Sunday, August 25, 2019

Ruby Update!

Oh puppers, I. AM. SOOOOO. BORED!!!!

Ma won't lets me do ANYTHINGS!

I tried jumping on MY couch, butts she put stuffs on it so I couldn't. 


Then I wanted to chase some tree rats!  It's like they thinks it's a 
free-for-all in my yardie!  Ma said no.

sigh. sigh.

What is a puppers to do???

So here I lay.  On my cool-pad. Dreaming of jumpin' and zoomin' and maybe some margaritas.

Wanna update everyone on my progress Ma?  

Ruby's Mom here:

She is doing SO well ~ no problems AT ALL! 

She is leaving the incision alone, and it still looks REALLY good. No redness at all!
She will get the stitches out this week, and we will get the biopsy results this week too.

Her appetite is back, and she is eating her regular kibble, which has helped her poops SO much.

I guess the only hard thing right now is trying to keep a 60lb terrier 
'quiet, calm, and relaxed' .

It's harder than it sounds! LOL

After this week, hopefully things will get back to 'normal', and I won't have to keep such an eagle-eye on her ☺


for all the POTP and prayers and healing vibes!

They really are helping!

And a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT , to Angel Madi and her Mom 

for the most LOVELY card ever!
(will post a pic soon ~ the one I took didn't come out)

Thank you Blogville!

(please send!!)


  1. we hope the resting time is over sooooon... and to keep a pup qiet and calm and relaxed screams for that magic wand of hairy potter right?

  2. that's great news....excepts for the tree rats! We know what keeping terriers over half that big quiet and calm. So difficult. More POTP coming and heading towards those biopsy labs.

  3. Hari OM
    Oh this is very good news... keep up the good behaviour Ruby, even if it is boring. Action soon enough! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Terriers and calm don't really go together.

    We're on our way wif margaritas for all!

  5. This is wonderful news, Ruby! Interactive games are fun and the rewards are pretty tasty and there is no jumping involved. More AireZen is on the way!

  6. are very much welcomed for the card...I'm so very proud of how well you have obeyed the vet's orders and Ma's commands to BEHAVE. I know that must be very hard for a can see the light at the end of your blue tunnel now and I bet you'll be running toward it soon (once the soft cone of shame is removed). Sending hugs to Ma you must be superMOM to keep a her lean 60 lb gal pal grounded

    1. PS
      Meant to say you are Princess of Poops and YOU GO GIRL

  7. OMD, that sounds so hard! Do you at least have a nice stuffed Kong or bone or something to work on? That's about the only thing that keeps me quiet for a long time.

  8. We're very glad you're doing well, Ruby. Dont worry. Before you know it, you'll be all better.

  9. prayers for good results from your test and I am sooooo happy you are doing so good.... hange in there and soon you will be chasing those tree rats.. you look great to me and love your collar, it makes your face so pretty.

  10. Use the time off wisely. You can still think. Imagine the best way to get back at her when you're free of all that paraphenalia.

  11. Oh dear, Ruby! We are happy that you are healing well, but understand how frustrating it is to stay quiet and serene...which is NOT your nature! Your momma loves you so!

  12. It is so good to hear another super update - hang in there, Ruby - it won't be long now. All paws crossed for the stitch removal and test results.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Just hang in there Ruby. Recovery is long, but absolutely needed.


  14. We're so glad to hear you are feeling better. Just hang in there and your time of confinement will be over soon. We are keeping our paws crossed that the test results are good.

  15. What great news and if you're bored then that means your getting better. You are too. I'm happy about that.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays, because you're such an Awww.

    Have a woof woof day and week, Ruby. My best to your smart mom. ♥

  16. We have been thinking about you and are thrilled your recovery is going so well.

  17. We are so happppeee you are feeling better.

    XO Astro & Mitzie.

  18. Hey, Rubes! Keep up the good work of recovering and being bored!

  19. We've been thinking about you all weekend and wondering how you were feeling. Gad the recovery is on track. It's really hard to stay quiet when you're feeling better but Mom says it's important.

  20. You can’t keep a good Ruby down! Glad you’re doing so well, that’s great news!

    There’s also nothing quite like a nice big solid BM. Glad things are moving along nicely. Bahahahaha

  21. But where do you lay if you're not allowed on the couch, Ruby? We don't have any margaritas, but I saw Mommy bring home a case of Bud Orange Lite beer. Would that help? Xox Xena

  22. Oh, Dear Ruby! We had no idea you were having this trouble...glad you are on the good side of the worst of it, we will purr nd add pawyers that you will heal well, and not have any leftover issues! Glad to know youare doing well rightnow.

    Wags, wiggles
    licks and purrs.

  23. You must be the pawfect girl Ruby, you are doing so well. Paws crossed that soon you will be running and jumping again
    Mabe & Hilda

  24. Best news to start the day with, Ruby. You look like your old self again, I can see it in your eyes😸Cheers to you my furriend. Now let's pawty...YEEHAW🎉Extra Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😽💞...did you say rats? On my way....

  25. Ruby! We missed you on Sunday and HAD to come and check on how things are going. I am soo pleased you're on the mend and them peskystitches or staples are coming out soon. Just think, in a few days you can be chasing the tree rats and mousies and all manner of things around the yard. Till then I would enjoy the pampering and day time tv ;) OK maybe not the latter, MOL
    Healing purrs

  26. Woo-hoo! Pawsome news. Let's up there's jumping and bouncing in your very near future. Hugs and tails from me and the Knuckleheads.

  27. RUBY how could i have missed so much news?!? what an ordeal you’ve been through. i’m so glad you’re doing so well. gotta say, you look great! sending buckets full of POTP your way for a speedy recovery. love ya!
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  28. Mom was a helicopter mom when Shelby had her leg surgery. She healed beautifully and you have to listen. We know it is hard. Mom had a hip replacement 5 weeks ago and she is taking it slow. She never wants to go back and have more surgery. She is following all of the rules.

  29. Lulu: "I'm glad to hear you're doing better, Ruby. You will be enforcing your rules on those tree rats and other intruders in no time!"


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