Yente Services

Are you single?

In need of a date?

Is that Special Blogville Occasion coming up and you need some ARM CANDY?

Well.....Look no further!!!

(No, not MOI....I'm taken! ☺)

At your service ~  Blogville's Own YENTE is here!!

All you have to do is e-mail me the following information:

*  Your  Name

*  Your  Gender

*  Your  Age

*  Are you a Doggie, Kitteh, Bunnie, etc.

*  Your Bloggie Address

*  Your e-mail address

Also,   Please let me know if you are okay with the following:

*  Group Dates

*  Inter-Species Dates
(ie: if you're a Doggie, are you okay Dating a Kitteh, and visa-versa)

If you have any other Preferences,   please include them in the e-mail!

E-mail me at the following address:


Now, we in Blogville, are here to have FUN!

If a Love Connection is made....FABulous!

Butts, remember, there is NEVER any pressure 

to make a long term relationship.

Let's Have a Great Time!


  1. Sent you the Puffs info! Mazie is a homebody so she won't be joining in.

  2. Oh No, I almost missed the deadline. I need a date. Mommy's fault!! She just sent the info. Hope it's not too late.


  3. Oh boy, we have been single for a long time. We hve to think if we want to go back on the dating scene

  4. Dear Ruby,
    This is Lucy from the lexitheschnauzerandfriends gang. I don't know what to do. Riley and Andrew are being evicted the end of this month and I haven't even seen Riley for like 87 days. I don't think he loves me any more. Should I start dating other dogs?
    (Not) Everybody Loves Lucy


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