Thursday, September 15, 2016



I gots another ear infection.

And it was going SO well too!


Today when I went into gets my  talons trimmed,

Ma asked them to pluck the hair outta my ears
(cause she's a wimp, and won't do it herself...somethings about a little growl I gave her one time...☺)


The vettie tech couldn't do my FUNKY EAR
cause I wouldn't lets him!

Ma thought that was strange.

I only act that way when my ear is bothering me.

So, she took a look
(nows, understand, she's been checking it EVERYDAY, and it's been good!)

and it was red and swollen!


Just yesterday it was FINE! 


the Dogtor wasn't there, so she had to make ANOTHER appointment
(luckily, they were able to squeeze me in three hours later)

I didn't gets to see my FABulous vettie Dr. K, 

butts, there was a very nice vettie who took a look and said we should do another round of the
weeklong ear meds.

I have to go back next week, and the week after that to make sure it worked.


Oh, and the vettie called me fat.

yes she DID!


on second thought....I don't thinks she was very nice at all!


Don't worry, I gots a PLAN....


gets those eggs and beans ready for next week.....

I'm gonna gives her some pharts she will never forgets!!!


too much?


  1. Oh no! Poor Ruby!
    And you aren't fat at all!!

  2. Dang Ruby, another ear infection?? better have more margaritas
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. Dang! Bummer about that ear. Maybe you should put some margarita drops in it....alcohol is drying....just sayin'.

  4. You don't have an ounce of phat on you, Ruby! That's just plain rude for her to insinuate such a thing! We hope your ear feels better soon.

  5. Oh noooo... I hope that infection will disappear soon. And the vettie called you fat? maybe she wore the magnifying- glasses she used as she looked into your ear? you are definitely not fat, you look fabulous!

  6. Oh do get better soon you wants Maggie Mae and me to brew up a potion to help?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. We birds never get ear infections so I don't know the feeling. You can lose weight by skipping the extraneous ingredients in your margaritas and drink straight tequila.

  8. We think you just like seeing the docula
    Lily & Edward

  9. I'm sorry about your ear. As for your weight, how rude.

  10. I just got over an ear infection. Hope you get over yours soon.

    Aroo to you,

  11. Go away, ear infection! Hope you feel better soon, Ruby!

    Momo & Pinot

  12. what are we going to do about that ear of yours - guess you always go for the van gogh look :)

  13. Oh noooooooo! NOT another ear infection! Did you know that ear plucking is actually a controversial thing? Not even all the vetties agree on it. Our mom found out that ear plucking and anal glands were both debated amongst dogturs! So our pawrents discontinued BOTH with me and Stanley. Our pawrents keep a close watch on our ears and will trim hairs with scissors but not pluck. Maybe you should ask your vettie about not plucking? Just a thought . . . Wait, they called you FAT? My love bug????? WTD?????? Now your ma is going to go all ballistic and not feed you for about 2 weeks. Oh, I know you will be suffering! I am going to have to send you some treaties. I will make sure they are made in the USA so your ma does NOT need to worry. Actually, don't tell her and just hide them for your emergency purposes! Oh Boo, I worry so much about you. I will bark at you tonight so put your good ear to the east . . . XOXOXOXOXO

    Your Loving Stud Muffin & Tick Tack

  14. OMD...Some dogturs are SO RUDE!! You are soooooo not fat!!!
    Get Better Smileys!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. Say it ain't so, not way are you fat.
    Some Dr's are health nuts and eat spinach, I find it gross.
    I sure do hope you can get the infection cleared up soon!
    xo Astro

  16. I hope your ear feels better soon!

  17. Oh no, sorry it is come back again. Paws crossed for you!

    And say what - fat??? You aren't fat at all. Hope she doesn't put you on a no-margarita diet!

  18. So sorry that ear is bugging you again!

  19. Oh no! I hope that your ear gets better very fast. I have to clean Shyla's ears weekly with a half and half solution of alcohol (not margaritas!) and cider vinegar to prevent infections...

    The nerve of that vet to say that you're fat. Never go back to her again!

  20. Oh no Ruby? I am so sorry to read your ears have got the funk again. I hope and purr this round of meds work. FAT.....FAT.... HOW DARE THAT VET UTTER THOSE WORDS. BLESS YOUR HEART..FUNKY EARS AND TO TOP THAT YOU ARE INSULTED HUGS MADI YOUR BFFFFF

  21. We're sorry to hear about your ear problem. You might want to think about adding broccoli to your pre-vet visit diet. We heard broccoli is great for producing lots of gas. BOL!

  22. I am so sorry about your ear. 😢 Ear infections suck! Now, your Bettie was obviously looking thru fat glasses. Moms doctor has the same pair. LOL!

  23. We cocker spaniels know all about nasty ear infections! I, Chester, have been very lucky that I've gone this far without one (hope I didn't just jinx it!) Ghostwriter noticed ear infections always seemed follow allergies. If, say, Joey dog ate something he was allergic to, his ears would get inflamed, and then an infection would set in. Old Charisma had seasonal allergies, especially in early spring, and the ear infections followed. Ghostwriter noticed too, that a couple doses of prednisolone as soon as the inflammation started, would break that cycle. But you have to talk to your vet about that. There is a solution called Prep-It that she gets from the nursing home wound care products sales rep that worked very well for cleaning our ears. Maybe your vet could find that too. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

  24. That vet definitely deserves the pharts! How RUDE!

  25. Oh, no! Ruby, you poor thing! I hope your ear clears up again.
    And FAT?!? Is this vet crazy!?! You should go to our vet. She says I should have more snacks and gives me treats without making me sit first. She's awesome.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  26. Oh no! I HATE ear infections. The drops are always so slimy and yucky feeling. UGH! Fat?! You're not fat? I also HATE when the vet tells us we're fat. Farts are the perfect remedy. *ear licks* Noodle

  27. Oh no!! Monty used to get ear infections all the time. Poor boy was so good about letting me put the drops and ointment in. I hope you get rid of that miserable infection soon.


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