Friday, March 29, 2013


Oh puppers and kittehs, it's happened again!  There I was, mindin' my own business, when all of a sudden ~ THIS appeared on my heads....

Nopes, I am not lookin' at you.............

Nopes, you can't make me.....

Is that freeze dried livers I smell????

How's this??

How about this???
Oh puppers, I'll even puts this stupid arse bunny ears on do anythings for freeze dried livers!
I hopes everyones has a FABulous Easter!!!!


  1. Okays, puuulease don't be made cuz I thoughted your bunny ears was all cutesie. I is just glad it wasn't me...BWHAHAHAHAHAHA...I would has so flung them things across da patio. But my mum wouldn't be givin' me no livers either.
    So, I has no idea why you was all ahamed and bein' camera bashful. I did enjoy your whole tryin' not to looks at da camera done a good job withs dat.

    Oh and if your ma can't afford da real fake thing...hers can try water balloons.


  2. Bites Look, it's the Easter Bunny and he stoled Ruby's so kissable Nose, hey quit licking the screen, now we got to get the glass clean. Yes we know you just can't resist that nose! Barharhar!

    Wer'e Ruby???
    Your Pals
    the Mad Scots

  3. Bunny ears......sigh...what we have to do just to amuse the peeps so we get treats :) :) :) You do look cute though

  4. Oh...I love freeze dried livers too!

    You look really good in those ears. I hope you deliver some presents to my house. The Easter Bunny doesn't visit b/c of what I did to some of his cousins.


  5. Oh no, more human attempts at canine headgear. I feel for you, Ruby.

  6. Oh the humiliation...well, thanks for the giggle on my DAY!!



  7. It's all good - liver treats are worth it. Happy Easter Ruby.

  8. rottrover made me coin a new word-humaniliation-and that's what dressing one of us up in a silly suit is! Thanks. Ruby, for helping coin a new Blogville word.

  9. Freeze dried livers sounds like it might be worth it to wear those cute bunny ears - at least she didn't make you wear a puff on your tail too:)

    Happy Easter, sweet Ruby.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. For have to look EVERY time!

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

    Happy Easter.

  11. Mom tried to put some on me, but my head was too little, BOL!

  12. Dang it...she got you!!! :-/ Good job of holding out until the delicious treats appeared though! ;-D Hehehe! I hope that you have an absolutely terrific Easter and enjoy all this gorgeous weather!

  13. So far for me this year...NO EARS. But then again I have not had liver either. I think these two things just might be connected.

  14. We just happen to think that you make an adorable AireBunny, Ruby!
    Happy Easter!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Happy Easter! Super cute pictures. My crew loves liver treats as well.

  16. Precious Ruby bless your sweet heart..the things you do for freeze dried liver.
    Good news is you look very lovely in pink bunny ears.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  17. Oh, you are the cutest bunny!!

    Happy Easter!!
    Jazzi and Addi

  18. You look so cute! You definitely deserved those treats though.
    Have a great Easter!

  19. Oh Ruby!!! A little dignity for a few measly pieces of liver??? Been there, done that! Love Mabel Lou

  20. Looks like mummy mischief to me! Happy Easter Ruby!!!

  21. Hi Rudy,

    What a beautiful Easter Bunny Dog you make! And freeze dried liver seems like delicious compensation for a bunny ear photo shoot. :->

    Your Easter background on your blog is really pretty, and I love your bubble photo header. You have such a beautiful smile!

    Wishing you and yours a very joyful and Happy Easter! And I hope the Easter Bunny brought you lots of yummy Easter treats!


    K (Suka's Mom)

  22. *sigh...."Ruby" no "Rudy." I am sorry.


  23. Teehee, your bunny ears are so cute!!

    Happy Easter!!


  24. Hi Ruby,
    Happy Easter to you and thanks for posting beautiful flower pictures because we are sure spring is never going to arrive! Although I love this weather, nice and cool. My P's are ready for a change!


  25. Ruby, I have it on good authority (Wrigs) that freeze-dried liver goes a long way toward making bizarre human behavior acceptable. And, if it makes you feel any better, you look pretty darn cute in those bunny ears! Hope you got a LOT of liver treats! Happy Easter!

    Susan and Wrigs

  26. My mom gives me freeze-dried liver when she cuts my toenails, but I wriggle anyway. She says those are the hottest bunny ears she has ever seen and oooooohhh, nooooooo, she wants some for me next year!
    yr friend,

  27. Happy Easter to you too!!

    Hee hee, those are some great bunny ears you got there.

    We thinks, knock on Mommy's wooden head, that our computer is back for good so maybe we can start visiting again.

    BTW.....we never really got a winter down here in Texas BUT we don't have pretty flowers like you got down here.

    Sniff ya later.......Weenie

  28. Oh Ruby...the mad dresser-upper has struck again!!! You poor dear. Though, you do look cute in those big ears. BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*

  29. That deserves a whole load of treats, you do look adorable :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  30. OMD I got "bunnied" too!!!! I hope you had a Happy Easter. Guess what??? Did you guess??? I got bubbles and I am thinking of you when I play with them.

    Loveys to you Rubydo from your pal Sasha

  31. Dawling guwlfwiend,Wuby bunny
    (i cooldn't wesist...i know you hate the bunny eaws, but they look soo good on you, well anything woold) anyway, even if you hate them, it was wowf it fow those livews. I wish you coold cum ovew wif youw bootiful long legs and help me weach ouw stoopid table
    smoochie kisses

  32. OH Ruby...I am seriously talented...My first new collar, I broke while I was on my tie out (Being punished for jumping the fence). I broke the plastic thing.

    My second collar was pretty loose b/c they got me one of those martingdale ones and I was able to just chew it right off.

    If the humans wouldn't punish me for going to visit the neighbors, I wouldn't have had to punish them back. I just wish they'd learn.


  33. I treat bunny ears like I treat bunnies (stuffed bunnies)...they are a toy to be played with...not placed on my head...but I have to looked marvelous...and sounded like you were rewarded!

  34. Woof! Woof! I am a bit late Ruby. LOVE your Easter bunny head gear. Soooo CUTE. Looks like you had a PAWsome Easter. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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