Friday, September 2, 2016

August Chewy Review #ChewyInfluencer

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Okays, okays, so it's NOT August anymores....

sorry guys, butts kerazy times....

Okays, so what did MY MA pic to review???

Delicious treaties??

Fun toys??

Delish chewies???



That's right!  POOPIE BAGS!!!!


You're joking, RIGHT??!

I knows....the treaties are UNDER the poopie bags, right?

They don't even SMELL like anythings....

I'm going to SLOBBER ALL overs them to show Ma my disappointment....

Okays....I'm overs it.     

Tell the nice peeps and puppers abouts this FABulous product!

It acutally came with TWO bag holders!

Nice and sturdy, and the bags tear off easily!

Best part....EASY OPEN!!!!!
OMD, have you ever done your business, and your peep is standing there
TRYING to get the poopie bag open, while you have to WAIT to continue your walkie???!
Oh, that is sooooo frustrating!


(so that means no HBO wordies under your breath...☺)

And, these are BIG suckers!

HOW BIG, you ask??


Nice work Ma!

Nows, tell them the impawtent details......

  • Bags are 9 x 13
  • Durable and leak proof
  • Includes 2 dispensers
  • Fits most standard leash dispensers
  • 900 bags!  60 rolls, 15 bags per roll
  • Available in scented (cucumber melon) and unscented

Nows, Ma usually likes BLACK poopie bags (she doesn't like to 'see' the contents ☺), butts she was willing to give these a try.

Did they pass??  


She didn't notice any 'SHOW THROUGH' with these bags. 


These Frisco Poop Bags gets Two Thumbs Up!
(no paws, cause I wanted treaties....I'm still pouting...)

To order some Frisco Poopie Bags for your peep,

click here

Thanks Ms. Sydney and Chewy!

Disclaimer:  I was given a box of these to try, and review.   All opinions are my own.  No tree rats were harmed in the making of this postie.  Wells, maybe some stuffing was missing, butts that is SO not my fault....


  1. Nice...too bad it wasn't a box full of doggy bones.... :)

  2. Best poop bag review EVER! Makes me wish I had chosen that in August!

  3. Great review! I'm sure you will get treaties next month!

  4. We don't like see through bags either. Mom uses disposable diaper bags - they have handles and they smell like baby powder. But these look pretty good to us too.

    NOW for September you have to make Mom promise to get you some tasty treats or food!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Great review! Mom doesn't like scented bags... she says poo smell just doesn't work with others and makes it worse!


  6. Great review Ruby...darlin' if you use all those poop bags we are gonna call you
    Lady Poops A lot. There must be 87 million there.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS how is mom's arm and your ear?

  7. Mom is cheap. She uses the bags from the daily newspaper.

  8. Oh man only poop bags! Where are the treats??

  9. Pawsome review! However, I wish there were some yummy things in there for ya, Ruby!

  10. Don't if we could have forgiven mom if she had chosen those BOL!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Ya'know - I can kinda unnerstand y this August review iz in September altho it ain't that far in-tue the new month at all - BUTT after the inishal shock of gittin'ONLY poopie bagz an'NUTHIN'else. Butt after u had a chance tue re-group, the review turned out really good. An'b-sidez, gotta r'member that stuffz like good poopie bagz make our momz happee an'u can uze'em az lev'rage fer gittin'treatz fer your next Chewy review.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  12. Our mom thought about choosing the poopie bags to review and we told her "NO WAY!" You're the bestest sport, Ruby, and that was one great review!

  13. Well...we all have to have those things ya know!! We think you did an awesome job reviewing them and we will have to try them! Hope you got some treats after!! :)

  14. There are few things worse than expecting an awesome treat and getting poop bags! Humans are weird.

  15. That was an excellent review but we can't believe your mom didn't get you any snacks.

  16. Gee Boo, did our moms plan this or what? We BOTH were denied treaties this month! Let's have a protest until they change their ways! Or . . . maybe we should have a poop-a-thon! Yes, a great idea! Ready . . . set . . . GO!

    Your Stud Muffin & Tick Tack


  17. Sounds like a great product, Ruby!

  18. Poopie bags! That's just not right. There should have been some treats! Sheesh! SHE likes the sound of the easy open. We buy cheap bags and they are a bugger to open.

  19. Ruby, Not too good if it doesn't squeak and you can't eat it! It might just as well hold your poop.
    Your furend in Vancouver
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  20. i think chewy should have included at least one cookie as a thank you to YOU, since this month's review was really for your mom. BOL
    wags, bailey unleashed

  21. Those look like fine poop bags, but yeah -- where are the TREATS?!?!

  22. I seriously wanted to order these, but I wasn't sure how to write about them. All I could think about was showing picture of the bag, picking up poo and showing a picture of the bag with the poo (a tied bag of poo - I wouldn't actually show the poo in the bag!) and saying, "Yep, it works!" Maybe next time!

  23. No treats?!?!?!? Surely, you jest, Ruby! I'm glad that your mom loved this month's Chewy thing so much but I hope that you get something fun next month :)

  24. Oh no, Ruby, you got robbed!!! Next time your Mom needs supervision when making her selection. Come on over here, we're having an end of summer party.

  25. That's a cute poopy bag dispenser.
    Tut here, BOL at you since I gotz ta trys some fooooooodddddd and you just gotz ta poop this month....
    (Mom here - Tut, that's not nice!).


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