Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Really Ma??!
(they're movin' aren't they?!!)

Yuppers, Ma found where I hid the St. Paddy's Day headgear.....
(note to self:  find a better hidey hole...)

Okays, let's get this over with....there better be treaties in your paws....

Yeah, go ahead....Kiss Me....I dare ya!
(except Murphy...he can kiss me anytimes! ☺)

Yeah, yeah.....Ireland furevers and all that stuffs.....we done yet???

Oh yeah, can't forgets.....

I leave you with Ma's Family's Irish Blessing:

May those who love us, love us.

And those who don't love us,

May God turn their hearts.

And, if He can't turn their hearts,

May He turn their ankles,

So we'll know them by their limping.

Erin Go Bragh!!



  1. Hari OM
    ...ssschooo..sschnorrtttt. .gaspp...; OMD... Rubes... You got me cackling at 0445 in the morning!!! Begosh and begorray gal-dog, I's kinda glad mum found the green things! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Hi, Ruby! I have to say the very last selfie is the BEST and you are very much a Princess. As to the wobbly head attachments—can I suggest sending them to the charity shop or an unfortunate accident with the lawn mower and/or a lump hammer ;)
    Happy St Patrick's and St Gertrude's Day to my Best Airedale Friend

  3. Happy St. Paddy's Day! Erin Goes Braless!

  4. may the luck of the irsih be always with youuuu aroooo!

  5. You don't look too happy wearing your Irish headwear, Ruby. You look much happier in your princess necklace and this is as it should be. Happy St Patrick's Day!

  6. now you have posted a new blessing I have never seen and it is my favorite. I love the limping part... to funny and a good one to put out there. we need a way to tell who loves us and who doesn't these days... you looks wonderful Ruby

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day Ruby. We're sorry to see you had to wear those things on your head but you do look cute.

  8. OMD, you too?! What is with Mommas and kerazy headgear?!

  9. All of a sudden I can't walk :)

  10. BOL Ruby I love your Irish blessing I think this might be a new one to me.
    Know them by their limp!!! LOL

    As for the crazy green know my addy...send it to me I'll be sure it is never ever found
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. You are so adorable, Ruby. Yes you are.

    I hope you and your peeps had a fabulous St. Patrick's Day. ♥

  12. Ummmm, what to GREEN margaritas taste like Ruby?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  13. You are a very brave doggie having those thingies on your head. I'd be rolling around trying to get them off, even if there was a treat involved. Hopefully, you had a great St Patty's day!

  14. You are looking too cute in your St. Patricks Day gear. We know that treats were definitely given to you afterwards. Time to look for a better hiding spot. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  15. That's quite a collection of St Paddy's Day stuffs. Hope your ma doesn't add to the collection every year! We think you need lots of treats.....

  16. Shoot, sorry to hear your Mama found your hidey place, but darn girl, you do look good in shamrocks!!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  17. Don't look now, Ruby, but our Mom just planted a big kiss on the screen just for YOU!!!

    Happy belated St. Paddy's Day! We are going to try to hide all that green gear here too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. Fortunately, our mom doesn't engage in silliness like that at St. Patrick's Day. So far. You do look super cute, Ruby!
    Cam and Mags

  19. LOL, I love your mum's saying. Will have to remember that one. Those wiggling head bands are the ones that flummox the knuckleheads the worst. They aren't as bad when they're stationary. Good thing, Easter is just around the corner. I hope I can convince Elsa not to eat the rabbit. 🐰

  20. "...limping"...LOL!
    You look adorable in your Irish headgear, Ruby!

  21. Hmm, I commented on my phone but it didn't show up here. I said that I love your mom's "blessing" ;) And I love your headgear. Happy St. Patty's Day (belated)!!!!

  22. Wow! You really had to work this St. Patrick's Day with all the headgear! I sure hope you were rewarded with treats and a belly. Your blessing cracked me up!

  23. I recommend wet hole in the ground. Dust can be brushed off but grit and mud - does for anything you bury in it!

  24. Oh my, we saw the first picture of your head wear and thought, well, it could be worse. And then it kept getting worse. You are a good boy. Happy St Patrick's Day

  25. Ruby, you are a "good dog" to let your Ma put all those things on your head and then, if that isn't bad enough, to take your picture. Mom read you Ma's favorite Irish blessing to Dad, and he made a song out of it, he, he. XOX Lucy and Xena

  26. I look at a plaque every time I go out the back door that has that Irish Blessings and I tell you there is a hell of a lot of people that limp in this world. Happy Paddy Day!
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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