Saturday, June 3, 2017

(Late) Chewy Review!

Yes, I knows, my review is late, butts I blame MA!
She is blaming her POS camera, which tried to eat the sim card,
butts, the geek guys gots ALL  Ma's pics back yesterday!


Anyhu,  betters late than nevers....
(sorry, Miss Natalie, I will keeps a better eye on Ma....)

Let's see what we GOT!

Okays, so here's the deal:


Deboned BEEF, sweet potatoes, salt, mixed tocopherols


Oh, those are BIG! (about 3 inches!) 
Smells squirrel snots on these!
They fit in my mouth pawfectly!
(no worries smaller puppers....they break up easily for smaller mouths)

Oh yeah!  These are one of my FAVS!

Nose-Lickin' GOOD!

AND, the bestest part......ONLY 15 CALORIES for that BIG PIECE!

I likes that, since mean Ma ALWAYS has me on a diet....

If you wants to gets some of these MERRICK BACKCOUNTRY JERKY TREATS

for yourself    CLICK HERE!

Disclaimer:  I was given a bag of these treaties to try and give my thoughts.  No green papers or bling was exchanged for my review.  All thoughts, opinions, and slobbers are all my own.☺


  1. Lucky you. Seems like our mean Mom always goes for the tiniest little bitty treats she can find, then she breaks them in half. Those look so good that we're starting to drool. Better late than never, especially with treats.

  2. You had us until that 'break up easily' remark! Sheesh! Otherwise, they look drool-worthy.

    You're right, SHE does cover up as much as possible because we bring sand and mud and sticky grass home with us from the river.

  3. They look so toasty and soooooooo yummy!

  4. We loved these treats too! You were lucky because you got a whole one to try.

  5. Ruby - you must have done something right this week - you got a WHOLE pattie????? Our Momster would have broken that in half and then in half again. Bet it was really good.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  6. We love their treats! They never have rosemary, a no-no for epileptic dogs, and they are delicious! You scored, Ruby!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness Ruby! Miss Chloe would LOVE that...along with a Margarita!!

  8. that looks so super tasty... and it is BIG... 4 paws and one wagging tail and one mouth (wide open) for that pawsome snacks.

  9. Ruby, those look fantastic and HUGE! We love those things in a treat. Excellent review. ☺

  10. Great job, it was worth the wait! You the collies drooling over this review!

  11. OMD Boo, that is the pawfect thing for you! Real meat and low calories to make your ma happy! Once we are married we will have steak all the time. Well, at least on weekends.

    Your Stud Muffin & Stanley


  12. Ruby in my professional opinion (in dealing with Mas) I think Miss Natalie should award you something extra for dealing with your Ma. MOLMOLMOL
    All kidding aside this was a fine review and for a nano second mom that it was a chocolate cookie.
    Hugs madi your bestie

  13. Your reviews are always the best!

  14. We absolutely love Backcountry treats! :) <3


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