Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we honor those who have served, and paid the ultimate price for our freedom...

Both 2 legged, and 4 legged.

We also want to THANK those current Military personnel, and veterans, 
for their service to our country.

And their families, who are the unsung heroes.

Thank you from the bottom of my furry little heart. ♥

Monument Dogs (First National Monument to America's Combat Dogs.  Lackland Air Force Base)


  1. Great of the free, because of the brave!

  2. Great of the free, because of the brave!

  3. Great post, Ruby. We honor all those who served too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Awesome post, Ruby! Have a wonderful day☺

  5. Nice post, Ruby! God bless our fallen service members!

  6. Wow! Those were some great pictures showing not only the soldiers, but the doggies too! Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

  7. OMD! Your posts usually leave us laughing but this one took our breath away in a completely different way. Very touching. ♥

  8. What a lovely tribute. Happy Memorial Day Ruby.

  9. What a lovely tribute, Ruby!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Great post, and a nice reminder that military dogs have given their lives too.

  11. Ruby this is absolutely beautiful!!
    Thank you my sweet gal pal
    Hugs madi yourbfff

  12. Happy Memorial Day to you too, Ruby. I love that first image. Perfect.

  13. Wonderful post Boo! I can't believe I am just now seeing it! We have been so busy getting things done so we can leave on Monday. Our pawrents gave us our furst ever flea & tick treatment and it is terrible! Stanley's back got itchy and my tail keeps wanting to go sideways! So we got a bath today but it says it is waterproof so we don't know. Mom thinks it will be fine in a day or so. In the meantime the spot at the base of my tail is really itchy! I will back at you tonight about it cuz all the windows are open cuz it is now summer at our house. XOXOXOX

    Your Fiance' Stud Muffin & Monkey Buns

    Cherry Bomb Furever!


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