I got to try some of the Chicken Nuggets right away....
Okay,  so I'm droolin' .....you would too if you tasted these!
Yummers!!!   I give these 


I have also tried the Braided Bully Sticks and they are delicious too! 

They did have a slight smell, but not nearly as bad as most.

Ma said she is saving the big Knotted Bully for a special treat this weekend...can't wait!!

If you are concerned about the Chicken Treats,  these are made from chickens from the USA!! 
So Ma had no hesitation givin' them to me.

Also, the Bully's all come from Non-China sourced beef (this one was from Free Range Brazilian Cattle!!)

disclaimer:  I was sent these products free of charge, butts Ma got no green papers for doin' this.  All opinions are my own, and so is the slobber......

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Gots Picked!

OMD!!  Puppers and kittehs, I gots some most FABulous news!!!

You all knows about Blogville Date Day....


Wells, I put my hat in the ring to be Murphy's date

See, he's a bachelor, and doesn't have a steady gal

So, all us single gurls put our names in for a chance to date this handsome Dood

(I thinks he started dancin' without me!!! BOL)

Click on overs to his and Stanley's bloggie and see the drawing!



Nows, I guess I have to give a formal answer.....


Oh, I thinks I gots the  vapors!

Or, was that one too many margaritas....

In any case, Ma says I gots to be on my very bestest behaviors...


So, I'm gonna go steal Ma's plastic and do some

I gots to look my bestest ya know!!

Now,  where are the car keys.....

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Treat Hunt

Hey puppers and kittehs,  I'm takin' part in Frankie and Ernies 

Furst the Easter Bunny hid some treaties 


Diet Treaties????  Oh!  Not to worry, they are ZUKE'S!  YUMMERS!!

Hmmmmm,  I wonders why the Easter Bunny looks like Ma....

Ma ~ um, The Easter Bunny ~ hid them, then I gots to 


Got it!

You can't get by the Airedale snooter!!
yeah, that's NOT a leaf!  yums!

so fast, I blurred the pic!!

Ah, I smell .... oh never mind...come here!
Oh man.....I don't know how this happened!! 

Anyhu,  I hopes everyone had a most FABulous Easter with furiends and family!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lookin' for the Easter Bunny...

Puppers and kittehs, Ranger has asked us to try and find the Easter Bunny ...

Wells, I have no idea where he is, so ......

I'm in disguise 

... nocookie.net/__cb20121028021214/harrypotter/images/2/2f/Elmer_fudd.jpg
Be very quiet....... 

I'm huntin'  wabbits...... 

Um ~ I MEAN...... 

I'm lookin' for the  Easter Bunny.....

(Nothin' yet....must be on east coast time!)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Black and White Sunday

I hopes everyone has had a lazy Sunday with their favorite ball.....

Thanks Nola and Sugar for hosting

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ghost Buster!!!

What??   I don't see anything..... 

(he is really 2 years old!!  oh, and I wasn't suppose to take him outside....bol)

He wasn't being so friendly.... 

Who ya gonna call????


* * * * * * * * *

If you haven't already heard, my pal Wrigs

Crossed the Bridge Monday.

If you could stop by his bloggie and give his Moms some loves...

Run free my sweet pal.....♥

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