Monday, December 3, 2018

Monday Mischief

Here I am waiting to see the vettie.......yes, I'm still in MY truck, the vettie 
squeezed me in,  so it might be a wait, and I'm 
a HYPERBUTT  a pawfectly behaved puppers in the waiting room.
Ma...why is everyone fleeing through the back door???
why the drama???
Oh, is that the vettie coming TO me?! That means no backroom???

Ruby's Ma:  So, they were so busy that the vet came out to check her leg, since it was only last month she had her annual and all her blood work (everything normal...for Ruby ☺), she checked range of movement and for any abnormalities, it felt good, 
But, she wants X-Rays, so I have to take her back on Thursday.
She also said Ruby has to rest the leg, which means NO JUMPING, RUNNING, CHASING TREE RATS, POSSUMS, RACCOONS, BURDIES, etc.
So, she prescribed a sedative if I need it (sound familiar Lightning???), hopefully I can keep her leashed and not jumping (she LOVES jumping) all over the place.

WHAT??!!  I have to come BACK??!  

Wells, at least I got out of the BATH I was suppose to gets yesterday....hehheee

Thanks for all the POTP!!!! 

Nows, just wish THE VETTIE TECHS me luck on Thursday!


  1. Ruby we hope for good news from da x-ray... we are glad the vet did a home visit or car visit and you could stay away from that vet crib... a drive in at the vet is a good idea, we would prefer that too...

  2. Hari Om
    I am impressed the vettie did come out to see ya, Rubes... that means there is caring fur ya, even if you are not too keen on the idea!!! Keeping up the POTP fur ya darlin'. hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Oh I say, you must be ROYALTY Ruby 'cos Mr Vetman came to see you and not the other way around!
    I is sending more of those healing licky kisses to make sure that paw is all better again real quick
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Whoa - you got first class service with your vet coming to you, Ruby! I've never had an x-ray. I would assume it means you have to be superStill. Lots of AireZen heading your way, Ruby, and good luck on Thursday!

  5. You always take such pretty pictures Ruby. So I bet those x-rays will turn out gorgeous.

  6. We're sorry to hear your leg isn't feeling better. Our paws are crossed that everything goes well for your x-ray.

  7. Oh yuck, I had to have the sedative and no jumping when my spay got infected. BAH! I hope it doesn't last long.

  8. Oh my love, are you okay? I know it will be hard to not jump up and down, especially considering that we have such exciting discussions during our nightly barks, but really, you need to chillax and get this leg thing taken care of. I know I haven't been around much but you are always on my mind. Did you know that mom bought a new car and I named it Ruby Roo? Yup, after you! Aroooo!! Cherry Bomb furever (even though it's missing again) love & hugs from.....your one and only stud muffin!


    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Hope your leg gets better soon! We've never heard of a drive-thru vet visit! BOL!

  10. Chasing birds? Forget peeps, birds are a dog's best friend.

  11. I always ask the vet to prescribe ME some sedatives too, but they never do...RATS!

  12. sorry your leg is hurting, and that you had to go wait and then go back. trust me, I understand, our Angel Jake went only to a country vet, 30 minutes drive away, because they had a BACK door to take CERTAIN dogs through that by passed all the others. NOT that Jake needed it.... hope you leg is ok and you listen to mama and rest the leg. ha ha on that. Mama bring on the sedatives.

  13. You have a very nice vet, Ruby!!! We were worried you did what Lightning did to his leg, but the vet would have been able to tell that pretty quickly. We hope it is just a pulled muscle. Good luck with the x-ray and hope all goes well.

    As for the sedative, Mom says it was the best thing she could have done for Lightning. Low dose, not knocked out, just mellowed him so he wanted to lie down.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Oh squirrel jumping?? Bummer!!! We do think it is a good idea to relax for a bit tho...we bet you are back to jumping in no time!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  15. No JUMPING!?!? That's just crazy-talk. I guess you should listen to them, though. Good luck, Ruby! We'll keep praying for you!
    Cam and Mags

  16. Ruby we hope all goes well with your x-rays
    Hazel & Mabel

  17. Ummm - lady feels sorry for your mom trying to keep you from jumping. POTP,

  18. Wait, you chase possums? My assistant has a a phobia of possums so when we see one she screams and goes running for the hills (inside).

    I sure do hope the x-rays goes well! We are sending you all kinds good vibes and prayers. Just keep the possums away from us!

  19. I’m so sorry you have to go back to the vet. Maybe if you take a “chill pill” you can let it rest. We love you!

  20. You have to go back!!!!
    No way I would erase that reminder
    out of the calendar quick.
    Anyway I hope you are resting no jumping.
    All the fun stuff is off limits.
    Get a massage and we be praying for ya.

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  21. We are sending you tons and tons and tons of POTP. I hope to hear that your visit to the vettie went fine and that you are just fine! Hugs to you.

  22. Sending your prayers buddy. Hopefully you will get a clean bill of health and be running by the end of the week.

  23. Oh sweet Ruby...continued POTP flowing your way and especially at your next appointment.

  24. Ruby- sorry about your bum leg. I have a bum leg too. All the squirrel chasing catches up to you! Get well soon❤️ Wyatt

  25. Ruby darling are you channeling your inner feline with all that jumpin'!!
    Calm down sweetie pie. I had a giggle over your 'reputation' at the vet. And the vet came to the truck...OMDs you were in time out.
    Fingers and eyes and toes crossed that lovely photo they take of you just shows that your jumpin' beans are crazy
    Hugs Cecilia

  26. Oh, Ruby, we hope everything will work out fine. It's not easy to get into a resting vibration when you love to play around, but despite that we hope that your paw heals properly. Healing Pawkisses to feel better soon🐾😽💞

  27. Hey Ruby my gal pal
    Checking in to see how your appt. went with the Vet. If you need bail money holler.
    Hugs Cecilia


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