Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sunday Selfie


How many more of these thingies do you have??!

So tomorrow I go in for my dental, and to have my nails trimmed.

Apparently, I have become so adverse to having my nails trimmed, 

that last time, I wouldn't even lets the vettie techs do it!


So, when I'm under for my dental, they are gonna do my talons too. one EVER called me 'easy'!

(okays, maybe my Boo Murphy...hehehehee)

Send some POTP my way for tomorrows.....

and maybe some for the dogtors and vettie techs....BOL!


for more pawsome selfies!

Thanks for hosting guys!!!


  1. that cup passed us this year, the mama said we go next year ;O) all da good luck for your appointment dear Ruby

  2. Best of luck tomorrow Ruby. (I've never needed to have my nails trimmed - does it hurt?)
    Toodle pip!

  3. I hope all goes well with the dental.

  4. Best wishes for the dental and claw work, Ruby. I know you will be OK for both. Pedicures can be a faff, but so worth looking ones best for Big S and the boys out there.
    Special Purrs and stay well and safe wishes
    ERin & Mrs H

  5. My paws are crossed that your dentals and nail work goes off just fine, Ruby. You sure do have the collection of Christmas headwear and you wear it all so well!

  6. Prayers and POTP for you first and then the vetties and techies. so sorry you have to be tortured just before the holidays. hugs Ruby... hope she runs out of Thingies to put on your head soon

  7. Nobody called you "Easy" because that name was already taken in Blogville.

  8. That's our Ruby...keeping up the fight!

  9. You go girl. You have to do things your way and you are. I like that.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays as usual.

    Have a woof woof day. Sending you lots of good vibes for your dental cleaning. ♥

  10. I love you in those thingies Ruby! Best to you on your dental and trimming!

  11. We have all our paws crossed for the dental to go well, Ruby. Hopefully when you wake up, all those antlers will have disappeared. BUT you do look pretty darn cute in them!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Your mom sure has lots of head gear for you to wear, Ruby. We have our paws crossed for you and the vet staff while you get your teeth cleaned.

  13. Nobody likes their feet messed with. Nobody. But we know you'll be a real rock star, Airedale style!

  14. You're not the only one who hates anyone to mess with their feet! Angel Joey dog, who was so calm and gentle, had to be muzzled whenever he got his nails clipped. I'm not crazy about anyone even touching my feets! Hope you will be OK after you get your teeth cleaned and—shhhh—and nails clipped.

  15. Compared to MJF, the hooligans are fairly easy to clip their tootsies, only I do forget to do it...BOL!
    MJF, well like Angel Joey above, he needed a muzzle too. From his puppyhood!

    Your head gear is fab, though you may not think so:)


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