Friday, December 7, 2018

Leggie Update

Update on my Ma....

Ruby's Mom here:

So, good news overall ~ no major damage to any tendons, butts the x-rays showed
arthritis in BOTH front legs.
The vet added another medication, and I'll be looking into laser treatments.
They also took an x-ray of her chest, because of all the fatty cysts she has (they can also appear in the chest apparently), and her chest was CLEAR! 
So, I think it's good news overall. The arthritis is something that can be managed, and there are lots of new treatments to look into.  For now, she is comfortable, and is still sore from her x-ray visit. (she doesn't sedate easily...sigh.)


Boy, do I have a tale to tell you!  

Don't believes anything Ma said ~ it was sketchy puppers...VERY sketchy!!!!

I'll fill you in when Ma is busy.....

Thanks BUNCHES for all the POTP!!! 

It sure did help!   Slobbery kisses to all of you!!!!


  1. Finley says she has some of dat Arthur Eyetis dude too.

  2. I hope the new meds and the laser treatments help your leggies feel better, Ruby! Now about that "doesn't sedate easily"☺

  3. Hari Om
    Ruby darlin', I feels ya. I have had the old Arthur since my childhood and now it has gone into my spine it can get very creaky around the Hutch!!! I know your mama and the v.e.t. will do their best for you - meanwhile, remember to keep stretching. Show those old bones you ain't ready to lie down yet! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. The pains of aging. We know you will be graceful about it.

  5. Ruby my little chickadee...yes indeedy we will take news that can be managed w/o being invasive. So glad not cuttin' and dicin' is required because you'd need a ton of Margaritas for sure. I have seen the laser treatments on the vet shows I watch. They are miraculous. Hugs to you and the Ma

  6. A "sedated terrier" is an oxymoron.

  7. Well, no one wants you to have that nasty Arthuritis, Ruby. But Ma is right. There are lots of good things, medicine and therapy, that can be done to make you feel a whole lot better. And pawesome news on the clear chest!!! Feel better, sweet friend.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Hey Ruby, that's pretty good news. Fudge has really bad arthritis and Mom knows some special tasty things to make it feel better. If she can find your email address, she'll tell your Mom all about them. Then she can check with your doc to make sure he on board. We'll help you feel better, don't worry.

  9. Ruby, I have arthritis in my thumbs, but I didn't know it until the x rays taken of my hand this Spring! Actually, the arthritis hurt much more than my broken finger bones ever did...

  10.'s sort of good news. Arthritis can be managed. We're sending some POTP and holiday cheer anyway.

  11. Aw Ruby, we all love you! Lucy, Xena and the Mom

  12. Miss Ruby,
    We are so happy it wasn't a broken leggy.
    Sorry you got authoritus though.
    Maybe your dancing and chasing tree rat days are over.
    Time to sit back and have a box of salmon with cheese.

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  13. We're glad to hear there isn't anything seriously wrong with your leg and hope the new treatments help you a lot.

  14. I am so relieved. We know first hand how well arthritis can be treated now. I'm sure that you will be back to chasing tree rats before you know it!

  15. This is really wonderful news! A clear chest x-ray is simply awesome! We'll pray that your arthritis can be managed well. Maybe you'll have to take a tasty tablet of some sort - or one that gets buried in cheese! That doesn't sound too bad, right?

  16. Oh Ruby! I have arthritis in my knees and only have two legs!! BOL! Take it easy and tell those tree rats to slow down.

  17. Oh Ruby, we were very worried for you. And whilst arthritis isn't good, I now they can do treatments with loads of things these days including gourmet foods such as green lipped mussels. I am not sure they do anything for the love life, like oysters do, but they work wonders on joints!
    Toodle pips and happy purrs

  18. Charlee: "Sorry to hear about your arthritis, Ruby! We're glad they have medicine to help you feel better."
    Chaplin: "Dennis had that too, but he always called it arthur-itis. I thought he got it from King Arthur or something."
    Charlee: "Well, you know how Dennis was with words, Chaplin."
    Chaplin: "Yes I do! Anyway we are sending you lots of purrs to feel better, Ruby!"

  19. Overall good is good news! We know your mom will get you some help for that arthritis!
    Hazel & Mabel

  20. This IS good news. You'll just need to stop bouncing like a pogo stick, Miss Ruby. Nah, I didn't think that was really pawsible either. xxoo


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