Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco De Mayo!

Yes, puppers, kittehs, burdies, and other assorted furiends,

It's time to celebrate my most FAVORITE of  Holidays....


Okays, okays, so it's 'taco THURSDAY! BOL!!!

So everyone come on overs!

I'm serving....

That's right!   

Tonights we PAWTY!


Butts, on a seriously sad note....

Our bestest pal Whitley made the journey to the land of

"Infinite bacon, Smashed Taters, and Eggie Weggies..."
(ie: the Rainbow Bridge)

Everyone in Blogville is gonna miss my favorite Terrierist SO  very much.
Butts, no one more than her Moms and family.  Their hearts are breaking.
If you haven't already, please take the time to stop by and gives them some loves.

I miss you gurl.


  1. We are so sad to hear about Whitley....we know she's left a big hole in her family.

    Glad you still have your ears and you can enjoy a pawty....

  2. Bring me a margarita!!
    Just hearing this about Whitley. I am so sad...

  3. Fanks Ruby. We all miss Whitley so much round here.

  4. Our hearts are bleeding for Whitley's family. Blogville just won't be the same without her.

  5. Thanks so much fur da kind words about my BFF, Ruby...

    Can I has a triple margarita? I needs it... it's been a tuff day....

  6. WooHoo, wheres the queue fur the Margaritas!!!!
    So very, very sad about WHitley, we'll all miss her soooo much
    Loves and licky kiss
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Cheers to cinco de mayo....
    we are sad with whitley's furmily ... we will miss the cute texas girl...

  8. Whitley put a damper on my Mexican celebration.

  9. Mom and I are going to have get back in the swing of celebrations! Maybe we'll have tacos this weekend!


  10. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Oops, OK maybe Seis de Mayo! Mi prometido es la más bella del perrito en el universo y quiero asfixiarla con besos! Don't let your mom see that! We were very, very sad to have to say goodbye to our best dressed terrorist furend too. We hope she will send a new little terrorist to her mom to help heal her heart! The winds are blowing AGAIN just not as strong. But mom said something about it getting old. Anyhoo, I will bark at you tonight if I can. Have a wonderful day my beautiful Boo with the floofy furs!

    Your Hot Loving Stud Muffin & Stanley

    Cherry Bomb!

  11. We hope you had tons of margaritas...We are raising our glasses in Whitley's honor....She is going to be very, very missed because she was so very, very loved!
    Dory(Jakey, Arty & Bilbo too)

  12. Sad news about Whitley. A margarita toast to the sweet pup.

  13. Thanks for the margaritas and a fun time, Ruby. Soft woos and gentle hugs to sweet Whitley's family - so sad.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  14. Mom is ready for a few of those margaritas!!!!
    WE are sure gonna miss little Whitley
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. We are raising a RUBYrita to celebrate Sink O De Mayo.... with YOU...

    WE are very much sad about Whitley, also. She is probably running Free and Fast and Changing Dresses at every corner...

  16. Yep the Mayo is in the Sink. But you know Saturday is Kentucky Derby Day and that means Mint Juleps. So start mixing up the Mint Juleps. Whitelys going made us so sad why we lost the best dressed cowgirl in Blogville.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  17. Happy Cinco de Mayo ♥ We are heartbroken over Whitley.

  18. I knew you'd be partying, Ruby!!! You are the funnest girl! And tacos sound awesome too!! Thanks for the smiles today.

  19. We raise a glass to one of Blogville's finest!

  20. We hope you had a great Cinco de Mayo! We didn't celebrate cuz our mom doesn't care for mayonnaise.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  21. Cinco de Mayo is not so happy today. We will truly miss Whitley and her clothes. I was rescued three years ago (I am only 1/2 Westie) b/c my Mom cried so much after Kenzie (her first Westie) passed that she went all the way to CA to rescue me. I am soooooooooooo thankful.

  22. Nothing better to celebrate a passed friend than by raising a margarita!

  23. Hi Ruby mate,

    Thanks for hanging in and visiting my bloggie after it felt like I'd fell off the planet. You can blame my ma!! I've been much saddened to hear about Whitley, I've visited her bloggie too.

    Your Cinco De mayo sounds like such fun - we here in Australia do not know much about this event, but it sounds like we should!!

    Tell your ma she is very welcome to visit us in Adelaide anytime. We have an awesome guest room and facilities available!! BOL!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  24. olé mi amiga!
    so sad to hear about whitley. it's hard to fiesta with a heavy heart :(
    xoxo, bailey unleashed

  25. We have raised more than one toast to Whitley - she will be sorely missed.

    Abby Lab

  26. I didn't know Whitley, I'm so sorry for the loss of your furiend. I stopped by her blog just now to send my condolences.

    Did you save any tacos and maragaritas for us?

  27. Hope your pawty was fabulous! Sorry about your pal! So sad !


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