Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Selfie


Oh, some of you have asked how my funky ear is doin' ~

so far, so good!

Ma is puttin' in my ear meds, and cleanin' my ear and it's lookin' good!

So, paws crossed it stays that way! 
(as you can see...I'm doin' my part by keepin' it UP, and Aire-ing it out...)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Yes....this IS a half sit/ half down pose....what can I say, it's HOT! 
 and Ma's got a cookie.....I likes cookies....

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Selfie

It's HOT!  Stay cool puppers and kittehs!

(I hears cheese and margaritas cool you down...just sayin'......)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Hey puppers, kittehs, burdies and furiends!

Guess what???

Go ahead.....GUESS!



That's RIGHT!

My PAWSOME vettie Dr. Kafka, said PSHAW!

With a LOT of restraint, he was able to see down my ear canal....




I am gonna have to have ear cleanings and ear meds,

butts that is TONS better than what that 


told Ma!

So, Ma is all kinds of relieved, and so am I

See ~  POTP works!


Lots of slobbery kisses comin' your way!!!
(and lots and LOTS of margaritas!!!)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Hey puppers, kittehs, burdies and stalkers!

Still here, and doin' better!

Sorry abouts the absence, butts Ma is tryin' to catch up on sleeps and chores

and keepin' a close eye on me.

I'm fine...though, the prednisone is makin' me extra hungry, 

so if you could send all  your kibbles and treaties and IScreams my way

You would do a gurl a SOLID!

Thanks again for all the POTP, and healin' vibes and AireZens and stuffs!

Keep them comin', cause Ma is quite worried, and a smudge freaked.

Butts, I am a tough frickin' TERRIER,  (with FABulous furs...) and we can handle almost anythings! 

Okays, will be visiting all of you very soon!

Kisses and hugs,


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Update on my FABulously Unique Ear

Hey puppers, kittehs, and other asst. furiends!

Furst, I wanted to say


so very much for all the POTP!!

I thinks it's working!

I'm not gonna was a ROUGH night....

I kept Ma awake, staring at her 

(yes, I WAS sedated, butts not that much...)

telling her to 'FIX THIS!'

she felt terribles and gave me scritches, and pets and margaritas
(okays, that last one is a lie....)

butts, it still didn't help!

Then this afternoon, the prednisone and the antibiotics

FINALLY kicked in, and I am feelin' betters!

Though, last night I didn't want to eat the pill pocket with the meds inside,
so Ma had to push it down the side of my throat
(yes, I let her do this, surprisingly ☺)

Then, and ONLY then, did I eat the pill pocket..hehehe

This is what all the STYLISH pups are wearin' this season....
(I was walkin' all funny til Ma took it off....☺)

Showin' you THE ear...yuppers, it's the 'FUNKY' one!
I try and keep it up to let it Aire out, butts I guess that isn't enough....

Butts, lookie at my snooter...wet nose is a good thingie! ☺

Thanks again BLOGVILLE!

Keep the POTP coming, and I will lets you know the different ways I am 

MILKING this for tons of EXTRA TREATIES! BOL!!


Ruby (and Ruby's Ma)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

What do you MEAN you don't have treaties???

I'm OUTTA here.....

remember my motto puppers....


words to live by....

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Smash

See ya'll at Christmas' Dance tomorrow!! there gonna be margaritas, or do I bring my own??? ☺

Friday, July 8, 2016

Flower Friday!

Hey puppers, kittehs, and other asst. anipals!

I'm gonna FINALLY show you some of the purty flowers

Ma hasn't managed to kill  growin' in my yardie!

Nows, I don't knows the names one of them,
 butts Ma is lookin' for it...


mystery flower ☺


Digitalis, or Foxglove
pees: keep this one away from peeps and doggies!
Ma has it in her plant 'jail' ☺

Ma thinks this is a Lily.....

Wells, those are the flowers that still live in my yardie!

I hope we can all see the BEAUTY in everyone, like these flowers.

Everyone who loves is beautiful.

Choose to be beautiful....

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

30 Day Food Challenge ~ #ChewyInfluencer

So,  how did I do on 


Ma's intention was to 'go all the way' with these Chicken Patties, 
and I did!

I was eating it exclusively!  And it was DIVINE!

As you can read here,  Stella & Chewy's Patties 

are ALL NATURAL, and GRAIN FREE, and made from 
Farm-raised ~ Cage Free Chickens!

It was very easy to make into a soft dinner with some warm waters,

I liked it dry and crumbled too!

I knows, butts you can eats it either way, as long as you drink enough waters with your meals!

Ruby's Ma here:  I loved that these patties were easy to feed, and had almost no smell.  Ruby did have slightly softer stools for the first two weeks, but happily that went to normal AND there was LESS!  Now, you have to understand that Airedales (or maybe just Ruby ☺) are very 'productive' in this sense, so less poops to pick up was nice ~ especially on walks!

If you missed my furst two posts about this food here are the bullet points:

Key Benefits
  • Suitable for all stages of life
  • Taurine protects the heart
  • Grain-free & Gluten-free formula reduces allergic reactions
  • Beets maximize nutrient absorption
  • Contains chelated and non chelated trace minerals that improve mineral availability and help support your pets health
  • With additional vitamins and minerals in order to meet and exceed the AAFCO requirements
  • Freeze-dried to lock in nutrition and flavor
  • Made in the USA!
to go to Stella & Chewy's website 
and read all about all their foodables for 

So, will I stay on Stella & Chewy's food?


This is what I (and Ma) LOVED

The taste
The ease of use
The low odor
The travel convenience
The taste
The reduction of stools
The nutritional value
The taste

What DIDN'T  I (and Ma) LOVE?

The only thing is 


Because of this,  I will only get it as a TOPPER on my old kibble.

I KNOW!  pffffft!

Butts, Ma says that it's just too expensive for bigger doggies like MOI to feed this exclusively.
It's about $40 for the large bag, and I went through almost all THREE BAGS in just one month.

(Sadly, Ma is unwillingly to dip into her ice cream allowance to help pay for it. 
SO not fair.)


I thinks this is a FABulous food, and I gives it

I want to THANK  

Ms. Sydney at 

for allowing me to try and review this DELICIOUS food!

Disclaimer:  This food was given to me at no cost to try out and review.  All opinions and drools are my own.  No green papers were given in exchange for this review.....though, Ma has had her eye on a new red Mustang....☺

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Burthday America!

Hey Puppers, kittehs, and stalkers!

I wanted to wish everyone a very


with lots of tasty foodables and drinkies!

Be safe, and remember peeps......



Image result for fireworks clipart

THANK YOU.....THANK YOU very much.......

Click on the image to go to the circus