Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Gots Mail!

Oh puppers and kittehs, you won't believes the FABulous stuffs I gots this last week!
Furst I gots a prize from Reilly and Denny from Cowspotdog (okays, really I thinks it came like two weeks ago, butts Ma didn't let me have it til now...)
See, here she's tryin' to torture me!
(I'm givin' her the 'sad puppy eyes'...)
Finally!  She let me at it!
Oh, I can smell somethin' FABulous!!
Ooooo!  Lookie!  They're Kong Treaties!!!
OMD!  There are two packages!!!
I tried to open them myself, butts the meanies at Kong ruined my funs....
I had to wait for Ma!  And lookie, she made me sit for pics!!
Oh, stop torturing  me Ma!!!
FINALLY!!!  Ooooo, yummers!!

These were the Meaty Flavor Bites
There were also some very delish Sweet Potato Chewie Bites
Oooooo, these were very tasty too!!!
Thanks Bunches Reilly and Denny !  I really loved them!
Butts that wasn't all the postal peep delivered this week....
My furend Oz the Terrier  sent me a very special pressie!!
 BOL!!!  'Booby Prize'!!! 
(Ma was half hopin' there were real booby's in there for her!! BOL)
Anyhu, what happened is the Great and Powerful Oz had a contest to try some Primal Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food , well I wasn't the lucky winner,
Cause Oz's Pops doesn't read packages (my Pal Oz has the allergies to poultry, and this has the "gobble, gobble' in it!  Oh, and guess what?? Oz's Moms trusted the Pops and gave Oz the foods without readin' the label!...uh's okay thoughs, Oz is just fines!)
Butts they couldn't return the opened foods to the store, so Oz asked Moi if I would like to give it a try.....Hell YEAH!!!
Oh, this also has fishies in it!!! Oh, yummers!
And lookie at the cool card!! (Ma said she's keepin' it furever!!)
And, Oz sent all kinds of info on the Primal Raw Diet , and what to expect when you switch your pups from regular dog foods to the Raw.
(this was good info, cause Ma had all kinds of questions, and this answered it all!)  If you have questions click Here , and it will tell you all abouts doin' the switch, and what to expect.
THANKS OZ!!   I LOVES my Booby Prize!!!
(Ma's still a little disappointed thou....hehehe)


  1. What a week! Not one, but TWO packages full of good stuff to eat!

  2. Muahaha, booby prize!! :-P You and your Ma's are soooo funny Ruby!! Hehehe! Congrats on winning the Kong treats, they were delicious huh?! What's up with waiting 2 weeks though, gasp?! Oooo, those Raw ones look serious nummy too!

  3. Ruby yay yay yaya for your pressies you are very deserving. Now as for your mom's tardiness there should be some demerits.

    Hey sweetie your furs look extra soft today
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  4. YOU are SOOOOOOO Lucky Ruby. Those treats from Reilly and Denny are super... even if you did have to wait 87 weeks to have them... and

    Ruby got a BOOBY prize!! THAT is soooooo cool. And FUNNY.

  5. Gosh - I didn't know booby prizes could be so delicious!!!

    You know - I bet our peeps wouldn't stand for it one bit if us dogs made them wait and wait and wait to open packages and then made them wait some more before we let them eat what's in those packages. It's just not fair! ;)

  6. I can't even win a booby prize :(

  7. Ruby,
    Ma and I are rolling on the floor laughing and barking sooooo loud!! You are hilarious. I never knew someone to LOVE a booby prize so much.

    I sure hope you like those foodies. I am drooling over those Kong treats. I bet they were delicious!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  8. What pawsome packages Ruby...You've got treats for weeks now...Love that card from Oz...and sardines! Momz is giving me sardines now and I love them

  9. You are too funny, Ruby, but you're also one very lucky pup! Look at all of those yummy treats!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Oh my Dog Ruby, you are a lucky girl. If that is the booby prize we would be happy to lose, BOL!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. It is so unfair that treat makers make those packets 'for thumbs only'! What great prizes...even the booby prize. You lucky girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. You are one lucky girl to have those wonderful prezzies!

  13. well you must be in treat heaven at the moment - so many goodies to choose from

  14. Wow you made out like a bandit on all the treats this week. You are one lucky dog.

    Millie & Walter

  15. oh wow! Those Kong treats are awesome and the fishie stuff sounds great too! What a great week!!! nom nom nom!


  16. How fun that you got all those delicious treats!

  17. Holy moly, you're one lucky pup to get TWO packages in the mail. The card is oh so cute! I thought that maybe Bella and Daisy had sent it before I read that it was from Oz. Enjoy!

  18. Ruby, that is so pawsome that you got all those goodies!! I love mail pressies. Congratulations

    Loveys Sasha

  19. That's a fabulous Booby prize - I wonder what the first prize was, a yacht or a space shuttle? I can smell your treats when I press my nose on the screen - it smells wonderful!

  20. Yikes Ruby all those prize'z and boobie ones.. How fantastix.. Have a wonderful Munching day xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. Excellent prizes and boobie prizes too!! xoxo Chloe ad LadyBug

    1. How great to get new treats in the mail. Those fishie ones sound wonderful. We just love those fishies.
      Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  22. Oh Wuby
    I am sooo happy yoo gots all those tweats. I don't undewstand how yoow Mom can look at yoow eyes and not melt immediately and give evewything to yoo wight away. My favowite pictoowes awe the last two..yoo awe simply gowgoos. Yoow Booby pwize is gweat and I'm shoowe yoow Mom doesn't need any extwa boobies BOL
    Love yoo giwlfwiend
    Smoochie kisses

  23. Awesome day at the mailbox! Excellent treats Ruby, well done!

  24. Oh Miss Ruby, you and boobys. Very naughty.
    I need to try some to those primal treats. I eat primal raw every day for breakfast. Yum.


  25. Ooh those kong treats look so yummy, I'm gonna ask Mum to look out for them for me! What's that Mum? Oh, she says they might not be available in the UK. Well, she can still try! You're a lucky girl, enjoy those treats and Mum says don't eat them all at once!
    Annie x

  26. Ooo, lucky you Ruby! All those yummies looked delicious! Have fun eating them!
    Heehee, Mum kept them from you for 2 weeks?! What a shame!
    Pippa :)

  27. That is some pretty Yum-O-Licious mail you have there :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  28. Hi Ruby,
    Yeah, diets are the pits. First the doctor checked my thyroid cause that's an easy fix, but wouldn't you know, mine was OK. Then he called the Hill's doctors and explained about my pancreatitis and about how I can't seem to lose weight. I was eating I/D but I was gaining weight. I can't eat the R/D because of my sick pancreas though all my pack mates tell me it's really good.

    The Hill's doctors said the new Metabolic diet would be good for me. It's gentle enough for my pancreas but it's designed to help me lose weight. There are some good things about it too. They figured out how much I should eat and it's more than I was getting on I/D. They also said I could have a few treats and I don't have to run and get lots of exercise. The food is fine for us couch potatoes.

    Mom says she needs to see it work cause it sounds too good to be true but they said it'll work and she and I are willing to try it. It's cheaper than the I/D and that makes Dad happy. I think it tastes really good and I clean my bowl every day. I'll let you know if it helps me lose weight.

  29. You scored a lot of great goodies, Ruby! I'm not letting Wrigs see this post, because he'd be drooling all over the floor.

    Susan and Wrigs (who is not looking)

  30. Wow, you got all kinds of cool stuff, didn't you? Lucky Ruby! <3


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