Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Wordy Wednesday

Yes, I do looks extra fluffy ~ Ma gave me the water torture cause I gots my

vettie check up tomorrows.

I don't understand why I needs to smell good for the peeps that

POKE ME in places that only my Boo Murphy should touch!

I do thinks you should say a little prayer for the

vettie techs that are gonna be trimmin' my talons nails


And Ma is worried, since she can't be in there with me cause of the damn Covid-19 restrictions,
that I am gonna be extra hyper.





for more pawsome pics!

Thanks for hosting Sandee!!


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  2. sorry da phenny entered da keyboard... we are totally with you... if a bath is needed, then after da vetman to get the smell of that chamber of torture out of our furs, right?...

  3. Humans have such strange ideas at times...

  4. Hari OM
    Well, I shall send some POTP for all concerned!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Prayers for the vet techs that will be restraining you! I get my bath today because it's the beginning of a new month. Is that stoopid or what?!

  6. A boy says to tell you that he goes in August for the same thing you're getting tomorrow and he's dreading the soapy water and the trip and having to go in without his mama except his mom is dreading him going in without his mama at more than he does

  7. You sure look fluffy Ruby. We will cross our paws for you, the vet and techs during your visit.

  8. Yes you have to smell good to go to the vet. It's a requirement for moms. Good moms that way. You made me laugh out loud with, "POKE ME in places that only my Boo Murphy should touch!"

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a woof woof day, Miss Ruby. My best to your mom. ♥

  9. Good luck with your vet visit! I have to see my groomer next Monday. Yipes!

  10. Turnabout ia fair play. Poke back. If they're cute, I have a peep who will do it for you.

  11. Aww, such indignities, Ruby!
    The nicer that you are, the quicker the visit...consider that!

  12. Dearest Ruby here's hoping the torture is over. Your bath made you all fluffy and feminine. BOL BOL BOL.
    I hope the Vettie Tech had all her digits when she finished with your mani-pedi
    Hugs cecilia

  13. You look gorgeous,as usual. Mom was worried about letting Sydney go to the vet by herself, too. The doctor said she did really well. He told Mom that Syd looked like she was going to have a major panic attack so he slipped her something to calm her and after that she let him do anything he wanted.

  14. Good luck, Ruby, we hope your visit went well. Misty is lined up for surgery tomorrow if her meeting with the surgeon goes well tonight.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Ruby.... you look pawtastic! We hope all will go well!!

    Pinot and mom... xoxo

  16. We hope all went well at the vets. Mommy's give us baths before the vets the same way they clean the house before guests come over.

  17. Wonder why a Wednesday post comes to our mailbox on Friday? Oh well ... hope you got an A+ from your vetperson ... and hope you have a safe (quiet) and happy 4th of July!

  18. My thoughts will be with you and the tech. Just remember they're only doing their job; besides, don't you wanna be marked as super duper healthy? Good luck!
    P.S. You look "mahvelous!"

  19. Poor Ruby. You and our Riley should get together and swap war stories, and maybe even techniques. Hope all went well and no one needed stiches or bandaids.

  20. Yep I was extra hyper. You gots to hear about my visit! In telling I cannot do the scene justice. I was told to leave him in the area between the doors after I called and said I was in the parking lot.
    There are automatic double doors that slide. But in order to keep animals from escaping you have to hit a handicap button or the weight of a human on the carpet can open them also or the people at the counter can press their button.
    We get there and Wills and I get through the first door. I take off his collar and leash (nothing is allowed in that might carry Covid-19). I put Wills in a sit and stay and put a treat down and tell him to leave it. His eyes are on the treat and waiting for a command. I back out and just as the door is almost shut I say O.K. He eats his treat. Then he looks up and noticed I am on the other side of the glass. He comes to the glass and looks like what happen. Then he starts moving around on the carpet for he knows at the library, I have taught him, the carpet opens the doors and there he can because the weight is different for children to open them.
    He is puzzled! Then the second door starts to open and a chubby women comes in and the door closes behind her. He thinks she will help him so he gets closer to the door but then he see a leash! Wills starts to run, running in circles in this nice space. There is even a potted plant in the area. The chubby women is running in circles. She touches him he tucks his tail and runs faster. At first I think he thought it was a game but now it is serious. I swear I could see him saying you are not getting me chubby.
    Well she finally gives up and backs out and Will looks at me wagging his tail like it is safe now come get me and so proud.
    Then the door opens again and it is a man and chubby. Wills is like ahh crap two on one! So he did what he did as a puppy sat down and turned his back to them like if he could not see them they did not exist. The guy looked at chubby like what was her problem the dog is just sitting here being perfect.
    Wills was in a short time ~ they said he was beyond hyper. But they got done what they needed and he was nice having his blood drawn.
    What a character Wills is.
    Wills & Lee

  21. Lulu: "I had to go to the vet without Mama and Dada because of the COVID-19 too! I was getting my dentals cleaned. It was NOT fun being there by myself. I hope everyone made it through your appointment in one piece!"

  22. You look gorgeous! The vet is going to swoon over you. I hope everything went well and there was no blood least not yours. BOL!


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