Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday Mischief

Okays, so TECHNICALLY , this happened last Thursday, 
butts, I thinks it fits


So, ya'll knows I went to the Vetties to gets my 


I was the only puppers there, so it SHOULD HAVE BEEN

an easy, mellow task.

Um....have you MET me??????


I charge into the vetties as usual


I got on the scale, and I lost half a pound! YAY!

Well, lookie at these BUNS OF STEEL! I went ~ where NO DOG should EVER GO.......

the  BACK ROOM!!!!!!!

Butts (this will become impawtent), I gots the last laugh bark....

Ma waited

and waited

and waited.....

Then she heard my THUNDEROUS charge toward freedom!
Hey Ma!  What??? No. Everything went 


the LOUD MOUTH vettie tech told Ma....

Um, RUBY POOPED during her nail trim.

look on Ma's face
Ma: WHAT??!!!

Are you kidding?

loud mouth vettie tech: No.  We cleaned her up, but she might be a little wet back there.
Ma: I am SO sorry!  I can't believe it ~ I took her out before we left, and she didn't go.
I am soooooo sorry.....



I told you I didn't wants a nail trim....

Ma:  What do you get a vet tech that your dog pooped on???


  1. BOL BOL - I pooped on momma during a baff one time.

  2. Ruby that is a super idea... I will do that the next time too when they touch my nails.... you rock! and you totally nailed it!!!

  3. Hari OM
    BOL...OMD Ruby, you are incorrigable!!! You need to get online and send that VT a bottle of lavender perfume with matching room spray. Jus Sayin... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Hehe, I'm finding it hard to type here as I is laffing soooo hard...I may even fall off my chair!!!!
    You are soooooo PAWSOME Ruby!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH - what a great idea! Thanks, Ruby *wink wink*

  6. Doesn't that tech know that what happens in the back room stays in the back room? Morgan liked to poop in the waiting room. It made a statement to everyone.

  7. That's a good one Ruby. Millie is famous for expressing her you know what glands when she gets a nail trim at the vets too. It's not quite the volume of a poop but it stinks real bad. BOL!

  8. Kyla used to piddle on the vet's scale and she had just been out and piddled.

  9. LOL BOL! When there were three of us doggies (Ginger, Joey, and me) ghostwriter always said we sounded like the thundering herd when we came up the stairs from Miss Jacquie's grooming salon!

  10. Some paper towels and a bottle of perfume???

    Way to go, Ruby - bet you won't be getting a nail trim for a good while now.

    Woos - Lightning, Timber, and Misty

  11. Ruby, I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with that. You struck a blow for all dogkind!

    And for your Ma, I think a cake that reads “Sorry My Dog Pooped on You” would be a nice gesture.

  12. Oh my word above Ruby girlfriend you are da bomb! WTG...I love it.
    Hey if they don't like poop and pee they are in the wrong profession that is what I say. You go girl!!! I loved the re enactmments especially the charging out of the room.

    Now once my mom took my vet and staff some brownies for Chrissy mus....but
    brownies in payment for being pooped on is probably not a good get my drift? wink wink
    Hugs madi proud to be your friend

  13. OMD...We don't know why we haven't done that!!! Great idea and good job, Ruby!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  14. The Bayou BOys are standing on their hind feet and chanting, "RUBY~RUBY!" You are now their hero and I am certain the source of a new Urban Legend!

  15. Ruby!!! You GO Girl!!! BOL!
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. Boo, you are just pawfect! You did it just like we talked about! Did your ma get so embarrassed that she vowed to never subject you to that ever again?? I sure hope our plan worked! I will be barking at you a lot in these upcoming days cuz the weather is going to be nice and springy!

    Your Loving Stud Muffin who cannot wait to run his paws through your fabulous furs & Stanley Eugene

    Cherry Bomb!

  17. Oh Ruby. Now that was quite the load you dropped on us! 💩

  18. At least your mom knows if she needs you to poop all she needs to do is press oon your nails

  19. Ha, ha! Way to let them know how you feel! Obviously this was the only way to make yourself heard. Ha, ha!

  20. Oh Ruby, i am singing Ruby don't take your love to town but the words are Oh Mama don't take Ruby to the vet. bra ha ha....


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