Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wordy Wednesday ~ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Edition


So I guess I should explain....


The vettie called Ma and left a message (she didn't have her phone on her)
and said the mass WASN'T CANCER!


Wells, what the eff WAS IT??

It was hard to understand, cause the cell connection was terribles
butts what she could understand, it was something like a 

Seroma A pocket of fluid under my incision scar that got infected and burst.



I licked my incision.  

Just ONCEMa caught me. then this happened.....

An EXTRA BIG inflatable donut!

Luckily, Ma had ordered a back-up donut, just in case.

anyhu, I did irritate my incision, and Ma wasn't happy AT ALL!

She emailed pictures of my incision to the vettie and they said it was okay.


It is lookin' better today, so Ma isn't worried as much as she was.


Okays, before I show you a pic of my incision,

All those with weak stomachs might not want to look.....

Yuppers, I'm gonna have one helluva scar! BOL!!


That's what's been goin' on here.  I'm gonna gets to all your bloggies real soon!


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  1. I have a weak stomach so I didn't look at the incision photo. But, though I wouldn't wish it on any dog, I have to say you look very cute in that collar. Somehow, it emphasizes your adorablest face! Sorry you have to wear it but glad to hear you don't have cancer. I hope everything gets better soon.

  2. Oh Ruby, Gail and I are so pleased your lump was benign and that your healing is going relatively smoothly. I mean, what dog ever didn't lick their incision at least once? Impossible to imagine!
    Toodle pip!

  3. Glad it are not cancer!

    I had a seroma from my spay surgery. It's not a big deal even though it looked bad at da time. Now my belly is all nice and cute again.

  4. Oh that are super news!!! don't be scar-ed for that scar, your furs will grow back and no one will see it when you wear a pawkini in summer...

  5. Hari OM
    Phew... crap... eeek!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. We're relieved to hear that you're going to be okay, Ruby. More AireZen and healing vibes on the way! Bummer about the bigger donut.

  7. Ok..let's get rid of the donut. It doesn't look very tasty. So happy for the GOOD news though.

  8. so glad you are better and the donut is working. so sorry you have to wear it. don't worry about the scar, your upper side is pretty and you can not let mama catch you upside down... hugs

  9. Great news on the test results. I'm doing a happy dance for you, Miss Ruby.

    We all know it's hard not to lick because it itches as it heals, but we all worry when you do. No one likes the cone of shame. You're still most beautiful cone or no cone.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Smooches and scritches to you Miss Ruby and my best to your attentive mom. ♥

  10. At least it isn't one of those plastic cones.

  11. That is good news about your lump. Hopefully that won't happen again with this surgery.

  12. Oh Ruby...we know how tempting it is to mess with your incision, but NO!
    If it makes you feel better, the donut looks FAB on you.
    That's some honking big'd better be nice and mellow until the vettie gives you the green light!

  13. Well at least it wasn't the big C! Hope everything heals up now.

  14. We're so happy it wasn't cancerous! That is fabulous news!
    Please try not to lick your incision! Even though you did - it still looks mighty good! Your mom must have caught you early. I know it's hard, but try!
    Continuing to pray for you!!!

  15. Ruby thank goodness you are all clear of any potential bad stuff.
    Did you lick it after a margarita which mighta 'caused the irritation. Cause surely your minty fresh
    AireGal breaths and slobber would only have super duper healing powers.
    You might need to wear a one piece swimsuit this year...just sayin'
    Hugs Cecilia

  16. There goes you bikini-wearing days...BOL! Glad it's healing. We can't help wondering if Ma is happier being able to just send a photo OR the vetties are happy they can just look at a photo of you!!

  17. Oh MY!!! Just look at the size of that....DONUT!!

    So happy to hear you are C free and hope that incision heals all the way up soon!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  18. That is the most awesome news ever. We are so happy for you. We are sorry about the cone of shame but it will be off and you will be back to new in no time.

  19. No Big C for you, Ruby. Yay! You wear that neck piece like a queen.

  20. OUCH! That's a big incision. I hope you heal soon so your mom can put away the cone of shame!

  21. Bless your heart! I’m sure that your scare will look cute on your belly. Don’t lick it though cuz you don’t want an even bigger donut that you can’t even eat!

  22. Oh YAY, it's time for the no-cancer dance!!!!!!!!!

  23. We are so happy to read about the good news. We hope that you will heal soon and that donut will be gone with. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals

  24. We're glad the news (despite the connection) was good. So, you get Showtime with that donut thingy? Hope the recovery is quick. We wanna see you out and about the hood leaving pee-mail messages and checking stuff out.

  25. I am SO happy that it wasn't cancer :) Now, you try to be good, girl!!!!

  26. Wow, We missed all this stuff, Ruby. So sorry...but glad at least its good news...well not the donut part, BOL!

    POTP and no licking where you are not supposed to!

  27. Lulu: "Yay for good news, Ruby! We're glad that even though it ends in '-oma', it wasn't one of those really nasty '-oma' words. Now we just have to get you out of that headgear!"


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