Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chewy Tuesday!

Oh puppers kittehs and stalkerazzi's,

it's that time again....

What, you ask, did I pick to review this month....

Let's see....

Here's what they look like...they look like some clover I likes to graze on! 
(♪♫ I'm lookin' over a four-leaf clover♪♫....oh gawd...don't let Ma sing!!!!  My tender ears!!)
-Oh, and yes, TECHNICALLY they are a three-leaf clover...☺

Let's taste these puppies!

Yeah, yeah, they already knows what they look like....can you just give it to me??!

(ode to our pal Easy ☺)

New trick..pick the hand the treatie is in...I WIN! hehehe

Nows,  here are some Pros and Cons on these treaties...


ONE CALORIE per treatie!
(omd, that means we can have like 87, right??!! ☺)

All natural ingredients 

Made in a USDA inspected plant in my birth-place Wisconsin!


They are super crunchy.  This might be a problem for smaller dogs, or dogs with tender mouths.

Although I liked these, I'm not a big fan of baked diet treaties. These reminded me of the Charlie Bear low cal treats that I wouldn't eat after a few days.  We'll see....it's a treatie after all, right?!

So, if you wants to try a low-cal treatie, 

(that'll have your peeps singing Irish Drinking songs..okays, maybe that was just Ma's family..BOL)

grab your peeps plastic card and head on overs to 

and pick you up a few bags!

Disclaimer:   I was given a bag of these treaties in exchange for my review.  No green papers or trips to Fuji were exchanged.   All opinions and drool puddles are my own.


  1. Seriously!!! 1 calorie WOW!!! BOL!!! Enjoy and Woofs to Chewy.com. Golden Woofs

  2. 1 calorie?? Dat means ya can eat ALL of em!

  3. Mmmmm, yummy treats AND only 1 calorie.......that means a bag full at each sitting doesn't it?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. We both eat Fromm kibble. We NEED to try these! Great review, Ruby!

  5. They sound yummy, but I am one of those small dogs with not so strong teeth. Great review!

  6. We don't do the crunchy treats anymore and Mom won't give us liver - she says the farts are too bad after we have liver :)

  7. yoooo giveittotheairedalepupgiveittotheairedalepup! enjoy that crunchy and tasty treats! I sadly have to wait till I can get them... my mom used the card today, so I think it is not even good for some mice treats hehehehehe

  8. Joey dog here. One calorie, eh? Give those to Chester. He could lose a few pounds!

  9. I'd love seeing more pup food\toy reviews! Beautiful terrier you are. These might not be best for my mum's two shiz tzu's since they're smaller. Will still have a look at the sites goodies!

    - Harlynn

  10. Love your ODE to Easy....
    ONE Calorie??? that fur SURE means that you should get AT LEAST 87 of them.
    We are glad that you liked them and gave us an HONEST REVIEW... esp. about the HARD and CRUNCY Pawt... I (Frankie Furter) love to GNAW on SOME THINGYS... butt not TREATS... Those I want to Chow Down on... quickly... before Ernie the Enormous grabs some of MINE... so when we get those Crunchy ones... MOM soaks them in water fur about 87 seconds and they get nice and soft... LIKE I Like them.

  11. We have had these and liked them. We love Charlie Bears and mom keeps them on the cupboard for quick treats cause they don't dry out.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. We LOVE Fromm and Chewy, so that's a win-win combination in our minds! :)

  13. Crunchy is good, but Mom says our crunchy treats have to be bigger because we would swallow those small ones whole:( But we do love liver so maybe we might crunch them if she would get us some:) We love Chewy.com. We have a big order coming this week.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  14. Hello Boo, how are you today? Did the rains stop? I hope your furs did NOT get wet! Can you believe our mom forgot to put us on this hop until we saw it here? She is slipping! Anyhoo, I am glad you got a treaty but you need more. Can you get up to the treat cupboard? I will bark at you tonight. Have a beautiful day my sweet, beautiful FIANCE!

    All My Love Furever,

    Your Hunky Dood Stud Muffin


  15. They look delish - and only one calorie?! Mum said she would eat them if she wasn't a vegetarian, hehe.
    Dip and Elliot x

  16. Those look tasty. We think it's good that you can eat at least 87 in one sitting since they are so low cal.

  17. My guys love Charlie Bears so the similarity is a good thing!

  18. We are surprised how many of our friends don't love the hard treats. We guess we just have big mouths!

  19. Those look yummy! If they are low cal, then you just have to eat MORE!!
    Us terriers need our calories, right?!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  20. Hmmm, did you get 87? We've never had those particular treats but my pups love the Charlee Bear ones. Then again, they're Labs so they anything remotely edible!

  21. Never tried any Fromm products before - thanks to this new hop I get to find out more about them. They sound doodle*licious. Will have to give them a try. Liver huh? We'll try those too!

  22. Charlee Bears are one of our very favorites, so maybe we'd like these too. BUT when we're in class, we prefer the soft treats and spit out the crunchy ones. Mom just doesn't understand.

  23. We haven't tried these but love the one calorie treats. That will help me keep my ripped abs. Heeheehee!

  24. Ruby I think those would taste better with a margarita! Love, Macy blue


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