Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Trouble Tuesday

See anything wrong with this picture???
(yes, I am at the vetties, that's why I look so 'happy'....)

Here's a better look....see anythings different abouts my EAR??
Yes, to the untrained eye, I looks like any other 
Wildly HOT Airedale Chick!
Butts, if you notice my signature left ear is down!


Why? Wells, I got me a hematoma.  Basically, it's fluid in your ear flap.
(It's hard to tell, butts where the arrow is, is where it is like a water balloon, 
weighing my ear down.)

I had one years ago on the other ear, that was easy peasy ~
aspirate with a syringe and done!

Not so with this new vettie. sigh.

They wanted to put in a drain and everythings, butts Ma said no, she wanted it done like last time.

FIVE hours later, I am HOME!   I look normal, rights???
NO!!!!  Lookie at my precious ear!!!!
(I had a cone on, butts Ma knew I would freak out, so far, so good, I am leaving it alone with Eagle eye Ma watchin' my every move!)
This is my SAD PUPPY FACE....can I have some cookies???

Ruby's Ma here:  she was very good at the vet, they didn't even have to sedate her, though I did have her on a small dose of relaxant, but no further meds were needed. She did have a cone, but she was freaking out, so as long as I am with her, I'm keeping it off. She's pretty good at not touching bandages, so fingers crossed!   I was hoping for the same vet who did this procedure last time ~ it literally took him five minutes and it was done!  I'm not sure the bandage is totally necessary, but it will keep any further trauma from occurring, if she shakes her head.or tries to scratch at it.

Send cookies, cheesyburgers!
and some POTP too....


  1. Oh, poor Ruby! How good she was at the vet and great that she won't bother it and doesn't have to wear a cone. We hope you get well soon, Ruby!
    from Nancy and Hannah.

  2. Oh Ruby we know about this evil ear fluid what can happen to us floppy eared pups... and what a ... that the vet from last time was not in da office. but we hope it heals up without trouble and you are back to 100% aire girl soon ;O)

  3. Five hours at the vetties is forever! We are sending you TONS of AireZen and healing vibes, Ruby! We want your cute ear back up where it belongs!

  4. Hari Om
    five hours - might as well have been 87!!! POTP is yours, Rubes... The rest you'll have to imagine! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. We hope that ear will be back to normal very soon! Sending lots of POTP!

  6. How can you fly without all your wings in order?

  7. Oh no, Ruby - we are so sorry your ear has a boo boo. We hope it heals quickly so you don't have to wear that cone AT ALL. Lightning sympathizes with you as he is now on week five with his cone:(

    All paws crossed for a full recovery for that ear AND let's get lots of treats going, Ma.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Yikes Ruby, poor ear! A couple of us have had those hematomas too. Monty had to have surgery on his but Bailey's drained on it's own. We hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. OMD, you poor thing! I hope your signature ear will be back in place soon.

  10. We can send you some POTP. We hope your 'party ear' is back to normal soon.

    Dui just had ear problems. Because EVEN with two people holding him down, the Vettie couldn't see in his ears. So he had to come back the next day to be SEDATED!

  11. We are sending lots of POTP(and maybe a few In and Out Burgers!)
    Feel better soon Ruby!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  12. OH NOES! Ruby, your poor ear!
    Here's hoping that bandage job helps!

  13. POTP for quick ear healing. You do look cute in the bandage.

  14. oh dear Ruby, we hope your ear is feeling better today
    Hazel & Mabel

  15. Gosh oh Jeez for a moment I thought you lost your ear but its just under wraps well I pray that it heals really fast.
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. Oh NO!! We are sending a dozen cheeseburgers and margaritas. I hope that you feel better very soon,Ruby!!

  17. oh dear! sending you loads & loads of love. hopefully your ear will be it’s old self again real soon.
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  18. Oh Ruby! We're so sorry to hear about your beautiful ear. Our paws are crossed for a speedy recovery and we hope that ear returns to its full and upright position soon.

  19. Oh my precious little Ruby...I'm so very very sorry to read that your left ear has lost it's get up and fly. I hope and pray that it heals quickly and before long it can be flying high like an Airedale ear should
    Hugs cecilia

  20. PS I just sent you a care package full of Fruity potions that will put you in motion...
    hugs Cecilia

  21. Ruby's Mom, you are so right. A needle aspiration is all that is needed. 5 hours? I think I would be making sure that isn't the vet on duty next time.
    Ruby, dahrling, you look fabulous with your smart ear-wear. Strut your stuff with pride. :)

  22. Ruby, we are so glad you
    are going to be ok and
    that your ear will be back to normal soon.
    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  23. Oh no, Ruby! We are soooo sorry about your ear. That is no fun. We hope you are feeling better already!

  24. Oh you poor baby. You were so brave. Praying you don't lick it and it heals quickly.

  25. Oh goodness, I was all ready to pull up in a getaway car to rescue you from that vet place. But it sounds like you needed to be there. Sending cheeseburgers and lots of crossed paws for you my friend!

  26. Awk! So sorry the hot, pawsome Airedale chick was ailing. You look like you handled it like the wagnificent trooper you are, Ruby. I hope the healing is quickly and that furbulous stand-up ear rises again soon! Hugs and tail wags, dear Rudy.

  27. Rubes... I came by to check on your ear....I do hope it is back to normal and doing it's thang. We're having cheesy burgers tonight I'll be thinking of you
    Hugs Cecilia

  28. Charlee: "We are very sorry about your ear, Ruby!"
    Chaplin: "Dennis told us once that his sister Saya the Mighty, who we never met, had a huge hematoma in one of her big floppy ears and they had to drain it and sew the ear together almost like a quilt. We can't even imagine!"
    Charlee: "We are sending you lots of purrs to feel better soon!"

  29. They should have let you have a couple of your signature margaritas first, instead of any kind of relaxants! Right?
    We hope your ear is OK!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


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