Monday, December 21, 2020

Update: Dental and Footie appt.


I gots NO foodables this morning!!

THEN, Ma took me to the VETTIES 



LEFT! Me all alone...

that's all I remembers.....

Ruby's Ma here:

Okay, so it didn't go as well as I had hoped.

Ruby had to have two molars extracted and one was infected.

Crazy, because she showed no signs of pain or discomfort! 

And she had fresh breath too.  Well, it's good that we found it before it became REALLY bad.

Also, her paws were a mess!  The vet said that they had to shave her paws because the mats were so bad and irritating the skin.  I'm not surprised.  She hasn't let me or the vet techs near them for almost 8 months.

So what I pictured, is Poodle feet!  LOL!

(no insult intended Elsa....just, Ruby's feet aren't as pretty as yours ☺)

So, she is still at the vets, and I am suppose to pick her up soon.

Please keep the POTP coming!!


I am home!

I am on some good drugs puppers!

I gots to take like 87 pills, and have medication applied to my paws.

Yes, I do have my 'pillow' back ~ just so I don't lick my paws.

Ma thinks I can still gets to them, I guess we'll see.....

Anyhu, no foods for another couple hours, and only soft foodables for two weeks.

Can you say....CHICKEN??!!  yes!

as you can see, I'm ROCKIN' the POODLE FEETS! BOL!!

Keeps the POTP coming, so I heal well, and have no more problems ☺

Thank you Blogville!



  1. Poor Ruby. We are sending more POTP across the Pond. Bertie is thinking that a soft food diet will be in order. Ice cream perhaps?

  2. So sorry about the teeth and infection. Poor Ruby, we hope she will recover well. Maybe she needs some Santa boots to cover up those footsies:) No, WAIT - we didn't say that, honest, Ruby. Feel better, pal.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. We send you tons of AireZen and POTP and positive vibes, Ruby! We can't wait for you to be back home.

  4. You'll get to come home soon and soft food for a few days. You'll be fine, but we'll continue to send prayers and all thing positive.

    Have a woof woof day, Miss Ruby. My best to your mom. ♥

  5. You'll feel better with those achey teefs gone, and your paws will feel better now too, Ruby!

  6. Oh, Ruby, did they give you a poodle face shave too? XOX and POTP Lucy and Xena

  7. Oh,Rudy, I know what you are going through. I don't have any paw problems, but two weeks ago I had to have SIX teeth taken out and four were my upper and lower molars!!!!!! So, I was on soft food too. Mom soaked my kibble, got organic unsweetened applesauce, pure pumpkin, Pet Fresh stuff and some other very soft stuff. It was really a treat for me. Nt favorite treats were soaked in water so I could join Kali in having treats when they were due. I know you will be fine and adjust to a mouth not full of teeth. Kali had four pulled out a couple of years ago. Make Mom cook you nice soft food. It is two weeks now and I am back to my kibble and regular treats.

  8. Soft food? I see mush in your future.

  9. We love your paws. They are so cute. We hope you recover quickly. We dogs are good at hiding our pain.

  10. at least you got no complete poodle cut like our WHFT once... and we send lots of potp to you and we hope it helps you to be fit again and in terrier-mode when santa comes to you...

  11. oh ruby, you have pretty footsies! hey, don't worry bout losing those teeth. that just means the tooth fairy will come twice! hope you're feeling better.
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  12. Awww Ruby, my Mom knows exactly how you feel ('cept no one gave her 87-meds!) cause some purrson took away two of her teefs a few days ago too and she didn't even get them back to put under her pillow that night!
    But her toes are OK, though not as pretty as yours are! Hoping your feels a wholabunch better so you can have some giblets 'n' margarita's for your holidays. We luvs you! JUNE

  13. Oh Ruby...bless your little sweet AireGAL heart. Double whammy and I am 87% sure you did not request any of this from St. Nick. I understand your feets issues. I purrsonally am #1 thankful for my feets but OMDs I have fat toes. Stop laughing. When I was a teenager I would not wear sandals. BOL BOL
    I can also identify with your dental issues. I have had my share of oral mess. Had some gum surgery in
    July which kept me from eating lots of tasty things.BUT good news is I did not have to wear a cone of shame. I think a swig of Margarita is due about now.
    Cheers to you and to your Ma 'cause I know she has been worried...that is what Mas are best at WORRYING
    Send hugs and purrs

  14. So glad you are home and doing well. Enjoy the soft food.

  15. Mama and I the Big Beau, say hugs and love coming your way... this is a sad story and i know your mama was so worried butt now you are home and all of us are sending POTP your way. I am sorry, but I did kinda sorta giggle when I saw your feet. Mama did too but she says she did not because it is rude... on the serious side, we did not know about things like this with long hair dogs... I am one of 6 dogs but all of us had short hairs, you know like those Easy Weims have.... butt Mama said to tell you my paws are really big and they carry mud in the house like they were shovels not paws. Sorry about your toofies, I love mashed potatoes and rice and grits and those are all soft.

  16. We have our paws crossed that you heal quickly. It's good to hear you are doing well now that you are awake.

  17. That's kind of a crappy Christmas gift but you can play the sympathy card for lots of special treatment. Peeps feel all guilty when you look miserable, so turn it on, girl. Have a happy holiday eating pieces of chicken from your Mom's hand.

  18. Oh my, those are definitely some poodle feets! I'm glad the vet got everything taken care of, and now you can milk the medical restrictions ALL during the howlidays!

  19. Oh lordy, Ruby! So sorry you had to have teeth pulled. That can't be any fun, but glad your mum caught it before an infection set in. BTW, Elsa loves the poodle feet. She said something about misery loves company. Everyone at the Ranch is sending oodles of poodles of healing thoughts.
    P.S. Norman says to milk the sad face as long as you can-it seems it's very effective at garnering mum attention and special treatment. 😘 Ear rubs and belly scratches sweet girl.

  20. I knew the vet's house meant trouble. Those people are dangerous. Thank goodness you came out OK. Did you get to keep the teeth so you can leave them for the Tooth Fairy tonight? The medicines and chickens will help you feel better. Get well soon, friend!

    Love and licks,

  21. We are so glad you are home...and you are TOTALLY rocking those poodle feet!!
    Sending POTP your mouth feels all better soon!!

  22. The guys feel your pain. Sophie was in an xpen for 2 weeks after her surgery for her pyometra. She is now running around like a lunatic. FEEL BETTER

  23. We are thinking of you Ruby. Your paws look so dainty, and I bet that you're enjoying your chicken (and maybe yogurt and ice cream too ?). I hope that you bounce right back and that your mouth doesn't hurt. Sending POTP.

  24. We're glad you got thru that dental procedure and are doing well. Yes, your feeties look a bit funny, but will be feeling a lot better real soon! Have a Happy Christmas!

  25. Lulu: "Look at those little feet! I am sending you lots of fluffy tail wags to keep feeling better!"
    Charlee: "And we Hipsters send purrs!"

  26. I hear you, Ruby. Gettin' old is no walk in the park. Mom stopped giving me things like antlers and other hard chewies years ago because we Airedales have jaws so strong that we can break our own teeth just casually gnawin' away. Your friend, Miro.

  27. Hope you're feeling much better by now, Ruby, and still adding a ton of extra POTP!
    Hope you had a nice (soft) Christmas!

  28. OMD Ruby, We are so sorry we missed this post!!!
    I hope you are feeling much better now and that you can eat
    your puppy chow with no problems.

    xo Astro and Mitzie


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