Friday, March 10, 2017

My Trip to the Vettie

Oh, no worries Blogville ~

I am A-OKAY.....

I just had to meet with the new vettie, 
gets my talons trimmed,
gets my ears checked,
gets my bloods taken,
and DoG knows what else they did when they had me in a choke hold in the backroom!

(nothing good EVER happens in the backroom....)
(This is an old pic ~ Ma forgots her phone....and yes, I AM on the furniture....☺)

So, I likes my new vettie!  She is nice and thought I was adorable and sweet, 
which made Ma laugh REALLY loud....SO not nice!



Yuppers, somehow I gots a topical infection (the vettie took scrapings to check) and I gots to be on oral antibiotics for over a month!

She said my  last skin infection never really cleared up, and we needs to make sure to knock it out this time.

Okays, for those with tender stomachs, you might wants to skip the next pic...


It already looks a little better todays, and Ma somehow  shaved the furs away, so it can get lots of Aire.

So, I gots lots of meds

Ma put a Mother Hubbard Biscuit next to the HUUUGE bottles of meds ~ just for perspective...

Um....why is that DELISH smellin' biscuit next to those nasty meds????

I thinks I need to RESCUE it!
Don't worry ~ I'll gets you away from them!
You'll be safe right here in my tummy......


my blood work will be back tomorrows,

butts, Ma hasn't gotten a peemail sample from me yet.....

okays, so I MIGHT be dodging her 'collection' device.......


Oh, and we lost intermutts and cable TeeVees Wednesday.....

a HUGE water truck snagged  our cable line and ripped it out!

Ma wasn't too happy, butts the cable peeps sent somebody furst thingie yesterday morning, 
and fixed it ASAP!  


Okays, that's all the drama for nows.....

check in with ya'll soon!!


  1. Hari OM
    Crikey, sounds like you are having the same kinda soupola week that I am. sigh ... time for a drinkypoo??? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. I'm sure the med will help to heal your ear in zilch... I mean it has my name, so it must be helpful, right? hugs to you and much more treats of that mother hubbard ....

  3. Crikey Rubes ....... YUK! ERK!! SPEW!!!!! Did you have to show us THAT ear. Oh my ..... I might never recover. That looks crook Rubes. I sure hope those meds work. I know you probably don't want to take 'em but if they are going to fix that mess of an ear then I think you should, aye?? Maybe your Mom will give you lots of this delicious looking biscuits if you take it without complaining too much. I hope your bloods are ok and I'm glad you got the intermutts back so you could torture us with pictures of THAT ear, aye??

  4. Bummer about your infection, Ruby. Twice as many cookies will make it go away twice as fast, right?!☺

  5. Ruby we are sorry you are still having ear issues. Hope this new vet can help knock it out. Miss Hailey Bug has her check up next weekend and she is hoping she can be as brave as you.

  6. Antibiotics? Rub a bit of margarita on it and drink the rest.

  7.'s doin' Okee Dokee (fur da most pawt). Now.....can you maybee send over dat InnerNut fixer company to my house. We's been almost a year with InnerNut one InnerNut da rest of da day (and night). :(

  8. Oh man...we are sorry you are having to take all those icky meds! We hope the cookies help make it a bit easier!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Yuck, that ear is a mess. Mom once had a Golden who had chronic ear issues. Once she added a teaspoon or less of cooking oil to Ginger's food, the ear problems went away. We hope your meds do the trick. And we like that you have a nice vet - we like ours too.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. We're sorry to hear your ears aren't up to par Ruby but at least the vettie thinks you are great.

  11. Oral meds.....hold out for cheese.

    Now, on our Vet TV show, there was a dog with an ear infection. Turns out her owner went away and someone else was mindng her. Her owner ALWAYS took her out riding on his motorcycle and the wind on her ears meant she never had infections. We think Ma should get a motorbike for you...just sayin'.

  12. Ruby MY word that is a huge bottle of pills. I tell you one thing if mom had to give me that many pills (I've only been prescribed pills once in 15 years) mom would probably need to visit a plastic surgeon after I finished cause she would be missing some digits. Good luck sweet girl I hope you get a Tbone when this is over.

    Thanks for the Bday wishes and 'singing'! Even my people headed for the hills. MOL Your compliment was greatly appreciated too. I guess my lack of looking 15 is from good genetics....I was born gray furred. MOLMOL
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. WOW, I hope you get to take those pills in a giant block of cheese or something! Zow=EE!
    Sorry your good ear got funky, but we're happy to hear (lol) your other ear is looking good! We're also happy your new vet sees the real you and all. 😉
    Ohhh... those Mother Hubbard treats are our FAVES!!! I think you deserve another one!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: Come on over for a round of CROG!!!!

  14. I'm so sorry that you're having ear problems. Bless your heart. Hopefully those meds will help. We're sending lots of love and POTP ❤️

  15. Oh dear me Ms Ruby - my angel bruther Shiloh uzed 2 haf yuckiez with hiz earz all the time - I know they iz no fun butt I don't git'em that much cuz I don't stay outside like he did.

    By the way, I saw your comment over at Wyatt'aanTegan'z blog'bout your mom keepin'u on a diet the rest of your life if she can - u wanna diet buddy? I herd the peepz on teevee talkin'bout it. Anyway my mom sez a lotta Beaglez like me haz weight problemz just like I do - may-b that'z y I try 2 sneek whatever food I can. Anyway, u wanna diet buddy?
    Lady Shasta

  16. Oh man, those ears of ours just love to get yucky and itchy. Sebastian is always getting ear infections and because of him Mom messes with all our ears. Thanks a lot, Sebastian. Just take the medicine and give her one of those really pathetic looks. You'll probably score some extra treats. Peeps fall for it every time.

  17. Get a soup ladle from the dollar store to use to collect pee. It works like a charm.

  18. Ruby we're so sorry for your health problems. Mom knows all about pups with allergies and infections from my Angel Sister Penny. We'll be keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.

    Molly and my Mom @The Fast and The Furriest

  19. OMD, we hope your ear gets better soon!

  20. I hope your ear gets better soon. That's always the way, the bad ear is fine then the good ear gets funky. I'm with you in that ear struggle stuff and medicine. *sigh* The treats are good though! ~ Belle Pup


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