Thursday, November 29, 2018

ChewyInfluencer November Review!

It's that time again ~ CHEWY TIME!

Time to review a FABulous product form Chewy!

Let's see what I picked this month!
(it sure came quick ~ you can gets your order in TWO DAYS or less!)
SERIOUSLY...the smell is divine! Can you see what it is???
Ma always likes to point out the SUPER easy open BONE SHAPED tab on their bags!
(she has bad thumbs, so this is a big plus for her!)
Wells, use that tab and open them Ma!  Do you needs my help????
Really folks, how long does a pupper have to wait???

I guess I can take this time to tells you some impawtent stuff abouts these treaties....

From CHEWY'S site:

Give your dog the ultimate reward with Stella & Chewy's Beef Heart Freeze-Dried Raw treats. These single-ingredient snacks are made from beef hearts and nothing else for a bite that’s rich in protein and essential amino acids. The grain-free and gluten-free morsels are the perfect option for pets with food sensitivities and on limited-ingredient diets. Each raw snack can help support your pal’s healthy digestion, strong teeth and gums, vibrant skin and coat, plus their stamina and vitality. To top it all off, they’re made in the USA without the use of artificial ingredients for a treat you can trust.

Nows, some of the impawtent points are these:


* They are GRAIN FREE and POULTRY FREE for those puppers with sensitivities 

* These are GLUTEN FREE too

* and they are made right here in the USA

Just lookie at the yumminess!!!!
the pieces are good size too ~ butts can be easily broken in half
(WHY??? I don't knows! Moms do those things sometimes.....sigh)
And, if you wants, you can have your peeps soak them in warm water to reconstitute*  them
(*that means to PUMP YOU UP!, I means, PLUMP them UP...☺)

I likes to eats them as is~ YUMMERS!!!!


And, they also comes in LAMB too!!!

If you wants to gets some of these FABulous treaties for your own good self

And CHEWY will gets it to you super duper fast!!!!
(two days or less!)

Disclaimer:  I was given a bag of these treaties to taste and give a review. No green papers, or trips to Fiji were given in exchange for my review.  All opinions and slobbers are my own.


  1. that is also a super gift idea for christmess... a gift from the heart... literally ;O)

  2. Hari Om
    but Ruby - methinks you have 'heart enough'... &*> hehehe... seriously though, what a great treat! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Aren't they just the bestest, Ruby! I love them as much as you do!

  4. Those look delish! You did a great review.

  5. We have tried those treats too and of course, we loved them. We are hoping Santa will bring us some more for Christmas. Great review work, Ruby. We think Ma needs to give you a bonus treat now.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Oh my! You sure made those treats look good! The collies are grumbling, wondering why I did have them try those too!

  7. Wow! Hose look extra super yummy!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Woohoo Ruby...those look pawsome and think I'll be putting those on our autoship.

  10. Ohhhh, we wanted some of these! We have never understood why the peeps feel they can just go and break our treats in half and make us share. WTD?!? There ought to be a law...

  11. Dear Ruby my gal pal!! Excellent review BUT the photos of your lovely face are the best
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. GREAT review! I love seeing you more than anything... but it is also wonderful to see a treat that R and Shyla can eat (they have a lot of outlawed ingredients). Thanks, Ruby!


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