Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Selfie


Don't mind if I do!   I do loves me some MINT!!!

(This is the only plant Ma lets me eat prune, she got five of them
so she could rotate....😁)

Hey, I gots the freshest breath in my hood!!

Oh, if you already haven't heard, 

we gots a new member of Blogville!

Angel Speedy's family gots themselves a new bunny!

(I didn't want to steal a pic without permission, butts he's a cutie patootie!!!)

Go say HEY!!!



Our pals over at The Cat on My Head  have lost Sawyer!

He slipped out of his house, and is still missing as of this posting

click on the link to go and give some support 💝


  1. we are so happy for Rachel... and we wish Titch a wonderful time in his new home.... and we cross our paws for Sawyer.... as hard as we can...

  2. That is nice that you have your own living breath freshener!! LOL! We don't touch the mint that grows here, but we do nom on all the grass...

    Titch sure is a sweetie!!

    We hope that Sawyer will get home to his furmily who is so distressed at his being lost.

  3. Oh Hi Ruby. Thanks you for coming to see me and for telling your friends about me.Speedy told me you like Margaritas, What is a Margarita?,xx Titch

  4. Mom planted 3 kinds of mints back near our shed this spring - apple mint, chocolate mint and Kentucky mint. I've never tried them and neither have the woodchucks, thank goodness. Maybe I need to sample one of them, Ruby?!

  5. we saw the cute new bunny and we are praying for Sawyer to come home safely. I had no idea you are a mint pruning breed. that is a real talent and mama is smart to rotate the plants.. you can breathe your breath on us any time you want to

  6. Ruby minty fresh breath is necessary after a few too many margaritas
    Hugs cecilia

  7. Mom planted some mint in our yard but it never came up. She thinks the night creatures are it.

  8. Nothing better that minty breath. You're so cute, Miss Ruby.

    We're so sorry to hear about Sawyer too. I hope he finds his way home safely.

    Have a woof woof day and week, Miss Ruby. ♥

  9. Num, Mint sounds delicious!!!!

    Titch is such a cutie!!

    Sending lots of POTP and hope they find Sawyer soon!!
    Sunny and the Gang

  10. We are purring for Sawyer.
    I love that you enjoy mint, Ruby, and that you've got a fresh supply whenever you want it.

  11. Lulu: "You just need a few more ingredients and you can have yourself a mint julep!"
    Charlee: "We sure hope Sawyer finds his way home soon!"

  12. We've never tried eating mint before. That Titch sure is a cutie. We have our paws crossed that Sawyer can find his way home soon.

  13. Ruby! Darling! Cinnamon LOVES frozen meatballs in the heat, now she thinks that a nibble of Mint might be purrfect afterwards. We told her she has to leave the Cat Mint alone but she could have all the spearmint she wants! And we were so excited to see that Angel Speedy found a bunny for his peeps! We can't wait to see Titch's adventures! We are purraying that Sawyer comes home.

  14. I think you found an awesome way to have clean breath.

  15. Head hanging down! We're not as upstanding as you are Ruby; we did steal, er, borrow a photo of Baby Titch, but then FORGOT to post it!!!
    Hey, hope you're OK and cool there, cause you're one cool pup; if not, maybe one more margarita ???

  16. We are thrilled there is a new pet in Blogville and have squealed with delight at Titch's cuteness. We keep hoping Sawyer is found.🤞🏼 Missing epi-warriors are a 'pawrent's worst nightmare. Stay cool, Miss Ruby and 'enjoy' that sweet breath mint plant!

  17. Mint is good breath food for sure.

    We are still hoping for Sawyer to come home safe and sound. Paws crossed hard for him.

    Love and licks,

  18. What a cute photo, Ruby! I hear mint is ok for dogs to eat & it can freshen breath. I have one little mint plant, maybe I'll snip some leaves for Phoebe - her breath stinks. I'm so sorry about Sawyer, I hope he is found real soon - paws crossed.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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