Friday, August 16, 2019

POTP needed ~ Ruby in surgery

Ruby's Mom here:

I want to ask you all for some POTP for Ruby.  She is in surgery right now for removal of some tumors.

She also is going to have to have a full hysterectomy.

Because she is older, 11 yrs next month, it is touchy.

She was fixed, but only her tubes tied, and this can cause a problem.

Please send all your prayers and healing thoughts her way.

Thanks bunches.

I will update when I hear any news....


Just talked to the surgeon, and Ruby handled the surgery well.

Both tumors removed, clean lines on one, iffy lines on other, but both small.

Lymph nodes are a little enlarged, but will keep an eye on them.

Uterus was filled with fluid, but not infected because it was caught in time.

She will stay the night at the ER vets, and will get an update in the morning.

Just a note: 

 ALWAYS go with your gut!!
 I thought that I was over reacting to her not really wanting to eat.  Her stools were still soft, and she was just not acting like herself.
I was contemplating waiting until Monday to get her checked, to see if she improved.
That would have been bad.

I called our regular vet, but they were all booked up ~ I chose not to wait and take her to the ER vet just to make sure......

Always follow your gut.

Thank you all for the POTP!

Please keep sending it!!!  I know she is getting it

Thank you all so much!


Went to go see Ruby today, she is doing well ~ vitals are good, temp good, but she is still not eating, so she is staying one more night, just to be on the safe side.

I brought freeze-dried chicken, so they can try and get her to eat that, fingers crossed!

She looked so sad in the crate, it broke my heart!

But,  I hope she will be feeling better tomorrow, and will eat something.

Please keep the POTP coming, and send all the healing vibes and prayers her way!


  1. Oh dear, purrs, prayers and POTP from all of us here. Come on sweet girl, fight.

  2. We have our paws crossed tight for Miss Ruby and hope everything goes well.

  3. All paws crossed for Ruby and lots of prayers from Mom. C'mon, ruby - we are all here for you.

    Hugs and woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and Mom too

  4. We have our pug paws crossed and tons of POTP and prayers on the way Ruby. Glad the surgery went well
    hugs and love
    Mabel, Hilda & Mom

  5. We only read about the operation...but then, being late got to read the update. We'll still send POTP for our girl. So glad you followed your gut instinct!

  6. I agree 100 percent on follow your gut. I have to push my hubby to follow my gut. I am so glad you did take our sweet Ruby to ER and that she came through her surgery well. poor sweetie, it will be rough getting over this, prayers for her healing and for the rest of you to have strength to take care of her. quick healing sweet Ruby.

  7. My paws are crossed for you, Ruby, and we are sending lots of AireZen and tons of thoughts and prayers♥ Hugs to your mom♥

  8. Hari OM
    Aw heck I'm so late to visit - but know that you have all my POTP focus for the duration until Ruby's back on full form. YAM xx

  9. We are so glad you took her in promptly for care and that she is healing. You are a great Mom.

  10. OMG.....Didn't see this until this morning on my way to work. Lots of Potp and prayers heading in your direction. Glad surgery is over and you handled it like a champ.

  11. OMD, Ruby!! Our paws crossed for your recovery.
    My mom also said she had to follow her guts. When she spotted a funny stuff in Angel Momo's pee, she immediately called her vet for advise. She was asked to take her in right way and a enlarged infected uterus was removed right away.

  12. Hugs and purrs to Ruby! Yes, our instincts for our family members are a force to be reckoned with! Keep us updated.

  13. Prayers for a speedy recovery. I love my Ruby. Hugs to the mom that rightly listens to her gut. ♥♥♥

  14. All paws and fingers crossed here. I absolutely agree to listen to your inner voice. Nobody knows your pet better than you do. We think Miss Ruby will be racing around and driving you crazy very soon. Keep us up to date.

  15. Oh no! We'll be thinking about Ruby and sending lots of POTP and prayers! Hopefully she'll be back to her old self soon!

  16. Keep up the good work healing, Ruby! So glad you (Ma) paid attention to what you noticed just wasn't right.

  17. Just seeing this now. Sending love and POTP. Glad she is doing ok.

    Glad you trusted your gut.

