Saturday, July 16, 2016

Update on my FABulously Unique Ear

Hey puppers, kittehs, and other asst. furiends!

Furst, I wanted to say


so very much for all the POTP!!

I thinks it's working!

I'm not gonna was a ROUGH night....

I kept Ma awake, staring at her 

(yes, I WAS sedated, butts not that much...)

telling her to 'FIX THIS!'

she felt terribles and gave me scritches, and pets and margaritas
(okays, that last one is a lie....)

butts, it still didn't help!

Then this afternoon, the prednisone and the antibiotics

FINALLY kicked in, and I am feelin' betters!

Though, last night I didn't want to eat the pill pocket with the meds inside,
so Ma had to push it down the side of my throat
(yes, I let her do this, surprisingly ☺)

Then, and ONLY then, did I eat the pill pocket..hehehe

This is what all the STYLISH pups are wearin' this season....
(I was walkin' all funny til Ma took it off....☺)

Showin' you THE ear...yuppers, it's the 'FUNKY' one!
I try and keep it up to let it Aire out, butts I guess that isn't enough....

Butts, lookie at my snooter...wet nose is a good thingie! ☺

Thanks again BLOGVILLE!

Keep the POTP coming, and I will lets you know the different ways I am 

MILKING this for tons of EXTRA TREATIES! BOL!!


Ruby (and Ruby's Ma)


  1. OMD! OMD! Honey Sweet I was NOT able to sleep all night cuz I was worried so much about you! All I knew was that the ambulance came and took you off with the sirens blazing! I thought maybe you were mortally injured or worse! I paced the floor all night and even threw up in the piano room! My stomach was going crazy cuz of all my anxiety and nerves! I was afraid I would not be able to hold you close and caress your fabulous furs ever again! When mom told me what the troubles were I was so relieved BUTT still worried. You know I think your ma is just looking for an excuse to cut off that ear! I guess it also answers the question why you were saying "Huh?" all the time to my barks. I will get a job and earn green papers to hire the bestest dogtur in the world to help get you recovered from this! Tonight I will bark extra loud for you! XOXOXOXO

    Your Worried Sick Stud Muffin & Tick Tack

    Cherry Bomb Furever!

  2. Good news but don't let your ma know otherwise the good stuff stops coming.

  3. Oh my gosh, we did not know you were sick. We are going to say prayers that you keep getting better. Hang in there buddy.

  4. we are so happy to hear you are doing okay - we were worried - so what exactly was the problem with you ear?

  5. Good news Ruby! We are so happy that you are home and eating treats and giving your mom some attitude! That means you are O.K. and that makes us happy!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  6. We did not know that you had troubles with your ear - hope those antibiotics do the trick for good. Feel better, sweet girl.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. All us Beaglez know 2 well all'bout earz trublez with our earz bein'so floppy. Angel Shiloh wuz ALWAYZ havin'ear infecshunz butt not az bad az your truble. I haf had very few infecshunz butt not az much az Angel Shiloh - he wuz alwayz puttin'hiz head down where it shoodn't go.

    Me an'mom r sendin'LOTZA POTP an'prayerz. Shure due hope the medicine werks good an'u don't hazta haf surgery.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  8. We were so worried about you! I can't have anything happen to Dean and Sam's favorite demon!! xxoo

  9. We were so worried. You take care of that ear. Still have paws crossed for you.


  10. Ruby, we are so glad your are feeling better today. Take your medicine like a good girl so you can get all better, ya hear!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. We are sooooo glad the meds kicked in!! We are continuing to send our POTP that the doc can make that ear all better!!!

    Dory, Arty, Jakey and Bilbo

  12. Oh the ear ~ hope they gave you the good stuff and that you feel 100% real soon. I'm still keeping the good vibes coming your way.
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. gosh Ruby,that looks sore,keep on getting better sweetie,xx Speedy

  14. Crikey Rubes ... I was so worried for you. Glad your feeling a bit better. Sore ears sure hurt, aye? Poor Murphs was beside himself. He threw up in the PIANO room??? Oh my .... Bet he was popular!

  15. Dear Ruby, get betters soon sweetie, butt of course don't tell Mom, make sure you get those extra treats fur as long as possible
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. Ruby we are so happy that you feel better... we hope you EARn a lot of treats that way. We hope we will hEAR more and more good news and we cross our paws for your beautiful ear!!!

  17. We continue to send you lots of healing AireZen, Ruby! Today is National Ice Cream Day, ya know. Ice Cream heals everything!

  18. Ruby! We were very worried about you!!! We sure are glad to hear you are feeling better...we will keep the POTP coming for DESERVE a Margarita!!

  19. Ruby my sweet friend....this kitteh was so worried and wanting to kiss your sick ear! Most of all I was worried the doc would tell were allergic to margaritas! Jumping catfish that would have put a damper on your sashaying (guyz swagger).
    Thank goodness you are feeling better and up to your old tricks..looking pitiful for treats!

    Love your bestie Madi

  20. We're so happy to hear that you are feeling better. We will keep our paws crossed that your ear heals completely.

  21. Glad you're feeling better! BOW WOW, I sent you a card!

  22. I am glad the medicine is starting to help! You are much nicer than me because I don't let my assistant shove pills down my throat. She's had to on occasion and I am not so well manner as you. LOL! But hurray for you feeling better!

  23. We heard about your ear on FB! Ha roo. Get it? Your ear? And we "heard" about it? Yeah... OK...
    We are so thankful you're starting to feel better! We'll keep you in our prayers just because that's what friends do. You need to do your part and get all better, OK? Or as the bipeds say, "HEAL!"
    I better quit before Mom makes me write any more bad jokes.
    Milk it for all it's worth, Ruby!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  24. Ear issues are never fun! We are glad you are feeling better and hope that your ear just keeps getting better!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  25. We're so glad to hear you're doing better. (We cockers know all about ear problems. Yipes!)

  26. We're so glad you're doing better! We're going to keep our paws crossed tight for you for a while longer yet.

  27. Well, that is such good news that you are feeling a little better! We will continue sending our best POTP for you.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  28. So glad you are on the mend. POTP you keep getting better and better.

  29. We have been very worried about your ear. Bentley suffered for 8 years with ear infections. The vet wanted to operate on him too. Emma told me about the Purple Stuff and I began putting it in Bentley's ears after his last infection cleared up. He has not had one in almost 8 months! I swear it is a miracle in a bottle. It is homemade and the recipe is on my blog. When my vet told me that she could see his eardrum for the first time, I started crying. If you've battled ear infections as often as me, you'll understand. ♥

  30. whaaat? sending truck loads of POTP your way and praying that surgery is not needed.
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  31. I was so worried,, please take your meds!
    I am sending POTP


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