  18. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my word Ruby darling sweet friend and loving Ma
    I am so sorry to read Ruby is having all this trouble but very very thankful that she did well in the surgery. Bless her heart and yours too. Yes indeed always go with your gut. My has always been right.
    Loving hugs and so very very many purrs you and Ruby.
    I hope by this reading maybe you have seen her and even have her home please give her lots of love from me

  19. Not acting herself? She refused a margarita-now THAT's serious.

  20. We're so glad to see the update and are keeping our paws crossed for Ruby.

  21. OMD We just read the post...

    Sweet Ruby we have gathered together and
    our family is holding you in prayer.

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  22. We are so very glad that you did follow your gut. The Mom in you knew to do what Ruby needed. Now we will continue those prayers and good vibes for Ruby to recover well. Please give her some gentle hugs and kisses from all of us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and Mom Kathie too

  23. Thank the good Lord Ruby came through ok. Now POTP for good news on biopsy. Hoping she has a good night and recovers quickly. Lots of love from Lucy, Xena and Amy

  24. Kali and I send all the POTP we can muster up for our friend, Ruby. Prayers from AZ to our big terrier in CA. My know how strong and what a fighter you are, Ruby, so I expect good news posts from your Ma....

  25. Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers are on the way, Ruby. Eat, sweetie, you'll be fine. Your mommy is taking real good care of you, she has a good gut feeling💗Hang in there, both of you🐾😽💞

  26. Oh no! Sending oodles of poodles of POTP thought and prayers. Feel better soon, Ruby.💞

  27. We absolutely have all our paws ... woofie ones, kitty ones, and human ones ... together for Ruby. Happy she is doing well so far, and hope that continues and that she will soon be home!

  28. Bless her heart - and your hearts too as I know how hard it is to see her SAD but she had her surgery and survived and she is going to be JUST FINE - she's just confused and tired.....and hopefully she'll eat and feel much better. SENDING TONS OF POTP!

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

  29. Ruby we send lots of hugd and kisses and healing htoughts and a bucket full with POTP and we hope you can go back home soon and your vetman has only good news for you... and a big hug to your mama... we know how hard it is to see one of our furkids in pains and at the ER.... we send lots of courage and potitive vibes ...

  30. Poor Ruby. She has been having a hard time! Good thing you were alert and acted quickly to help her. Hope she is back home eating soon.

  31. Oh poor Ruby, but it sounds like she is having tip top treatment. Gail and I are sending maximum doses of POTP, all the way across the Atlantic.
    Love and hugs too.
    Toodle pip!

  32. We are so glad to read this good news, and are continuing to send purrayers and PPOTP for sweet Ruby and all her caretakers !

  33. Oh my sweet Boo, I am so glad your ma is wise and insistent on getting you help when you needed it! I am so glad that the surgery went well!! I want you to start eating though. Your plan to wait until your ma brings you high value foodables worked and now she is bringing you the good stuff so you need to gobble it up enthusiastically. I will wait until I hear from you that everything is OK. I will howl at the moon tonight and send all my POTP to you!!

    Your Loving Stud Muffin Murphy & Brother Stanley Eugene & mom

    Cherry Bomb furever my love!!


  34. Glad she is doing well. I hope she can go home with you tomorrow.

  35. Charlee: "Sorry we are late, Ruby, but we are here with purrs that you continue to feel better!"
    Chaplin: "Lots and lots of purrs!"
    Lulu: "And tail wags too of course!"

  36. Sending lots and lots of feel better POTP, Ruby!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty
    (and hugs to your Mama from our Mama!)

  37. We're SO GLAD your momma listened to her gut and got yours checked out! Mommas know best. <3 Glad you're on the mend!

  38. Ruby, please know that we are praying for you --- and for your mama, too. When I wouldn't eat at the vet's, jars of chicken baby food helped me. <3

  39. Glad you regular VCA was booked up and you moved on to the ER Vet. I started at the incision and back tracked. So happy to see everything is going good. You know how we feel about the VCA.
    Your Friend


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